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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you?

We are one of Malaysia's most ADVANCED property search website that provides marketing and research solutions to property agents, developers, and investors. Please note that we're NOT a property agency nor the representative of the management of any property listed on our website.

How do you calculate the property ranking?

The ranking number assigned to each property at StarProperty (previously known as Propwall) is based on popularity, not anything else. In other words, the property that has the most ads, photos, answers, activities, and many other similar factors will rank better than another more expensive albeit better property. On the other hand, the most wanted properties are ranked based on the most sale / rental demands generated from our website via our advanced lead analyzer. This info could provide hints on which property is highly in demand for both sale / rental.

How do you calculate the user ranking?

The ranking number assigned to each user at StarProperty (previously known as Propwall) is based on activities, not anything else. In other words, the user that has the most ads, photos, answers, activities, and many other similar factors will rank higher than another passive and inactive user. The benefits of becoming among the top users are you will be the first to receive special promotions, early bird offers, priority user support, and many other benefits.

How do I join your agent programme?

If you're a property agent, all you have to do is tick "I'm a property agent." when you register . But if you miss that during registration, you can always modify your user category on our Edit Profile page again. The benefits of joining our agent programme are you will receive a daily property wanted summary via email, as well as being able to browse our Owners / Buyers Database (the most comprehensive in the industry).

How much is your agent subscription fee?

None! We do NOT have a yearly subscription fee like the other property website does. Our model is based on a prepaid basis, where you pay as you use. All you have to do is buy credits and start posting ads immediately. We also provide FREE ad posting at no charge, just select "Basic" package when you post a classified ad.

How do I add a new property / search tag?

If you can't find a particular property / search tag on our website, please send the relevant details such as property name, street address, map info, etc. to our Contact Us page. Our editor will add the new tag to our database as soon as possible.

What can I do with StarProperty Credits?

If you're a property investor, you can use the credits to subscribe our reports to research the property market. A typical report will comprise of market trend analysis charts, historical transactions (from Land Office), transacted unit address / size. All this information will help you make an informed decision in your property investment. Each report subscription is one- time charge, which includes any future updates. If you're a property agent, you can use the credits to post ads (Standard / Premium) to generate higher leads and access to Owners / Buyers Database. Furthermore, you can also become an area specialist to increase your profile exposure to hundreds of thousands of visitors to our website monthly. Not only that, the more credits you buy, the more FREE credits you get.

Why is your property review NOT accurate?

All our property reviews are written by voluntary writers on the best effort basis, so the info may not always reflect the latest changes / situation. If you have any newer / more accurate info, feel free to edit the review to contribute your knowledge. All our reviews are editable by anyone, just like the Wikipedia, but you must login before doing so though.

Why are your property transactions NOT up-to-date?

All our property transactions are obtained from the local government land office on rotation basis. So you may see some transactions newer than each other. While we try our best to obtain these transactions as fast as we could, nonetheless there is always a few weeks to few months gap for each transaction to be recorded to the land office itself. The good news is property prices do not fluctuate wildly within a few months period, so our transaction info is sufficient in most situations.