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KITA Mekar

Cybersouth, 43800 Dengkil,, Sepang, Selangor, Malaysia

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•   Facility designs & landscaping take inspirations from Malay traditional textile art & culture:   
•   Batik – influenced by leaves & flowers, using free-flowing designs mostly floral motifs and vibrant in colour.
•   Songket – a geometrical design, arranged systematically into patterns and combination of motifs. This can be seen in the pavement for playgrounds & community parks.
•   Kelarai – a weaving art using square shapes which would eventually form a complete pattern. This strict geometry squares are being used in formation of garden space.
•   Tekat – art that uses organic- shapes & not conformed to any specific flow, this concept is being implemented in the garden layout with unfurling leaf, with long organic forms.