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Ascenda Residence @ SkyArena is a condominium development made in conjunction with a bigger project called SkyArena. SkyArena is an enormous project that consists of a multi-faceted sports hub named SkyArena Sports Complex and the residential and leasehold property in focus, the aforementioned Ascenda Residence. NTP World Group releases its property development arm, NTP World Development to be the one pulling the strings behind this SkyArena estate. Setapak is the enclave that had been chosen to host the massive premise, and Ascenda Residence @ SkyArena is set to be ready by the end of 2017.Podium parking of eight levels is a facility that can be found at Ascenda Residences @ SkyArena, and on the same block are the 64 units of condominiums, out of the total 650, making them a one-of-a-kind combo. The other units are located in the other two towers, one with 19 floors and the other with 28 floors. The whole structure is built on a 3.35 acres of land, and the units have the built-up sizes that range from 903 to 1,470 sf.Buyers of each unit at Ascenda Residence @ SkyArena would have on their hands two parking bays, just enough for a small family and luxurious for a young and single adult. In terms of facilities, Ascenda Residence @ SkyArena is equipped with quite a number such as the condominium-rudimentary playground, semi-Olympic-sized swimming pool, children's' pool, par course, barbecue pavilion, multipurpose hall and the gasp-inducing cantilevered sky gymnasium, aerobics room, yoga deck, floating gazebos, jet spa, herbs garden, sky garden and many others.Ascenda Residence @ SkyArena's most deafening amenity is of course the SkyArena Sports Complex, the mega sports centre with some really eyebrow-raising components, namely an Olympic-size swimming pool, board and scuba diving, badminton courts, rock climbing, an aerobic room, futsal pitches, a football field, basketball courts, a sprinting track and classes like dancing and martial arts. Not forgetting are other facilities such as a childcare centre, a sports medical centre and a cafe. Besides the sports complex, the residents of Ascenda Residences @ SkyArena are served with shopping centers such as KL Festival City, Wangsa Walk, AEON Big, Giant, Suria KLCC, Great Eastern Mall, Avenue K and Ampang Park. Schools for the young include SMK Ayer Panas, SK Marian Convent, Sri Utama International School and Fairview International School, while the older ones can go to the nearby TAR University College, Universiti Kuala Lumpur and the International Islamic University Malaysia. Moreover, the medical stops of the vicinity are Tawakal Hospital, Kuala Lumpur General Hospital, Gleneagles Hospital and Columbia Asia Hospital. All these amenities are scattered around the surrounding areas like Wangsa Maju, Danau Kota and Taman Sri Rampai.Jalan Ayer Jerneh is the road that fronts Ascenda Residence @ SkyArena, and it extends from the popular Jalan Genting Klang. That road in turn leads to the entry of Duta - Ulu Kelang Expressway, or known as the DUKE. On the other end, Jalan Genting Klang is connected to the expansive Middle Ring Road 2 (MRR2). The mentioned Jalan Ayer Jerneh is planned to undergo widening construction, up to 100 feet, and its connection to Jalan Genting Klang will be elevated, literally, in the future as a flyover is also in proposal. No immediate train station is available, except for the 10 to 15 minutes-away Sri Rampai, Wangsa Maju and Dato Keramat LRT stations. But, buses and taxis are aplenty in the area.

Property Details

  • Name: Ascenda Residence @ SkyArena
  • Address: Jalan Ayer Jerneh, Off Jalan Genting Kelang, 53200 Setapak, KL
  • Developer: NTP World Development (a member of NTP World Group)
  • Completion Date: End of 2017
  • Type: Condominium
  • Tenure: Leasehold
  • No. of Blocks: 3
  • No. of Storey
  • Block A: 19
  • Block B: 28
  • Block C: 8
  • No. of Units: 650
  • Block A: 250
  • Block B: 336
  • Block C: 64
  • Land Area: 3.35 acres
  • Built-up: 903 - 1,470 sf
  • Maintenance Fee: RM0.30 psf
  • Launch Price: RM349,900
  • Layouts

  • Condominium
  • 903 - 1,470 sf
  • Facilities

  • Covered children's playground
  • Par course
  • Reflexology
  • Cantilevered sky gymnasium
  • Aerobics room
  • Yoga deck
  • Meditation deck
  • Half-Olympic-size swimming pool
  • Floating gazebos
  • Lazy deck
  • Jet spa
  • Kid's pool
  • Barbecue pavilion with barbecue pit
  • Herbs garden
  • Multipurpose hall
  • Sky garden
  • 8 levels of podium parking
  • Analysis

    It is hard to not think about the SkyArena Sports Complex when mentioning Ascenda Residence @ SkyArena. Since the two infrastructures are constructed under one umbrella of a property, the two are complementary to one another. Both are set to influence one another in term of population and traffic, and the hope is that they will prosper together.NTP World Group however, is a strange name to the property scene in Malaysia. The whole SkyArena estate is their first ever property, and they are certainly beginning with a bang. The land in which the complex is built on belongs to the City Hall, which alludes to the fact that Ascenda Residences, and subsequently the whole SkyArena domain has certain government connections to it. Interestingly, the sports complex had been earlier announced by the government, dubbed as the 1Malaysia Sports Complex. The centre was supposed to be finished by 2014, yet it did not take off, even until the year 2013. Then, SkyArena is announced. Anyway, this outlandish property is set to help the local community and KL people as well in finding a place to sweat on with various sporting facilities. More upcoming phases are also in the planning stages. But there is that bit of a concern about this coming from a first time developer, as first time developers are prone to certain disappointments in promises and delivery. Still, nothing should be discarded just yet.The area in which the development is rooted on is not the most sumptuous area available. The traffic is also quite heavy, though not to the point that it becomes a huge trouble just yet. Standstills are rare occurrences, just that the vehicles can be of huge volumes sometimes. Jalan Genting Klang is the obvious perpetrator of this phenomenon. But the widening construction that will be applied on Jalan Ayer Jerneh and another proposed flyover that will connect it to Jalan Genting Klang should help things out, provided that they will materialize. The DUKE and MRR2 highways are nice nearby fixtures that present good connectivity options for future residents of Ascenda Residence @ SkyArena.It is easy to limit the target groups to athletes or fitness enthusiasts due to the existence of a nearby sports complex, but Ascenda Residence @ SkyArena is much more than that. The variety of malls, schools and universities or colleges make this a good place for families to be in. The area is a matured residential place anyway, thus adjusting will not present much trouble. The proximity to the city centre is also a huge plus. Ascenda Residence @ SkyArena sets to be an enticing prospect.
    Ascenda Residence @ SkyArena 是项大型的发展项目,涵盖一个名为SkyArena Sports Complex的运动中心,以及Ascenda Residence公寓项目。持有租赁地契的Ascenda Residence @ SkyArema公寓,与SkyArena项目一同推出。NTP World Group放手把SkyArena项目交给旗下房地产发展臂膀NTP World Development全权负责,文良港(Setapak)成为Ascenda Residence @ SkyArena最佳选址,这公寓预计可於2017年底建竣。Ascenda Residence @ SkyArena有个8层楼高的停车场,在这栋建筑物共有64个公寓单位,其他586个单位则分别坐落在另两栋建筑物,一栋楼高19层,另一栋则有28层楼高。Ascenda Residence @ SkyArena占地面积达3.35英亩,公寓单位面积则介于903至1, 470平方尺。每个公寓单位附送2个停车位,可满足一个小家庭的需求,或是追求奢华的单身贵族。Ascenda Residence @ SkyArena也有不少公寓设施,比如最基本配备的游乐场、半个奥林匹克体育场的游泳池、儿童池、高尔夫球场、烧烤凉亭、多用途礼堂、令人惊叹的悬臂式空中健身房、增氧健身操房、瑜伽台、浮式凉亭、Jet Spa、草药花园(Herbs garden)和空中花园等。这公寓最让人屏息以待的设施非SkyArena Sports Complex莫属,这里拥有许多让人目瞪口呆的运动器材与设施,比如冲浪与浮潜、羽毛球场、攀岩、增氧健身操房、足球场、篮球场、短跑步道、舞蹈与武术班等。除此,当然少不了如托儿所、运动医疗中心与咖啡厅等设施。运动完后,Ascenda Residence @ SkyArena的住户还可到邻近的购物中心比如KL Festival City、Wangsa Walk、AEON Big、Giant、Suria KLCC、Great Eastern Mall、Avenue K及Ampang Park等走一走。这个邻区周边的学校,从中小学至学院大学,小学包括有SK Marian Convent、Sri Utama International School 及Fairview International School,中学则有SMK Ayer Panas。附近也有TAR University College、吉隆坡大学(University Kuala Lumpur)与国际回教大学(IIUM)。此外,这里也设有数家医疗中心,包括Tawakal Hospital、吉隆坡中央医院(KL General Hospital)、鹰阁医院(Gleneagles Hospital)与Columbia Asia Hospital,以上所有便利设施都环绕在Wangsa Maju、Danau Kota及Taman Sri Rampai周边。在Ascenda Residence @ SkyArena前方的是Jalan Ayer Jerneh,是从Jalan Genting Klang延伸而来的马路,循着这条路的下个路口可通往大使路淡江大道(DUKE);另一边则可与第二中环公路(MRR2)相连。至于Jalan Ayer Jerneh,目前正在进行长达100公尺的道路拓宽工程,而与Jalan Genting Klang相连的部分将会填高。据说此邻区未来也计划建设高架公路。Ascenda Residence @ SkyArena这带目前虽未有获安排开设火车站,但距离最近的轻快铁站,只需车程10至15分钟的Sri Rampai、Wangsa Maju与Dato Keramat站,不过附近有大量的巴士与德士往来。


  • 名称Ascenda Residence @ SkyArena
  • 地址:Jalan Ayer Jerneh, Off Jalan Genting Kelang, 53200 Setapak, KL
  • 发展商:NTP World Development (NTP World Group旗下成员)
  • 竣工日期:2017年底
  • 类型: 公寓
  • 产权:租赁地契
  • 建筑物:3栋
  • 层数:
  • Block A:19层
  • Block B:28层
  • Block C:8层
  • 单位数目:650
  • Block A:250
  • Block B:336
  • Block C:64
  • 土地面积:3.35英亩
  • 实用面积:903至1,470 sf
  • 管理费:RM0.30 psf
  • 推售价:RM349,900
  • 户型

  • 公寓
  • 903至1, 470 sf
  • 设备

  • 有棚游乐场
  • 高尔夫球场
  • 脚底按摩
  • 悬臂空中健身房
  • 增氧健身操房
  • 瑜伽台
  • 静坐台
  • 游泳池
  • 停车位
  • 不对称风格的园林观景
  • 烧烤区
  • 时尚酒廊
  • 游泳池
  • 浮式凉亭
  • 休闲台
  • Jet Spa
  • 儿童池
  • 附烧烤坑的烧烤凉亭
  • 草药花园
  • 多功能礼堂
  • 空中花园
  • 8层楼停车场
  • 分析

    当提到Ascenda Residence @ SkyArena时,自然而然就会想到SkyArena Sports Complex,既然这两个项目是由同一家发展商所推出,两个项目相辅相成,同时也相互影响居住人口与交通,唯一希望Ascenda Residence @ SkyArena与SkyArena Sports Complex都可以繁盛。不过,NTP World Group在本地房地产界是个陌生的名字,整个SkyArena园区是这家公司的第一个发展项目,首炮却旗开得胜,建设SkyArena Sports Complex的土地是吉隆坡市政局(DBKL)所拥有,让人不禁联想Ascenda Residence,甚至整个SkyArena都与政府有一定的关联。有趣的是,政府早年曾宣布建设体育中心,以1Malaysia Sports Complex命名。有关体育中心本应在2014年竣工,但直至2013年却迟迟未动工,巧合的是NTP World Group 此时却宣布SkyArena项目。无论如何,这项房产项目主却让这个社区与隆市的人们,可找到个有各式运动器材的地方浑洒汗水。接下来还会有更多策划中的发展细节有待揭晓,不过市场对于房产新手一般都回有所顾忌与担忧。作为房产业初哥,很可能无法兑现承诺,如期交出成品。还是那句老话,目前还不能妄下定论。这项目坐落的地点并非奢华地段,交通也相当繁忙,慢慢就会形成一大麻烦。一旦路上行驶的汽车过于繁忙,停滞不前“马路成停车场”的情况已是这里常见的景象。Jalan Genting Klang是造成这个局面的罪魁祸首,所幸Jalan Ayer Jerneh拓宽公路工程,与另一条建议与Jalan Genting Klang衔接的高架公路,料有助舒缓交通阻塞的现象,前提是这项建议能具体化。大使路淡江大道与第二中环公路确是可保证Ascenda Residence @ SkyArena未来住户出入方便的良好交通衔接。由于项目内设立体育中心,或局限公寓的目标客户为运动爱好者,惟Ascenda Residence @ SkyArena的设施和设计概念却远胜于此。这个邻区已是一个成熟的住宅区,这里有各式的购物商场、学校与大专学府,更吸引家庭住户,而且又靠近市区,这个公寓料将有个光明前途。


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