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Amongst soft grass. Beyond its magnificent gates, a world of surreal beauty awaits: a pristine lake in the shape of a butterfly, a plethora of breathtaking gardens and parks, masterfully-crafted steel sculptures, luxuriant greenery as far as your eyes can wander, and indulging facilities.

And pure class. The things you can coddle yourself with here are nearly endless. Enjoy a vigorous workout amidst nature at the world-class fitness pavilion. Spend a breezy morning basking by the pool at the resident-exclusive EcoBotanic Club House. Take a long, quiet saunter in the evening in the maze garden. Or go for a rejuvenating jog on the jogging trail.

The Verandah Collection

The homes, built deep into the serenest, most secluded parts of the township, are a prized compilation of spacious and luxurious Verandah Homes and Verandah Villas, inspired by the elegance of classic colonial-era architectures and designed with a touch of contemporary flair.

A Symphony of Elegance and Intelligence

The homes’ interior are elegantly and intelligently designed – high ceilings for enhanced ventilation heightened magnificence, solar panels for advanced energy conservation, perfectly-placed tall windows that invite sunlight into living areas, and smart rainwater harvesting system.

Perfectly located in the thriving kernel of Iskandar Malaysia, EcoBotanic neighbours some of the most prominent destinations down south of the Malaysia peninsula, including Singapore, Johor Bahru city, Legoland Malaysia, and most notably, EduCity - a prime location for quality first-class education.

EcoBotanic is also minutes away from major highways, like the Second Link Expressway and the new Coastal Highway.

The living hall. Designed with a boundless open space that lets you surround yourself in your exquisite taste. A majestic welcome for you and your guests, but also a personal enclave where you can indulge yourself with uninterrupted moment of tranquility, and set your mind free.

The master bedroom with a balcony. Your private sanctuary. A serene world far away from the frenzies of life. Extremely spacious. Incredibly luxurious. Built with solid timber flooring, the walk-in wardrobe of your dreams, and a balcony with a breathtaking vista that goes exceptionally well with a good book.

The dining hall with an entertainment kitchen. Where long conversations can be enjoyed over a fresh pot of tea with old friends. Where light refreshments can be prepared for your party without leaving your guests. Where every meal is a gastronomic journey savoured in pure opulence.

The family hall. A cosy little place for hugs. For snuggles. For board games. For card games. For tickles. For giggles. For cartoons. For books. For stories. For studies. For toys. For joy. For family moments priceless beyond imagination.