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Regia @ Elmina Gardens

Elmina East

starting from RM 709,000

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3 Bathroom - 3 Bathroom


2631 sq ft - 2862 sq ft

Sales Gallery Location

Elmina Sales Gallery, Persiaran Metafasa, Elmina Sales Gallery, Persiaran Metafasa, 40160 Shah Alam
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Number of units

117 Units

Estimated Completion Date

September 2015

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More about Regia @ Elmina Gardens

Presenting Regia at Elmina, wide frontage, double-storey superlink homes that tipify Elmina's warmth, charm and caring environment-one you will love coming home to. Of modern and contemporary design, its wide 30' frontage introduces a more impressive façade. The clean lines provide a sense of calming order to the architectural form.

As you enter Regi you will feel a real expanse of space-brought about by the combination of the wide frontage and open plan design of living, dining, and dry kitchen areas. In tune with today's urban families and their modern active lifestyle, the kitchen purposefully included into the main living area, as it has become the activity centre of the family, essentially the heart of the home.

A guest room with ensuite bath downstairs is perfect for elderly parents living with you or for guests to spend the night in comfort and privacy. The double volume space wrapped by the staircase adds a touch of elegance. It also allows for better ventilation and visibility.

Upstairs, the master bedroom is of lovely proportions with space for a walk-in wardrobe or your own private living area. Two spacious bedrooms with ensuite baths feature floor to ceiling windows for natural light and better ventilation effectively cooling the indoor spaces

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