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UBN Tower is a mixed residential and business center tower that is located in Jalan P Ramlee, KLCC. It is situated next to Shangri-La Hotel and just opposite of Concorde Kuala Lumpur. The unit sizes range from 1,000 sf to over 6,000 sf for each unit. This applies for the residential building which provides 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, a kitchen area and a dining area.The area is known as a strategic spot for Central Business District, Jalan Sultan Ismail. It is also surrounded by IMC Tower and Prudential Building and the nearest monorail station is the Bukit Nanas Monorail station. The building also applies centralized air-conditioning and with the basement parking bay connected with Shangri-La Hotel, parking should not be a problem tenants and visitors.Facilities at UBN Tower such as marketplace, cafeteria, business centers and 24 hour security service are available. The tower gives the view of the KLCC Tower, KL Tower as well as Times Square building. The closest medical center is Tung Shin Hospital that is approximately around twenty minutes drive away.Families can reside in the residential condominium, which is known as UBN Apartment. There are plenty of primary and secondary school nearby including institutes for higher learning students such as Berjaya Hospitality and Tourism College, SAL College and International Business School. The distance to other entertainment hubs like KLCC and Berjaya Times Square is only a few minutes' drive away and public transportation is available all the time around the area.

Property details

  • Name: UBN Tower
  • Address: Jalan P Ramlee, Kuala Lumpur
  • Tenure: Freehold
  • Type: Mixed Commercial / Residential
  • No. of Blocks: 2
  • No. of Storey: 35
  • Rental:
  • Facilities

  • Swimming pool
  • Gymnasium
  • Clubhouse
  • Sauna
  • Tennis court
  • Squash court
  • 24 hour security service
  • Analysis

    UBN Tower is located in the most strategic area in Kuala Lumpur that is close to a lot of other business centers and entertainment hubs. It is a close drive away to other tourist attractions such as KLCC, Berjaya Times Square and Istana Budaya. The National Heart Institute is also a few minutes drive away. Families will be able to live in the area with the available primary and secondary schools and colleges nearby. The location is near Jalan Ampang which will lead to the Federal Highway as well as the new SMART tunnel and NPE Expressway.
    UBN Tower是集合了住宅与商务中心的大楼,位于Jalan P Ramlee,KLCC,就在Shangri-La酒店旁边,Concorde酒店对面。其单位面积介于1,000平方尺至6,000平方尺,住宅单位各有3间卧室、2间浴室、厨房和饭厅。这里属于Jalan Sultan Ismail中央商业区的绝佳地点,周围有IMC Tower和Prudential大厦,而最靠近的单轨火车站是Bukit Nanas站。此大楼采用中央冷气系统,地下层的停车场与Shangri-La酒店接通,住户和访客不会面对泊车问题。UBN Tower所提供的设备包括了商场、小餐厅、商务中心和24小时保安。从这里可以望得到国油双峰塔、吉隆坡塔以及成功时代广场。最靠近这里的医药中心是同善医院,距离约20分钟车程。 至于有家庭的人士,可以住在UBN Apartment。附近有多所中小学,还有大专学府,如成功礼待大学学院(Berjaya University College of Hospitality)和SAL学院。而若要前往KLCC和Berjaya Times Square等休闲娱乐地点,也只是数分钟的车程,此外在这一带,随时都有公共交通服务。


  • 名称:UBN Tower
  • 地址:Jalan P Ramlee, Kuala Lumpur
  • 产权:永久地契
  • 类型:商业/住宅混合
  • 建筑物:2栋
  • 层数:35层
  • 租金:RM2,200 - RM6,000
  • 设备

  • 泳池
  • 健身室
  • 俱乐部
  • 桑拿室
  • 网球场
  • 壁球场
  • 24小时保安
  • 分析

    UBN Tower座落于吉隆坡最出色的地点,靠近其他多个商业中心和娱乐场所集中地。从这里开车不远,就可到游客爱去的KLCC、成功时代广场(Berjaya Times Square)和文化宫(Istana Budaya)等地方。国家心脏中心离此也只是数分钟车程。由于附近有中小学和学院,这一带也适合家庭居住。这里的地点靠近Jalan Ampang,可通往联邦大道,还有精明隧道(SMART)和新班底大道(NPE)。