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When it comes to selecting a reputable property developer, Sime Darby Property certainly stands out among the many. Over the years, Sime Darby Property has focused on its developments to ensure its products stay current with market demands, are of high quality and are built timely.

With constant improvements in future-forward living, the design of homes is part and parcel of achieving a healthier, more comfortable environment. Whether it is a resort lifestyle, contemporary chic or natural living, design trends reflect the desires of the modern population.

In line with its Trusted vision, IOI Properties Group (IOIPG) is continuing to double down on its key value propositions of sustainable living and seamless connectivity via its developments.

With the hustle and bustle of daily life, it is essential for urbanites to have a comfortable abode they can call home and retreat to after a busy day - but of course, one that is still within reach of all the conveniences that modern living affords.

Bustling cities and towns full of human life are the norms in the capitals of Malaysia and with that comes urban sprawls of metal and concrete.

Surrounded by lush greenery and vibrant gardens, Bayu Sutera homes in Negeri Sembilan are what most homeowners yearn for after a long hectic day – peace of mind.

Duke University’s Case Centre senior fellow Dan Heath and his brother Chip explain in their book The Power of Moments that when we recall memories, we generally focus on the highs and lows as well as big moments of change in our lives.

More people are aware of the importance of preserving the environment to avoid plunging further into ecological issues such as global warming. Sustainability concerns are also taking a foothold in the home, with the movement to reduce the use of plastic, especially cutlery and straws, to rainwater...

The meaning of a modern home has taken on new significance since the advent of the new normal. Due to increased time spent at home, homes needed to adapt and be flexible to contemporary needs and desires to include a nurturing space for work and study.

As the world moves faster and faster, it becomes more necessary than ever to have a home that offers more than just exceptional location, but peace of mind as well. With its excitable surroundings, Penang’s reputation as the pearl of Malaysia charms local and international visitors alike. It is...

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