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Ariza @ Elmina Gardens

Elmina East

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3 Bathroom - 3 Bathroom


1935 sq ft - 2400 sq ft

Sales Gallery Location

Elmina Sales Gallery, Persiaran Metafasa, Elmina Sales Gallery, Persiaran Metafasa, 40160 Shah Alam
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Number of units

255 Units

Estimated Completion Date

June 2015

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More about Ariza @ Elmina Gardens

Introducing Ariza, the first ever residences at Elmina. Designed to capture the essence of gratified and inspired living, these 20’ x 88’ double-storey link homes offer architectural nuances designed to encourage a healthier state of being with just the right balance between aesthetics and functionality, luxury and comfort, and the indoor and outdoor.

Infusing a modern take on time-proven tropical architectural features with environmental sensibility, interaction is translated into design as spacious open areas encourage a sense of togetherness within the homes while senses are both stimulated and calmed by the immediate connection with the outdoors.

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