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Laman Seri is developed on 22 acres of leasehold land. It offers a modern take on Malaysian house designs to create a sanctuary that is away from the hustle and bustle of city life. If you have always wanted to live in a housing development that reminds you of an exclusive resort-style area, Laman Seri may just be the one for you. There are 33 double storey bungalow units and 70 semi-detached houses at Laman Seri. The double storey bungalows have land areas of a massive 6,000 sf and has built-up areas between 4,440 sf – 4,374 sf. This means that these bungalows are truly spacious, and they have been designed to allow more natural lighting in the house to create a sense of space as well as to conserve electricity. The semi-detached houses are slightly smaller, and have built-up areas of either 3,476 sf and 3,495 sf.Other features of these houses include a car porch and modern finishings. Other privileges include a solar heater, automatic gate, a smart home system, and KGSAAS Golf membership. The facilities here include private parks with wakaf, children's playgrounds, garden benches around the playground, and other recreational areas.Laman Seri has been built with attention to details, with road curbs with low ramps which makes it wheelchair friendly. There are also designated footpaths on both sides of the roads which have been built to cater for the elderly and disabled. Residents will also have a peace of mind with the top-of-the-line 3-tier security system. In addition, security is enhanced as there is a single entrance and exit point.Laman Seri is located in Section 13 in Shah Alam, and is accessible via the Guthrie Corridor Expressway, Elite Highway, Federal Highway, and the NKVE. It is within close proximity to Tesco, Giant, the Management & Science University, Shah Alam Stadium, Shah Alam Sports Complex, and the Shah Alam Extreme Park. It is also close to many established golf and recreational clubs including KGSAAS.

Property Details

  • Name: Laman Seri
  • Developer: TTDI Harta
  • Address: Jalan Lompat Pagar 13/37, Shah Alam
  • Tenure: Leasehold
  • Type: Semi-D % Bungalow
  • Launch Price
  • Semi-D: RM1,153,100 – RM1,556,100
  • Bungalow: RM1,860,300 – RM2,334,800
  • Facilities

  • Parks
  • Children's playgrounds
  • Garden benches
  • Market Trends


    Laman Seri is an exclusive enclave in Shah Alam, nestled amongst lush greenery and stunning landscape. With houses designed with a contemporary and spacious feel, this area is good for families of all ages, or perhaps even inter-generational living.Here, you can find peace of mind with many security features including an automatic sliding gate, smart home system, and 24 hour security. In addition, the streetscape caters for both old and young. The recreational park here also is perfect for families to have picnics or for children to play in while their parents or grandparents look on.With spacious and well thought out interiors in the units, Laman Seri provides more than enough space for growing families.
    Laman Seri兴建在22英亩的租赁地契地段上,在远离繁华市区的地方,为住户设计时尚十足的房子,打造一处静谧的避风港。若你想要居住在一个有如置身在奢华度假区内的房产项目,Laman Seri或可满足你。它有33间双层独立式洋房和70间半独立式洋房。双层独立式洋房的土地面积有6,000平方尺,实用面积介于4,440 平方尺至4,374 平方尺,宽敞无比,并特别设计使房子可自然采光,打造更舒适的空间和节省能源。半独立式洋房则稍小,实用面积为3,476平方尺和3,495平方尺。这些洋房还包括一间车房和时尚的装潢家具设计,如1个太阳能热水器、自动电门、1个智能家居系统和苏丹阿都阿兹沙高尔夫球俱乐部(KGSAAS)高尔夫球会员证。设施还包括私人公园、儿童游乐场、围绕在游乐场的花园装有长凳,以及其它休闲区。Laman Seri注重细节,如路墩斜度不高,以方便轮椅使用,道路的两旁则设有专属的人行道,供长者和不方便的人士使用。此项目备有3层保安系统,加上只有1个出入口,进一步加强保安,住户可放心在此居住。Laman Seri 坐落在莎阿南的Section 13,方便衔接牙直利走廊大道(Guthrie Corridor Expressway)、南北大道第二中环衔接大道(Elite Highway)、联邦大道(Federal Highway)和新巴生河流域大道(NKVE)。它靠近Tesco、Giant、大马管理科学大学(MSU)、莎阿南体育馆(Shah Alam Stadium)、莎阿南体育中心(Shah Alam Sports Complex)和莎阿南Extreme Park,以及多个知名的高尔夫球和休闲俱乐部,包括苏丹阿都阿兹沙高尔夫球俱乐部。


  • 名称:Laman Seri
  • 发展商:TTDI Harta
  • 地址:Jalan Lompat Pagar 13/37, Shah Alam
  • 产权:租赁地契
  • 类型:半独立式洋房和独立式洋房
  • 推介价
  • 半独立式洋房:RM1,153,100 – RM1,556,100
  • 独立式洋房:RM1,860,300 – RM2,334,800
  • 设备

  • 公园
  • 儿童游乐场
  • 公园长凳
  • Market Trends


    坐落在莎阿南(Shah Alam)高档区内的Laman Seri,四周围绕着大量绿植,一大片绿意盎然、令人赞叹的漂亮景观。此区洋房以现代化设计为主,营造宽敞的空间感,故适合所有年龄层的家庭居住,或甚至是两代同堂。此项目提供许多保安服务,如自动滑动门、智能家居系统和24小时保安监控服务,让你可安心居住。另外,此处的街景(streetscape)兼顾老少所需,休闲公园适合家庭一家大小来野餐,小孩可在四周玩乐,父母或祖父母则在旁观看。单位宽敞舒适,加上思虑周到的室内设计,让Laman Seri为成长中的家庭,提供更充足的空间。