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Puncak Setiawangsa is a freehold area in Ampang that is patroned by the wealthy and is home to the upper class Malaysians. Often coined the Hollywood Hills of Kuala Lumpur, Puncak Setiawangsa is a housing development organised and developed by the leading Malaysian developer I&P Group. Houses in Puncak Setiawangsa have rather large built ups with double storey terrace houses at the bottom of the hills and double storey bungalows that languish at the top of the hills with swimming pools. The terrace houses mostly come with 4 bedrooms with 3 bathrooms while the bungalows with far larger built ups come with 6 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. Prices are steep in this exclusive enclave with the terrace houses at the foothills priced from RM938,000 onwards while the bungalows command price tags starting from RM3,800,000.Tenancy in Puncak Setiawangsa is fluid with residents moving in and out as this is a popular place for rent to expats, therefore most of the houses open to the public for sale here are either partially or fully furnished. Many of the houses that come with furnishing are classily decorated with many of the homes having had renovation done on them with the back and sides of the houses fully expanded. A fully equipped kitchen is the norm for houses that have been renovated upon.Being an upper class area, Puncak Setiawangsa places a lot of focus on security. The whole community is gated and guarded with 24-hours security guards on alert at all times. There are mini-marts around the area that serves the residency, and a business centre is available for the use of residents as well. It is very centrally located; it is only 15 minutes to KLCC and the area has easy and comfortable access to Bangsar and Petaling Jaya. There many malls in the area for the residents to patron; amongst the few are Giant, Carrefour, Jusco, Great Eastern Mall and Wangsa Walk. There are schools that cater to the area as well so children need not travel far from their homes; and there is even a McDonald's in the area to satiate fast food cravings. Residents of Puncak Setiawangsa will find themselves well connected to the outside world via the NKVE and DUKE highway. There are 3 LRT stations that serve the area, the Setiawanga LRT, the Jelatek LRT and the Sri Rampai LRT.

Property Details

  • Name: Puncak Setiawangsa
  • Address: Wangsa Maju, 54200 Kuala Lumpur
  • Developer: I&P Group
  • Type: 2-Storey Bungalow & 2-Storey Terrace
  • Tenure: Freehold
  • No. of Bedrooms
  • 2-Storey Bungalow: From 6
  • 2-Storey Terrace: From 4
  • No. of Bathrooms
  • 2-Storey Bungalow: From 3
  • 2-Storey Terrace: From 5
  • Built-up
  • 2-Storey Bungalow: From 3,800 sf
  • 2-Storey Terrac: From 2,065 sf
  • Subsale Price
  • 2-Storey Bungalow: From RM3,800,000
  • 2-Storey Terrace: From RM938,000
  • Rental
  • 2-Storey Bungalow: From 6,500
  • 2-Storey Terrace: From 7,500
  • Facilities

  • 24-hours security
  • Business centre
  • Analysis

    I&P Group is a product of successful mergers, they were established in May 2009 and are a wholly owned subsidiary of Permodalan Nasional Berhad (PNB). The group has been developing townships from the early days of independence with an estimated total development of 12,000 acres. Due to the careful planning of the developers, Puncak Setiawangsa is well planned and strategically placed so residents will face only minimum traffic congestion when they travel out to the city. Other than that if they have no need to travel to the city, residents find this area to be quiet, peaceful and serene, an environment that exudes well-being. The neighbourhood is safe from thefts and robbery as well as the clientele in the area is highly exclusive and no riffraff are allowed to stick a toe into this exclusive enclave.In fact the Puncak Setiawangsa housing development was every person's dream of a home; before the 28th of December 2012. Things took a definite turn for the worse on that fateful day when a serious landslide happened on those very hills that drew home buyers, resulting in loss of homes and evacuation of residents in the immediate vicinity. The situation was so serious that two houses belonging to important people may have to be torn down to provide a buffer for the landslide, a real wrench to the soul for those who called that place their homes. Due to the landslide that fortunately claimed no lives, many houses are on sale in that area now. The housing area is still a pleasant place to live in as long as the house is far enough away from the landslide and as long as it is not on the hill. Investors might be interested in grabbing houses in the area now as they might be able to drive a hard bargain if they are willing to take the risk that their investment might be destroyed if the temporary landslide barrier fails.
    Puncak Setiawangsa是位于安邦(Ampang)的一个永久产权住宅区,业主非富则贵,为马来西亚上层阶级的住处。Puncak Setiawangsa经常被誉为吉隆坡的好莱坞山,是由大马杰出的发展商I&P集团发展。Puncak Setiawangsa的房屋面积相当大,双层排屋建在山下,而双层独立式洋房则是在山顶,并有泳池。双层排屋大部分是有4间卧室和3间浴室,而面积远远更大的独立式洋房则有6间卧室和5间浴室。在这个高尚住宅区,房屋价格极高,双层排屋的转售价从RM938,000起,而独立式洋房则是从RM3,800,000起。Puncak Setiawangsa的租户大多是外籍人士,流动性极大,经常有人搬进搬出,而待售的房屋都备有部分家具,或是齐全的家具。在备有家具的房屋当中,许多都有极有品味的布置和装饰,也有许多在房子的后方和旁边进行全面扩建。经过装修的房子一般都有设备齐全的厨房。 作为上层阶级地区,Puncak Setiawangsa非常注重保安,是围篱和保安社区,全天24小时有保安人员驻守。这周围一带有几间迷你市场,也有一间商务中心,供居民们使用。其地点非常适中,只需15分钟就能到KLCC,而且可以轻松前往孟沙区(Bangsar)和八打灵再也(Petaling Jaya)。 这一带有许多商场让居民光顾,其中的几家是Giant、Jusco、Great Eastern Mall和Wangsa Walk。这地区内也有学校,因此孩子们不需要到离家太远的地方上学。对于很想吃快餐者,这里甚至有一家McDonald’s快餐厅。Puncak Setiawangsa的居民们可经由新巴生谷大道(NKVE)和大使路—淡江大道(DUKE)大道通往外面的世界。这地区共有3座轻快铁站,分别是Setiawanga站、Jelatek站和Sri Rampai站。


  • 名称:Puncak Setiawangsa
  • 地址:Wangsa Maju, 54200 Kuala Lumpur
  • 发展商:I&P集团
  • 类型:双层独立式洋房和双层排屋
  • 产权:永久地契
  • 卧室数目
  • 双层独立式洋房:6间起
  • 双层排屋:4间起
  • 浴室数目
  • 双层独立式洋房:5间起
  • 双层排屋:3间起
  • 实用面积
  • 双层独立式洋房:3,800 sf起
  • 双层排屋:2,065 sf起
  • 转售价
  • 双层独立式洋房:RM3,800,000起
  • 双层排屋:RM938,000起
  • 租金
  • 双层独立式洋房:RM 6,500起
  • 双层排屋:RM 7,500起
  • 设备

  • 24小时保安
  • 商务中心
  • 分析

    I&P集团是于2009年5月,由3家公司合并而成,属于国民投资机构(PNB)全资子公司。该集团自独立初期就已进行城镇发展,估计发展了总共1万2千英亩的地段。 由于发展商规划周详,Puncak Setiawangsa的居民前往吉隆坡市区时并不会面对太大的交通堵塞问题。当不需要外出到市区时,他们可感受到这地区是何其清静、安宁,四周环境令人心旷神怡。这个住宅区保安之上,没发生过偷盗案件,而这里的住户都是高尚人士,为非作歹之徒严禁进入此地。 事实上,在2012年12月28日前,Puncak Setiawangsa所发展的房屋是人人心目中的梦想家园。不过,在当天却出现大逆转,原本是吸引人卖点的山坡地带发生严重土崩,造成防护墙崩裂,周边房屋顿成危楼,居民被迫疏散至安全地点。当时的情况非常严重,其中两间属重要人物所拥有的洋房必须拆除。这对于在那里建立家园的人来说,简直就是心灵上的重创。虽然值得庆幸的是,土崩没有造成人命伤亡,但因为这起事件,当地许多人决定卖掉房子。不过,有意投资者需要考虑面对一个风险,即万一当地的临时防护墙破裂,他们投资的房子可能被毁。无论如何,只要房子距离土崩地点够远,而且不是在山上,这个住宅区依然是个美好的居住地点。