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AraGreens Residences

Lot 1427, Jalan PJU 1A/20, Ara Damansara, 47401, Selangor

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AraGreens Residences is a new up-and-coming high-rise residential development located within the developing neighborhood of Ara Damansara. There are many similar developments that can be found nearby such as Oasis Ara Damansara, Ara Hill and Sri Ara Apartment. It is developed by HSB Development – a developer of lifestyle & wellness-related properties.HSB Development has successfully completed Menara HSC - a modern commercial building located next to the British High Commission along Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur. The tower houses the HSC Medical Center (a renowned state-of-the-art medical specialist diagnosis & treatment center), commercial spaces, and Somerset Ampang serviced apartments managed by Ascott International.The development is meticulously planned on a sited 7.5-acre land, of which 4.760-acres represent community space - easily one of the highest in the market at a rate of 63.4% of the total development. AraGreens Residences comprises 6 blocks of 15-storey building housing a total of 700 units at an average of 8 units per level. Units come in various sizes, layout and designs. Basically, there are 7 variants - Type A to Type G with built-up sizes ranging from 715 sf to 3475 sf. Each unit normally comes with 2 to 3 + 1 bedroom.
AraGreens Residences is strategically located in one of Klang Valley’s fastest growing commercial and residential hub, Ara Damansara, which is centrally-located between several established neighborhoods such as Subang Jaya, Petaling Jaya and Kota Damansara. As such, amenities are easily available in abundance within short driving distances. Apart from the shop-offices nearby, residents could take a short drive to some of the many shopping malls such as Paradigm Mall, The Curve, Ikea, Tesco, Giant, Carrefour, IPC, Sunway Giza and Cineleisure - all of which are no more than 10-minutes drive away.Apart from that, AraGreens Residences is conveniently within easy reach from many schools and higher educational institutions. To begin with, APIIT Smartschool is only about 1km away, while government schools such as SRK Lembah Subang, SMK Lembah Subang and Kolej Penerbangan Awam can all be found within a 1.5km radius. On the other hand, KBU College, KDU College, Segi College and Sri KDU are all located nearby as well, with no more than 10-minutes driving distance.AraGreens Residences is well-served by several major highways, rendering inter-connectivity between neighborhoods very effective and hassle free. Baru Lembah Klang highway directly passes by the enclave, which in turn links to many other highways. Apart from that, Sprint highway, LDP, Gunthrie Corridor highway and NKVE are among the few highways serving the enclave. RapidKL Kelana Jaya and Kelana Jaya LRT Station is located no more than 5-minutes drive away.

Property Details

  • Name: AraGreens Residences
  • Address: Jalan PJU, Ara Damansara, Petaling Jaya, Selangor
  • Developer: HSB Development
  • Completion Date: 2015 (estimate)
  • Type: Condominium
  • Tenure: Freehold
  • No. of Block
  • Condominium: 6
  • Shop-Office: 1
  • No. of Storey: 15
  • No. of Units: 700
  • No. of Bedroom: 2 - 3 + 1
  • Land Area: 7.5-acres
  • Built-up
  • Type A: 715 sf
  • Type B: 1217 sf
  • Type C: 1577 sf
  • Type D: 1919 sf
  • Type E: 2274 sf
  • Type F: 3475 sf
  • Type G: 3143 sf
  • Launch Price: From RM700 psf
  • Facilities

  • Swimming pool
  • Quiet pool
  • Children pool & splash zone
  • Gym
  • Soccer field
  • Tennis & basketball court
  • Skate park
  • Squash & badminton court
  • Pool side dinning
  • Rock-climbing
  • Eco-pool
  • Barbeque area
  • Karaoke
  • Reading lounges
  • Children playground & playroom
  • Golf simulator
  • Concierge
  • Multi purpose hall
  • Herb garden
  • Exercise zone
  • Eco pond
  • Analysis

    AraGreens Residence is truly a development which promotes a healthy balance between work, play and lifestyle. With an exhaustive list of facilities that are seamlessly intertwined lush greenery, residents are able to enjoy most recreational activities within the compound itself; or simply sit back and relax by the pool side as you bask under the sun, accompanied by the breathtaking view of Damansara's skyline.The top floor of each tower is meticulously landscaped with rooftop gardens, providing residents an invaluable opportunity to relax and enjoy the serenity from up above. There are many variants being offered, ensuring that there will be something that will appeal to everyone. Ranging from a standard units, to duplex units and lastly sky and garden villas for the privileged individual with discerning tastes.
    There are many features within AraGreens Residences that will undoubtedly benefit all that is involved. Complying to Green Mark Singapore and Green Building Index (GBI) Malaysia standards, various sustainable innovations which emphasizes on: recycle and reuse, energy efficiency, renewable energy, natural ventilation, daylight maximization, rainwater harvesting and lush landscaping have been implemented - which potentially increases self-sustainability as well as reduced cost over the long run.That was but one of the three main pillar from which the development of AraGreens Residences is founded upon: Green and Sustainable Environment, Multi-Generational Living, and Health and Wellness. It promotes the viability of multi-generational living via the implementation of 'dual key' concept by providing an avenue for multi generation families to live together "under one roof" and offers the feasible option of renting, out the unit/units.
    Residents of AraGreens will enjoy MediHome (Medically Enabled Home System) - a propriety product by HSC Healthcare and the first of its kind in Malaysia that enables residents to periodically check their health status within the comfort of their home. The medical measurements will then be transmitted wirelessly and secured in the central medical hub located within the development. The Medihome System monitors the resident's health and it need be, provide medical diagnosis and treatment - healthcare made easier. Its open-sky terraces and "private" gardens for selected unit ensures that AraGreens Residences succeed in its aim for a green outlook. The lush surrounding landscapes provide scenic views and fresh air while fulfilling the current demand for sustainable developments that will definitely see a marked appreciation in value in times to come.
    AraGreens Residences是未来高级住宅的产业,矗立于Ara Damansara范围内。其毗邻还有其他类似的产业,例如 Oasis Ara Damansara,Ara Hill 和 Sri Ara Apartment。它是由HSB 房产商承建 – 一个以健康和生活方式为主的房产商。HSB 房产商已成功建立 Menara HSC – 一个具有现代商业的建筑物,矗立于吉隆坡 Jalan Ampang, 与British High Commission 相近。此建筑物内包括HSC Medical Center (一个著名的心脏诊断专家和疗治中心),、商业空间和 Somerset Ampang 服务公寓,由 Asccot International 管理。在7 英亩中发展的产业是经过精心的策划,其中4,760 英亩被定为社区空间,是整体发展的63.4%。AraGreens Residences共6栋 15层楼的公寓,总共是700个单位,平均每层8 个单位。它提供了多种类型的尺寸、布局和设计。基本上有7 种布局 – Type A 至 Type G,而实用面积从 715 平方尺至 3,475 平方尺之间。每个单位通常备有 2 到3+1 卧室。
    AraGreens Residences 的地理位置具有战略性,矗立于Klang Valley 发展最快的商业和住宅中心,称为Ara Damansara;其位于市中心,例如Subang Jaya,Petaling Jaya 和Kota Damansara。其地理位置优越,因此其毗邻的社区设施充足,只需驾驶短距离的路程,就可轻易购买生活的一切所需物品。同时,住民也可以到附近的购物中心,比如Paradigm Mall,The Curve,Ikea,Tesco,Giant,Carrefour,IPC,Sunway Giza 和 Cineleisure – 全都只是大约10 分钟的路程。除此之外,AraGreens Residences 附近就已经备有学校和高等教育机构。在一公里以外就有一间学府,名为APIIT Smartschool,而其他的有如SRK Lembah Subang,SMK Lembah Subang 和Kolej Penerbangan Awam。另外,只需大约10 分钟的路程就可抵达毗邻的高等教育机构,如KBU College,KDU College,Segi College 和 Sri KDU。这里交通便利,透过Baru Lembah Klang Highway、SPRINT 公路 (SPRINT Highway)、LDP、格思里楼道高速公路 (GCE)以及巴生河流新高速公路 (NKVE)。此外,在附近也可找到 RapidKL Kelana Jaya (公共巴士) 和 Kelana Jaya LRT (轻快铁)。


  • 名称 :AraGreens Residences
  • 地址 :Jalan PJU, Ara Damansara, Petaling Jaya, Selangor
  • 发展商 :HSB Development Sdn Bhd
  • 竣工日期 :2015年 (预计)
  • 类型 :公寓
  • 地契 :永久地契
  • 建筑物 :
  • 公寓 :6 栋
  • 店屋 :1 栋
  • 层数 :15
  • 单位数目 :700
  • 卧室数目 :2 – 3+1
  • 土地面积 :7.5 acres
  • 实用面积 :
  • Type A : 715 sf
  • Type B : 1,217 sf
  • Type C : 1,577 sf
  • Type D : 1,919 sf
  • Type E : 2,274 sf
  • Type F : 3,475 sf
  • Type G : 3,143 sf
  • 推介价 :RM700 psf
  • 设备

  • 游泳池
  • 静心池
  • 儿童泳池
  • 足球场
  • 网球场 & 篮球场
  • 溜冰公园
  • 壁球室 & 羽毛球场
  • 池边用餐区
  • 攀岩墙
  • 生态池
  • 烧烤区
  • 卡拉OK
  • 阅览室
  • 儿童游乐场 & 游戏室
  • 高尔夫球模拟器
  • 礼宾室
  • 多功能厅
  • 香草花园
  • 运动场
  • 生态池塘
  • 分析

    AraGreens Residence 主要是在工作,娱乐和生活找到平衡的生活方式。其设备充足,住民可以尽情的享受茂盛的绿树环绕;或在游泳池边坐着休闲,晒日光浴,伴随着Damansara’s skyline 的美景。每栋的顶楼都设有屋顶花园,让住民可以享受不一样的休闲环境。它提供了各种类型,例如标准单位和复式单位,以及设有天空和花园的别墅。
    AraGreens Residences 具备了各种设施,住民可以从中得到其福利。而且,它符合Green Mark Singapore 和 Green Building Index (GBI) Malaysia 的标准,其严厉的强调:循环和再利用、能源效率、可再生能源、自然通风、采用自然光线、雨水收集和繁茂的花园已经在此实施 – 在长期可以有效的降低成本。以上所述的只是AraGreens Residences 的三个主要支柱的其中之一:Green and Sustainable Environment,MultiGenerational Living 和 Health and Wellness。它通过双钥匙 (dualkey) 系统,鼓励多代同堂一起生活在一个屋檐下;当中还可以把空的单位租出去。
    住民可以享受其独特的MediHome (Medically Enabled Home System) 系统 – 目前在马来西亚,唯一只有HSC Healthcare 提供这产品,让住民在家就可以定期的为自己做健康检查。所有的资料将同过无线方式传输并且保留在它的医疗中心。如果需要,这系统还可以通过诊断和医疗建议。AraGreens Residences 为了确保能成功达到绿化环境,特别设计了露台和私人花园的排屋单位。其精心的设计为周围提供了新鲜又优美的景观,未来必定能持续发展。


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