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Ken Rimba is a recent mixed development which is situated within the established vicinity of Shah alam. Similar developments within close proximity includes Acacia Subang, Setia Alam and Kota Kemuning. It is developed by Ken Rimba Sdn Bhd which is known for their award winning green developments.The development comprises of freehold shop-offices, condominiums and double-storey terrace link houses. Once completed, Ken Rimba will consist of 2 phases of terrace link house known as Legian (328 units) and Jimbaran (168 units); 2 phases of condominiums with a total of 240 units in phase 1 and 679 units in phase 2. On the other hand there will be a total of 109 units shop-offices.Houses within Ken Rimba typically comes between built-up sizes of 1,840 sf to 2,215 sf which has a total of 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. There will be a total of 26 corner units that comes with their very own private pool. Shop-offices on the other hand have varying designs and layout - intermediate-lots have 1,800 sf built-up, followed by end-lots which have 2,100 sf and corner-lots with a total of 2,800 sf.Situated in Shah Alam, residents of Ken Rimba has easy access to most amenities. The commercial center is located within the township and is merely walking distance away. Besides, most major hypermarkets can be found nearby such as Tesco, Giant and Carrefour. Furthermore, commuters can always opt to head to Kota Damansara which is host to popular spots such as Sunway Giza, The Curve, IPC, Ikea and Tesco.There are quite a number of schools within short driving distances from Ken Rimba. The closest one would be SMJK (C) Taman Rashna, followed by SK Sek 16 Shah Alam, SMK Sek 16 Shah Alam - both of which are no more than 0.3km away. Apart from that, UiTm, Segi College, Sri KDU and KBU College can be found within short driving distances. Tropicana Medical Center is located beside Segi College, which is about 15-minutes drive away.Ken Rimba is well connected via several major highways, namely Kesas highway, NKVE, LKSA, LATAR, and Federal highway - rendering commuting to and fro the enclave a breeze. Moreover, there is the Bus & Taxi Terminal Shah Alam which is about 1km away from the enclave. Padang Jawa KTM station is merely 700m away from the development, which has covered walk-way for residents.

Property Details

  • Name: Ken Rimba
  • Address: Seksyen 16, Shah Alam, 10200 Selangor
  • Developer: Ken Rimba Sdn Bhd
  • Completion Date: 2012
  • Type: Mixed
  • Tenure: Freehold
  • No. of Units
  • House: 328 + 168
  • Condominium: 240 + 679
  • Shop-Office: 109
  • No. of Storey: 2
  • No. of Bedrooms: 4
  • No. of Bathrooms: 3
  • Dimension: 20 x 65 sf
  • Built-up: 1,800 sf
  • Launch Price: From RM500,000
  • Facilities

  • 24-hour security
  • Water harvest
  • Breathe-able roofs
  • Large glass doors and windows
  • Analysis

    Ken Rimba is particularly unique in the sense that it has been awarded BCA Green Mark Gold (Provisional) as well as Green Building Index Award - which in recent times have been increasingly an issue of concern. As such, the eco-friendly design place this development in higher regards over similar competitors. It could be speculated that in the future, developments that carries the green badge will be of higher value than those without.The added benefits of a eco-friendly development, is its ability to cost-reduction when it comes to energy usage. The additional features of rain water harvesting, coupled with efficient water fittings could potentially reduce water bill. Large window doors and windows along with transparent skylight ensures that sufficient natural light are able to pour through, illuminating the interiors thus reducing the need for artificial lighting. Breathe-able roofs ensure and Australian adjustable glass louvred windows ensures good air-circulation and ventilation rendering the home that much cooler. Furthermore, Ken Rimba features extensive landscaping in common areas, providing a sense of peace and serenity as well as fresh air and maintaining the temperature within. That coupled with the heat reflective paint which is used on the facade will effectively reduce a lot of heat.
    Ken Rimba 是个位于莎阿南Shah alam的综合型发展项目,附近相似的发展项目包括Acacia Subang、Setia Alam和Kota Kemuning。它由Ken Rimba有限公司发展,以获奖无数的绿色发展项目为名。此发展项目持有永久地契,由商店铺、公寓和双层排屋组成。一旦建竣,Ken Rimba将包括2个阶段的排屋项目,分别为Legian(328个单位)和Jimbaran(168个单位);2个阶段的公寓,首阶段有240个单位和第2阶段设有679个单位。另外,它还包括109个商店铺单位。Ken Rimba排屋的实用面积介于1,840至2,215平方尺,每单位配有4间卧室和3间浴室,总共有26个角落单位,配有私人泳池。商店铺的设计则由不同设计和户型组成,中间单位的实用面积为1,800平方尺,末端单位(end lot)的实用面积有2,100平方尺,角落单位(corner lot)则有2,800平方尺。位于莎阿南,Ken Rimba的住户和客户方便抵达大多数的周边设施,只需步行就可抵达位于城镇中央的商业中心。另外,大多数的超市都可在附近找到,如Tesco、Giant和AEON Big,而且他们也可选择到Kota Damansara,此区可找到多个著名的景点,如Sunway Giza、The Curve、IPC、Ikea和Tesco。从Ken Rimba出发,在短程驾驶的距离,就可到达多所学校,靠近的有兰花园华小,接下来是莎阿南十六区国小国中,两者不超过0.3公里。除此,在短时间车程内,可抵达玛拉工艺大学(UiTM)、世纪学院(Segi College)、Sri KDU和万达国际学院(KBU College)。Tropicana 医疗中心坐落在世纪学院隔壁,距离此项目15分钟车程。Ken Rimba衔接多条主要大道,如莎阿南大道(Kesas)、新巴生谷大道(NKVE)、哥文宁莎阿南大道(LKSA)、吉隆坡-瓜拉雪兰莪大道(LATAR)和联邦大道,让你方便出入此区。除此,在约1公里之遥,设有莎阿南巴士和德士站,Padang Jawa电动火车站则距离项目约700米,并为住户建有有棚走道。


  • 名称:Ken Rimba
  • 地址:Seksyen 16, Shah Alam, 10200 Selangor
  • 发展商:Ken Rimba Sdn Bhd
  • 竣工日期:2012年
  • 类型:混合型
  • 产权:永久地契
  • 单位数目
  • 房屋:328 + 168
  • 公寓:240 + 679
  • 商店铺:109
  • 层数:2层
  • 卧室数目:4
  • 浴室数目:3
  • 面积:20 x 65 sf
  • 实用面积:1,800 sf
  • 推售价:从 RM500,000起
  • 设备

  • 24小时保安服务
  • 雨水收集
  • 可透气的屋顶
  • 大型的玻璃门和窗
  • 分析

    Ken Rimba荣获新加坡建设局绿色建筑标志金奖(BCA Green Mark Gold)(临时),以及大马绿色建筑指数(GBI)奖项,是近期热门的课题。因此,此项目凭其具环保特征的设计,战胜其他相似的竞争对手,也有人预测,荣获绿色奖项的项目将在未来,比没有环保特征的项目,来得更高价值。除了是增值的卖点,环保概念的项目也可节能和节省成本,雨水收集系统和高效的水龙头设计,可有效省水,减低水费;诺大的窗门和窗户,加上透明的天窗,提供房子充足的自然光,照亮室内空间,减低使用灯饰照明。可透气的屋顶(Breathe-able roofs)与澳洲的可调整型玻璃半百叶窗(louvred windows),可确保空气良好循环和通风,让你的住家更凉爽。另外,Ken Rimba在公共地方建造诺大的园林设施,为住户提供一处静谧之地,可在此呼吸新鲜空气,而且还可维持此项目的气温。另外,项目的外墙涂上反射隔热的漆料,以减低建筑物的温度。