Property Insights & Reviews : Curvo Residences @ Setapak, KL

Curvo Residences @ Setapak, KL

Lot 17899, Jalan Ayer Jerneh, Taman Ayer Panas, 53200, KL City Centre, Kuala Lumpur

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Curvo Residences is designed with the ‘Wabi-Sabi’ philosophy. The word Wabi is derived from the word ‘wa’ which carries the meaning harmony, peace, tranquility, and balance while the word ‘Sabi’ is described as the art of finding the beauty in nature’s imperfection and accepting the natural cycle of growth and decay. The application of the Wabi-Sabi concept for the interior focuses on raw textures, earthy hues, as well as organic and natural materials to amplify the usage of natural element thus further cementing Healthy Sustainability Living mission.

An all in new lifestyle residential development, Curvo Residences the final residential phase of an integrated development in the most sought-after city, Setapak KL Indulge in Connectivity, Urbanity, Recreation, Versatility & Oasis.

Ideal for any generation, Curvo Residences showcasesits versatility by offering three different layout type with North South orientation types ranging from 952 sq.ft . 1,345 sq.ft . Type A comes in 952 sq.ft . Built-up and comprises 3 bedrooms and 2 baths, while Type B offers a larger space at 1,110 sq.ft . that comes with 3+1 bedrooms and 2 baths. The largest builtup at 1,345 sq.ft , Type C, is consisted of 4+1 bedrooms and 3 baths. All three unit types boast generous a dining and living space that seamlessly connects with a large balcony to create a sense of airiness throughout the unit. The clever use of natural lighting and full ventilation throughout the units further emphasize a feeling of spaciousness.

There are plenty of other innovative features available as well such as:
• Lift Intelligent Group Control System
• Automated Waste Control System (AWCS)
• Seamless Mobile Access (Bluetooth)
• Solar PV Panels (As source of renewable energy)
• Car EV Charging Station
• Car Park Utility Room
• Car Park Direct Speed Ramp

Curvo Residences also complies with the QLASSIC certification standard (with more than 75% Score Index), which means you can rest assured that your unit will come with minimal defects and good quality finish. To increase its green status, the developer cleverly incorporated Green Certified Building features and recreational facilities that encourage healthy activities. Interested in finding out more about Curvo Residences? Reach out to our friendly sales representative to discover today what life’s complete picture is showing at Curvo Residences.