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Bandar Springhill is a township located in Sendayan, Seremban, Negeri Sembilan. The township has been launched in 1997 by West Synergy Sdn Bhd and it is slated for completion in 2017.Spanning across 2,000 acres of freehold land, Bandar Springhill offers a well-balanced mix developments of residential, commercial, industrial as well as recreational areas. Bandar Springhill consist of a Springhill Commercial Centre that cater the residents living in Bandar Springhill. Some of the completed projects of Springhill Commercial Centre are The Junction Commercial Centre, 10 Avenue Square, 9 Avenue Shop Office, E1 2-Storey Shop Office and E2 2-Storey Shop Offce.The residential developments of Bandar Springhill are divided into three areas dub Springhill Park, Springhill Gardens and Springhill Heights. Springhill Park consist of 2-storey terraces with built-up areas ranging from 650 to 2,323 sf, 1-storey terraces with built-up areas ranging from 816 to 857 sf and 2-storey semi-detached houses that has built-up areas of 1,501 sf.Significantly bigger, Springhill Heights in Bandar Springhill locates 1-storey bungalows with built-up areas ranging from 1,084 to 1,780 sf, 2-storey bungalows with built-up areas ranging from 2,131 to 3,175 sf, 2-storey semi-detached houses with built-up areas ranging from 1,891 to 2,471 sf and 1-storey semi-detached houses with built-up areas ranging from 1,373 to 1,454 sf.Springhill Gardens of Bandar Springhill is different than the other two residential areas as it offers bungalow lands for buyers to built bungalows according to their preferences. The developer has provided several bungalow designs that buyers could choose from for construction purposes, but the construction must be taken by independent appointed contractors. As an area in Bandar Springhill that gives flexibility to its buyers, buyers of bungalow land in Springhill Gardens could also appoint their own architects to design their bungalow units, but before the construction could take place, the owner must first get the design approved by the developer. There are many commercial facilities available within Bandar Springhill which include polyclinics, medical healthcare center, kindergartens, schools, higher educational centers, recreational centers and shopping centers. All these convenient facilities ensure that the residents of Bandar Springhill will get an ideal place to live at with places to relax and entertain oneself.Bandar Springhill has an easy accessibility to North - South Highway, Seremban - Port Dickson Highway and the Seremnam - Port Dickson trunk road. Via the North - South Highway, Bandar Springhill is only 10 minutes from Seremban, 15 minutes from Port Dickson and 2 minutes from the Lukut Interchange - Southern entrance. The easiest public transportations that can be attained from the area are taxis and local buses.

Property Details

  • Name: Bandar Springhill
  • Address: Jalan Seremban, 71010 Sendayan, Seremban, Negeri Sembilan
  • Developer: West Synergy Sdn Bhd
  • Completion Date: 2017 (estimate)
  • Type: Township
  • Tenure: Freehold
  • No. of Storey: 1 - 2
  • Built-up: From 650
  • Subsale Price: From RM450,000
  • Rental: From RM1,000
  • Layouts

  • Springhill Park
  • 2-Storey Terrace (650 - 2,232 sf)
  • 1-Storey Terrace (816 - 957 sf)
  • 2-Storey Semi-Detached (1,501 sf)
  • Springhill Heights
  • 1-Storey Bungalow (1,084 - 1,780 sf)
  • 2-Storey Bungalow (2,137 - 3,175 sf)
  • 2-Storey Semi-Detached (1,891 - 2,471 sf)
  • 1-Storey Semi-Detached (1,373 - 1,454 sf)
  • Facilities

  • Polyclinics
  • Medical healthcare center
  • Kindergartens
  • Schools
  • Higher educational centers
  • Recreational centers
  • Shopping centers
  • Analysis

    The developer of Bandar Springhill, West Synergy Sdn Bhd, is a joint venture between MUI Properties Berhad and Chin Teck Plantations Berhad. This two corporate names has merged together with an aim to provide a township that has been designed to promote an ideal style of living.Since Bandar Springhill locates many types of residential properties, one will surely find a suitable unit within affordable budget. It doesn't matter which type of houses you own in Bandar Springhill, all its residents are entitled to use the commercial facilities that are available within Bandar Springhill. The subsale price (as of July 2014) for residential units in Bandar Sprinhill starts from RM450,000, and the rental price (as of June 2014) for residential units in Bandar Sprinhill starts from RM1,000, depending on the type of properties and when the project was completed.


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