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Ascotte Boulevard is a prestigious serviced apartment in Semenyih, Selangor. This project that will be developed by Top Home Builder Development is the first high-rise residential development in Semenyih.Ascotte Boulevard will consist of apartment units with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms as well as 2-storey and 3-storey shop offices. There will be four types of apartment units which are separated based on its location (intermediate or corner) and its dimension (40 x 22 ft or 47 x 22 ft). The built-up areas for the apartments will ranged between 860 and 1,100 sf. The shop offices will be facing the main road with plenty of parking spaces at the front of each shop office. The 3-storey shop offices will have dimensions of 22 x 70 ft, whereas the 2-storey shop offices will have dimensions of 22 x 70 ft or 22 x 75 ft. The shop offices are conveniently built to suit many types of businesses such as F&B outlets, retail stores, convenience stores and offices.Every unit in Ascottes Boulevard are designed with modernized, contemporary style to give them a luxurious and astounding look. The podium of facilities will be surrounded by breathtaking green landscapes for a tranquil environment. Residents will be able to relax and enjoy the scenery from the podium. The facade of Ascotte Boulevard will also have unique and interactive designs that will definitely attract attentions of the passersby.In terms of facilities, the 9th floor of Ascotte Boulevard will be dedicated fully for the facilities sections. These facilities include health reflexology park, children playground, herbs garden, jogging track, kindergarten, multipurpose hall, cafe, barbecue area, garden pavilion, infinity swimming pool, wading pool, pool deck, gymnasium hall, changing room, linear garden, water feature, CCTV lift lobby, retail shop, CCTV room / control room and 3-tier multifunction access door. To top that up, there will be a surau and ample amount of parking bays in the carpark area, 360
  • viewing deck and roof top garden on the 23rd and 24th floor.
  • Myriad amenities can be found within the vicinity of Ascotte Boulevard such as Tesco Semenyih, eateries (McDonalds, Pizza Hut and KFC), schools (Kampung Rinchi Primary School, Rinching Hilir Primary School, Bandar Tasik Kesuma Primary School and Pekan Bangi Islamic Primary School), universities (Nottingham University, GMI, UKM, UNITEN, UPM and National University of Malaysia), banks and clinics. The road that Ascotte Boulevard will be built on, Jalan Semenyih, directly leads to LEKAS Highway and gives easy accessibility to many other highways and routes such as PLUS, SKVE, KESAS, SILK Highways and Kajang Bypass. Strategically located at the heart of Semenyih, Ascotte Boulevard is only 10 minutes to Bangi, 15 minutes to Kajang, 20 minutes to Cheras, 22 minutes to Putrajaya and 35 minutes to Kuala Lumpur. Public transportations that are available within the area of Ascotte Boulevard are buses and taxis.

    Property Details

  • Name: Ascotte Boulevard
  • Address: Jalan Semenyih, 43500 Semenyih, Selangor
  • Developer: Top Home Builder Development
  • Type: Serviced Apartment
  • Tenure: Freehold
  • No. of Bedrooms: 3
  • No. of Bathrooms: 2
  • Built-up
  • Serviced Apartment: 860 - 1,100 sf
  • Layouts

  • Apartment
  • Type A
  • 3 bedrooms + 2 bathrooms (40 x 22 ft)
  • Type AC (corner)
  • 3 bedrooms + 2 bathrooms (40 x 22 ft)
  • Type B
  • 3 bedrooms + 2 bathrooms (47 x 22 ft)
  • Type BC (corner)
  • 3 + 1 bedrooms + 2 bathrooms (47 x 22 ft)
  • Shop Office
  • 2-Storey (22 x 70 ft / 22 x 75 ft)
  • 3-Storey (22 x 70 ft)
  • Facilities

  • Health reflexology park
  • Children playground
  • Herbs garden
  • Jogging track
  • Kindergarten
  • Multipurpose hall
  • Cafe
  • Barbecue area
  • Garden pavilion
  • Infinity swimming pool
  • Wading pool
  • Pool deck
  • Gymnasium hall
  • Changing room
  • Linear garden
  • Water feature
  • CCTV lift lobby
  • Retail shop
  • CCTV room / control room
  • 3-tier multifunction access door
  • Surau
  • Carpark
  • 360 viewing deck
  • Roof top garden
  • Analysis

    Semenyih is known as the outskirts of the city, but recently there have been some substantial growth of developments within the township. That is why Ascotte Boulevard project is based in Semenyih, aiming to attract more residents to live in the area. There are already many amenities surrounding Ascotte Boulevard so residents doesn't have to travel far from Ascotte Boulevard or even out of Semenyih town, but if residents wanted something different, Bangi Utama Shopping Complex is only 10 km away. Currently, Ascotte Boulevard and it is the only high-rise residential development in the area. First-time house buyer will want to consider buying this affordable, yet luxurious apartment. Even though it would be convenient to own a car if living in Semenyih, those without private transports will not have to worry as bus stops can be found nearby Ascotte Boulevard and taxis could be called whenever needed.Investment wise, Ascotte Boulevard gives a great opportunity for investors who wish to purchase a unit that is selling from RM286,000. Considering that Ascotte Boulevard is within the Klang Valley area and the township of Semenyih is set to become a potential hotspot in the future, this economical rate is a substantial deal for those who wanted to invest in a long term investment.Ascotte Boulevard is now open for registration. Those who wanted to know more about this development or just eager to own a unit in Ascotte Boulevard, then this would be the perfect time to register.
    Ascotte Boulevard是一个著名的服务式公寓,矗立于雪兰莪州(Semenyih, Selangor)。这是由Top Home Builder Development 发展商承建,是一个在Semenyih 的高等住宅区发展。Ascotte Boulevard 将包括3 间卧室和 2 间浴室的公寓以及 2 层和 3 层的店屋办公室。其中讲过有4 中单位类型,根据其位置而定 (中间或角落) 及其尺寸(40 x 22英尺或 47 x 22 英尺)。其实用面积将在 860 平方尺至 1,100 平方尺之间。店屋办公室将会面向大路,其中店面前配有充足的停车场。它的3 层店屋办公室的尺寸为 22 x 70 英尺,而2 层店屋办公室将拥有22 x 70 英尺或 22 x 75 英尺。每间店屋拥有不同建筑内置,适合多种类型的企业,如F&B 店铺、零售店、便利店和办事处。Ascottes Boulevard 充分反映出高端 的现代化设计,令人感到豪华又震惊的外观。平台的设施将被宁静的绿色景观包围着,居民可以在此休闲和欣赏沿途风景。Ascotte Boulevard 的正面尽量投放更多独特的设计,必定吸引更多路人的注意力。第9 楼将完全设为设施部分。这些设施包括健康足部按摩公园、儿童游乐场、香草花园、跑步道、幼稚园、多功能厅、餐厅、烧烤区、花园亭阁、大型泳池、戏水池、 游泳池甲板、健身房、更衣室、线性花园、水景、闭路电视升降机大堂 、零售店、闭路电视室监控室和3层多功能检修门。另加在23 楼和24楼,祈祷室 (Surau) 和充足的停车场,360度的观景台和屋顶花园。 Ascotte Boulevard 附近的设施充足,如Tesco Semenyih、食肆 (McDonalds、Pizza Hut 和 KFC)、学府 (Kampung Rinchi Primary School、Rinching Hilir Primary School、Bandar Tasik Kesuma Primary School 和 Pekan Bangi Islamic Primary School)、高等教育(Nottingham University、GMI、UKM、UNITEN、UPM 和 National University of Malaysia)、银行和诊所。Ascotte Boulevard 将建在Jalan Semenyih,可以直接进入LEKAS Highway 和其他高速公路,如PLUS、南巴生河流高速公路 (SKVE)、莎阿南高速公路 (KESAS)、加影交通分散高速公路 (SILK Highway) 和 Kajang Bypass。其地理位置优越,位于Semenyih 市中心, 从 Ascotte Boulevard 到Bangi、Kajang、Cheras、Putrajaya 和Kuala Lumpur 都只有数十分钟车程。公共交通如巴士和的士。


  • 名称 :Ascotte Boulevard
  • 地址 :Jalan Semenyih, 43500 Semenyih, Selangor
  • 发展商 :Top Home Builder Development
  • 类型 :服务式公寓
  • 地契 :永久地契
  • 卧室数目 :3 间
  • 浴室数目 :2 间
  • 尺寸 :32 x 60 – 45 x 85
  • 实用面积 :
  • 860 sf – 1, 100 sf
  • 单位户型

  • 公寓
  • Type A
  • 3 卧室 + 2 浴室 (40 x 22 ft)
  • Type AC (角落)
  • 3 卧室 + 2 浴室 (40 x 22 ft)
  • Type B
  • 3卧室 + 2浴室 (47 x 22 ft)
  • Type BC (角落)
  • 3 + 1卧室 + 2 浴室 (47 x 22 ft)
  • 店屋办公室
  • 2 层 (22 x 70 ft / 22 x 75 ft)
  • 3 层 (22 x 70 ft)
  • 设备

  • 儿童游乐场
  • 香草花园
  • 跑步道
  • 幼稚园
  • 多功能厅
  • 餐厅
  • 烧烤区
  • 花园亭阁
  • 大型泳池
  • 戏水池
  • 游泳池甲板
  • 健身房
  • 更衣室
  • 线性花园
  • 水景
  • 闭路电视升降机大堂
  • 零售店
  • 闭路电视室监控室
  • 3层多功能检修门
  • 祈祷室 (Surau)
  • 停车场
  • 360度的观景台
  • 屋顶花园
  • 分析

    Semenyih 虽然是个郊区,但乡镇内最近有大量的发展。因此Ascotte Boulevard 工程将位于 Semenyih,旨在吸引更多的居民在该地区生活。其毗邻的社区设施充足,居民可轻易购买一切所需物品。。但如居民要求一些不同的东西,Bangi Utama Shopping Complex 只有10 公里之遥。目前Ascotte Boulevard 是唯一的高等住宅区发展。第一次买家可以考虑购买这价格实惠由豪华的公寓。即使拥有自己的轿车将会更方便,但那些没有私人交通工具的也无需担心,在腹肌就可找到巴士站和的士也可以根据需要随时调用。Ascotte Boulevard 给予投资者一个巨大的机会,可以购买一个从 RM286,000 起的单位。Ascotte Boulevard 位于Klang Valley 区域和未来Semenyih 将成为焦点。这是属于长期投资的交易。Ascotte Boulevard 现在已开放登记。那些想要知道更多有关这发展或仅仅是想要一个Ascotte Boulevard 单位,这将是完美的时候进行注册。


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