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D'Villa is a link bungalow and bungalow development within a gated and guarded community. It is situated at the north of Kota Damansara, in Section 11, neighboring Bayu Damansara, Bayu Perdana, and Laman Bayu. The development is completed in 3 phases, namely D'Villa Equine, D'Villa Botani and D'Villa Avenue. D'Villa Equine and D'Villa Botani are developed earlier. D'Villa Equine is the largest area with most number of houses within the G&G enclave. The house here is built on 55' x 80' tract of land with built-up size starting from 4,016 sf. Facilities provided within the enclave are jogging track, playground and 24-hour security.The latest development here is D'Villa Avenue that comprises a total of 16 bungalows. 8 units are 2-storey bungalows, while the remaining 8 are 2½-storey bungalow. The 2-storey bungalow has built-up sizes ranging from 5,348 sf to 6,561 sf. The 2½-storey bungalow has built-up sizes ranging from 5,133 sf to 5,412 sf. Aplenty of amenities can be reachable within a few minutes of driving. D'Villa is near to Kota Damansara's focal commercial point, Dataran Sunway and The Strand. For shopping and leisure, one can always drive to a few top Klang Valley’s shopping malls, namely 1 Utama Shopping Centre, The Curve, IKEA and e@Curve. Besides that, it is just a couple of minutes to the new Sunway Giza and upcoming The Strand Mall. D'Villa is also within short proximity to SK Seksyen 11 and SMK Seksyen 10. For recreational activities, there are Selangor Polo and Equestrian Centre, Seri Selangor Golf Club and Green Haven Golf Club.

Property Details

  • Name: D'Villa
  • Address: Section 11, Kota Damansara, 47810 Selangor
  • Developer: Sunway Damansara Sdn Bhd (a subsidiary of Sunway City Bhd)
  • Type: Link Bungalow & Bungalow
  • Tenure: Leasehold
  • Land Area: About 55' x 80'
  • Built-up: From 4,016 sf
  • No. of Storey: 2 & 2½
  • No. of Bedrooms: 5+1
  • No. of Bathrooms: 5
  • Subsale Price: RM1,600,000 – RM3,000,000
  • Facilities

  • 24-hour security
  • Playground
  • Analysis

    Why is it called link-bungalow? It is simply because D'Villa really looks like a normal bungalow from the front, but it is actually attached to another bungalow at its back – thus making it a semi-detached house. This concept is indeed quite special, especially to the ones who think that backyard is useless. The land area of D'Villa is quite spacious, allowing owners to further extend its wing in the future. But with 4,100 sf of built-up size, it is spacious enough for a big family to reside in. D'Villa is strategically located on the north side of Kota Damansara, making it easily accessible from North-Klang Valley Expessway. As we know, the traffic congestion in the area is really bad during peak hours – especially along Persiaran Surian. Hence, the best route to travel to the city centre is NKVE.
    D'Villa 是个围篱式半独立式洋房(link bungalow)和独立式洋房项目,它位于Kota Damansara北部第11区(Section 11),并与Bayu Damansara、Bayu Perdana和Laman Bayu为邻。此楼盘分为3期,包括D'Villa Equine、D'Villa Botani和D'Villa Avenue。较早建竣的有D'Villa Equine和 D'Villa Botani 项目。D'Villa Equine占此围篱区最大的地段,也设有最多套房子。这里的房子建在55' x 80'的地段上,实用面积从4,016平方尺。设施包括慢跑道、游乐场和24小时保安服务。最新发展的项目则是D'Villa Avenue,共有16个独立洋房,其中8个是双层独立洋房,其余的8个是双层半独立洋房,双层独立洋房的实用面积介于5,348至 6,561 平方尺,而双层半独立洋房实用面积则介于5,133至 5,412 平方尺。在数分钟车程的距离内,可抵达多种便利设施。D'Villa靠近Kota Damansara的商业中心如Dataran Sunway和The Strand。购物和休闲方面,你可驾车至不远的购物中心,包括巴生谷著名的1 Utama购物中心、The Curve、IKEA和e@Curve,数分钟车程就可到达Sunway Giza 和 The Strand Mall。D'Villa距离SK Seksyen 11 和SMK Seksyen 10也非常近,休闲游憩方面,则有雪兰莪马会马术中心(Selangor Polo and Equestrian Centre)、Seri Selangor高尔夫球俱乐部和Green Haven 高尔夫球俱乐部。


  • 名称:D'Villa
  • 地址:Section 11, Kota Damansara, 47810 Selangor
  • 发展商:Sunway Damansara Sdn Bhd (Sunway City Bhd子公司)
  • 类型:半独立式洋房和独立洋房
  • 产权:租赁地契
  • 土地面积:约55' x 80'
  • 实用面积:从 4,016 sf起
  • 楼层数目:2层 & 2层半
  • 卧室数目:5+1
  • 浴室数目:5
  • 转售价:RM1,600,000 – RM3,000,000
  • 设备

  • 24小时保安
  • 游乐场
  • 分析

    为何称为link bungalow?这纯粹是因为D'Villa的洋房,从前方看来和一般独立洋房无异,可从后面看来,它的后墙和后面单位连在一起,就有如半独立式无异,此概念相当特别,尤其是对那些认为后院没实质用途的业主而言。D'Villa的土地面积非常宽敞,还有空间让屋主可在未来扩建,惟以其4,100平方尺的实用面积,已非常足够让大家庭享有舒适的居家空间。D'Villa策略性坐落在Kota Damansara的北部,方便衔接新巴生谷大道(NKVE)。在交通繁忙时段,尤其是在Persiaran Surian,此区的交通状况非常恶劣,故要前往市中心,就好使用北巴生河流域大道。


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