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Mews @ The Glades

Putra Heights

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2300 sq ft

Sales Gallery Location

Elmina Sales Gallery, Persiaran Metafasa, Elmina Sales Gallery, Persiaran Metafasa, 40160 Shah Alam
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Number of units

78 Units

Estimated Completion Date

June 2013

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More about Mews @ The Glades

Inspired living amidst a sustainably conceived sanctuary of 56 acres

The vision of an inspiring, sustainable, future-ready way of life is no longer a dream because a relaxing 20-minute drive away from Kuala Lumpur’s city limits lies an exclusive residential sanctuary like no other. This is the future of sustainable living, with a clear focus on nature, community and technology…and it’s ready for you at The Glades in Putra Heights.

The glades has been carefully planned to offer a range of homes for practically all stages of life. You’ll also find an amazing breadth of sustainable features implemented across the entire sanctuary. As well as advanced technologies that thoughtfully simplifies your life.

Designed to look like four-storey semi-detached homes, these unique 1 and 2 ½ - storey townhouses come in 2 typical designs, with sizes from gross unit areas of 3,200 sq ft, making them perfect for multi-generational living and those starting out. The single-storey unit on the ground floor (type B) boasts an attached private garden, while the two mirrored duplexes (type A and type A1) above have a private family area on the first floor, and a private suite on the second floor.

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