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Ferringhi Residence

Batu Ferringhi

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4 Bathroom - 4 Bathroom


1510 sq ft - 1752 sq ft

Sales Gallery Location

Icon City Sales Gallery, Jalan SS8/2, Sungai Way, Icon City Sales Gallery, Selangor, Selangor
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Number of units

210 Units

Estimated Completion Date

January 2016

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More about Ferringhi Residence

Perched on the highest plateau along the world-renowned Ferringhi resort cove - the gateway to tourism, culinary adventures and international beach resorts - living here is a statement of prestige and ultimate joy.

Blessed by its surroundings of lush greenery of the hill and the majestic ocean nearby, Mah Sing brings you the premier lifestyle experience to Ferringhi Residence, marking the first sustainable development in the area, incorporating a gated and guarded community, resort clubhouse and central linear park.

Ferringhi Residence comprises of low-rise condo villas and high-rise resort condominiums. Built on the higher elevation from the beachfront, its Condominiums will command breathtaking ocean vistas. Along the serene clutches of the forest hillside and the condo villas are blessed with charms of Penang’s best natural setting.

Experience Mah Sing’s latest and most opulent design concept at Ferringhi Residence.

Experience the pleasure of living within an exclusive village community, built to fulfill the finest aspirations of resort style living. Amidst exquisitely landscaped and natural greenery, you'll also find the luxury of ultra-modern amenities. It's a pampered lifestyle reserved for an exclusive few.

The landscape concept is built around 6 exquisite themes, which defines six unique environments a meandering Stream, Paddy Terraces, Infinity Pool, Water Lounges, Flying Grass Carpets and charming Eco-Streetscapes. The design of each water pebble allows residents to bond nature together with family activities to offer a relaxing and tranquil experience.

Scent Trail- This 30ft of sprawling emerald trail next to Paddy Terraces offers an array of divine aromatic substances that infuses an uplifting and invigorating sense of calm to its surrounding. Lined with layers of natural vegetation with various edge treatment and planting, it creates 3distinct spaces as you journey along the undulating natural stream.

Paddy Terraces- The gentle slopes that line the stream edges as water nodes that are expressed in the stylish character of Paddy Terraces. The exceptional blend of beauty and harmony of these terraces are further enhanced with pebble pavilions that sit intimately among layers of yellow iris, strips of aromatic pandans, fragrant of tembusu trees and serai plants. The slopes are designed with low rubble pitching walls, green grass and gabion cages to give a rustic image. Stream and terraces together make up an elegant landscape that will imbue a sense of tranquility and contentment for all who stroll along their pathways.

Infinity Pool- This sparkling, radiant pool gives the feeling of the azure sky linking a vast body of water. Here as you stare into an infinite horizon, you’ll be a washed with a sense of calm and rejuvenating contentment. All around the fringes are a series of tree groves, which serves to enhance an intimate feeling of tranquility.

Water Lounges- Acting as nodes for delightful social and family gatherings, the Water Lounges are a series of sunken lounges within an infinity edge reflective pond. Here, you can rest and recreate with loved ones, as carefree as the enveloping warmth of the nurturing environment around you. Thrill to the sound of water overflowing gentle edges of the sunken lounge as you bask in a meditative and tranquil mood for the perfect rejuvenation of mind and spirit.

Flying Carpets- One of the most unique landscaping features is the Flying Carpets. Here, rising lawns criss-cross through the water pools and serve as green passageways that link across the bodies of water and makes for soothing, unforgettable walk over the island. This visually mesmerizing profile can be seen across the water given their accentuated height, and provides the island with a surreal and urban feel.

Eco Streets –Passageways that link across the development come in the form of charming, Eco Streets. A series of green spaces complemented with trees, follies and trellies make for lush green walls and walkways that aim to enhance the natural splendor of the development. These natural paths also serve to reduce the carbon foot print and provide a cool, shady stroll for residents.

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24-hr Security


Swimming Pool

Multipurpose Hall

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