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The Oval is a luxury condominium developed by Titan Debut, which is a subsidiary of GuocoLand (M), formerly known as Hong Leong Properties. This new high rise development which was completed in early 2009.The Oval consists of two blocks of 41-storey condominiums, namely East Tower and West Tower. These two towers house a total of 140 units with two types of layouts, the Sky Villa which is 3,750 sf and the Mansionary Villa which is 7,600 sf complete with full condo facilities. The Oval sits on a 2.14 acres plot of freehold land.The Oval is nestled within the KLCC area, exactly at Jalan Desa Kudalari, which is between Jalan Binjai and Lorong Kuda. The Oval is accessible via major roads in Kuala Lumpur namely Jalan Ampang, Jalan Tun Razak, Jalan Kia Peng, Ampang РKuala Lumpur Elevated Highway, Smart Tunnel and many others. The Oval is close to many amenities such as schools / institution of higher learning, embassies, shopping malls, corporate offices, hospital, LRT station, caf̩ and restaurants. These include SMK Puteri Ampang, SJKC Lai Meng, Informatics College, The University of Nottingham campus, High Commission of the Republic of Singapore, Embassy of Japan, KLCC, Plaza Ampang, Twin Towers Medical Center, Hsc Medical Center, Ampang Park LRT station and many others.

Property Details

  • Name: The Oval
  • Address: Jalan Desa Kudalari, Kuala Lumpur
  • Developer: Titan Debut (a subsidiary of GuocoLand (M), formerly known as Hong Leong Properties)
  • Completion Date: Early 2009
  • Type: Condominium
  • Tenure: Freehold
  • No. of Blocks: 2
  • No. of Storey: 41
  • No. of Units: 140
  • Maintenance Fee: RM0.50 psf
  • Launch Price: From RM4.5 mil
  • Subsale Price:
  • Rental:
  • Layouts

  • Sky Villa
  • 3,750 sf
  • 2nd – 32nd floor
  • 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 1 powder room
  • 1 living hall, 1 dining area, 1 family room
  • 1 kitchen, 1 laundry, 1 utility, 1 store, 1 yard
  • Mansionary Villa
  • 7,600 sf
  • 33rd – 40th floor
  • 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, 1 power room
  • 1 living hall, 1 dining area, 1 lanai, 1 family room
  • 1 wet kitchen, 1 dry kitchen, 1 laundry, 1 yard, 1 maid room
  • Facilities

  • Biometric and RFID security system
  • Gymnasium
  • Sauna & steam room
  • 25M infinity lap pool
  • Wading pool
  • Lounger deck
  • Lawn area
  • Children’s playground
  • Function area
  • Courtyard
  • Concierge
  • Market Trends

    Latest transaction in The Oval, KLCC

    SPA Date Address Size Price
    21/10/2017 X-X, LORONG KUDA 7793 ft2 7500000
    02/10/2017 W-X-X, LORONG KUDA 7793 ft2 7300000
    14/09/2017 X-X WEST TOWER, LORONG KUDA 3897 ft2 4881000
    21/08/2017 X-X, LORONG KUDA 3897 ft2 4881000
    11/08/2017 X-X, LORONG KUDA 3897 ft2 4008600


    In the local property market, the KLCC area is yet another favorite spot for property owners particularly among expatriates and the affluent group. This highly sought after location is claimed to be able to provide promising rental returns as well as high capital appreciation to property investors. As The Oval is located within this up market area, it is also an advantage to property owners of this luxury condo in terms of property investment.The KLCC enclave which includes its surrounding areas such as Jalan Ampang and Jalan Tun Razak are notoriously well known for heavy traffic flow. Due to this daily traffic congestion issue, it might not be a pleasant place live in. Nevertheless, The Oval's location is strategic to public transportation, as it is within walking distance to the Ampang Park LRT station. The Oval is a low density high rise development, as there are only 70 units on each tower, with only two units per floor from level 2 to 32 for the Sky Villa and one unit per floor from level 33 to 40 for the Mansionary Villa. This newly built luxury condo may be a low density project, but one should take note that the KLCC area is already very crowded with many high rise developments, be it commercial or residential. All these luxury residential developments may be well planned with low density status but overall, it is the number of condominiums as well as corporate towers in the area that have contributed to the total population. As one travels along Jalan Binjai, it is noticeable that The Oval has a unique "oval shape" building structure which is composed around eight slender columns. To add on to the condo's uniqueness, the developer also provides imported quality marble for the foyer, living hall, dining area, kitchen and family room in all units. As for the bedrooms, they come with teak / oak timber flooring. In terms of privacy, residents need not worry about any unwanted disturbances or privacy intrusion as each unit has a private lift lobby. Pricing wise, The Oval's subsale price is indeed on par with, if not higher than the other luxury condos within the area. Most high rise developments around the area only has an average value of approximately RM1,300 psf, but The Oval's recent subsale value is between RM1,500 psf to RM2,000 psf. As there are many foreign embassies as well as multinational companies around the area. Initially, due to delay in obtaining CF (Certificate of Fitness) when completed in 2009, the prices of The Oval took a slight dip. The delay in obtaining CF was due to a layout design flaw, which 2 intermediate rooms of a unit do not have any windows. How could the architect make such an obvious mistake during planning? Somehow, the permanent CF has now been issued as of End 2010.There is a high chance that The Oval would appeal to expatriates, as well as the local affluent group of people. This factor certainly shows that The Oval could be a good buy for property investment, provided it could obtain CF as soon as possible.
    The Oval是由Titan Debut所发展的豪华公寓,后者是GuocoLand (M) 的子公司,前身为Hong Leong Properties。这座崭新与高端的住宅公寓是于2009年初竣工。The Oval包括两栋41层楼高的公寓,名为East Tower和West Tower。这两栋大楼共有140个单位,配有两款户型,Sky Villa的实用面积是3,750平方尺,而Mansionary Villa是7,600平方尺配备齐全的公寓设施。The Oval坐落在2.14英亩的永久地契土地。The Oval靠近KLCC地区,坐落在Jalan Desa Kudalari,即是Jalan Binjai和Lorong Kuda之间。The Oval可经由吉隆坡的多个主要大道通往,如:Jalan Ampang、Jalan Tun Razak、Jalan Kia Peng、安邦 - 吉隆坡高架公路(AKLEH)和精明隧道(SMART)等等。The Oval靠近许多生活设施,如学府、大使馆、购物中心、企业大楼、医院、轻快铁站、咖啡馆和餐厅。其中包括Puteri Ampang国中、Informatics College、The University of Nottingham、新加坡最高专员署、日本大使馆、KLCC、Plaza Ampang、Twin Towers医疗中心、Hsc医疗中心,以及Ampang Park轻快铁站等等。


  • 名称: The Oval
  • 地址: Jalan Desa Kudalari, Kuala Lumpur
  • 发展商: Titan Debut (GuocoLand (M) 的子公司, 原名为 Hong Leong Properties)
  • 竣工日期: 2009年初
  • 类型:公寓
  • 产权:永久地契
  • 建筑物: 2栋
  • 层数: 41层
  • 单位数目: 140
  • 管理费: RM0.50/psf
  • 推售价: RM4.5 mil起
  • 转售价: RM2,880,000-RM8,350,000
  • 租金: RM7,800-RM30,000
  • 公寓户型

  • Sky Villa
  • 3,750 sf
  • 第2层 –第32层
  • 3间卧室、3间浴室、1 间化妆室
  • 1个客厅、1个用餐地方、1 间家庭房
  • 1个厨房、1间洗衣房、1 个储藏室、1个院子
  • Mansionary Villa
  • 7,600 sf
  • 第33层 –第40层
  • 5间卧室、5间浴室、1 间化妆室
  • 1个客厅、1个用餐地方、1个凉台、1 间家庭房
  • 1个湿厨房、1个干厨房、1间洗衣房、1个院子、1间佣人房
  • 设备

  • 生物识别和RFID安全系统
  • 健身房
  • 桑拿及蒸汽浴室
  • 25米无边泳池
  • 浅水泳池
  • 休闲椅
  • 草坪区
  • 儿童游乐场
  • 活动区
  • 庭院
  • 礼宾部
  • Market Trends

    Latest transaction in The Oval, KLCC

    SPA Date Address Size Price
    21/10/2017 X-X, LORONG KUDA 7793 ft2 7500000
    02/10/2017 W-X-X, LORONG KUDA 7793 ft2 7300000
    14/09/2017 X-X WEST TOWER, LORONG KUDA 3897 ft2 4881000
    21/08/2017 X-X, LORONG KUDA 3897 ft2 4881000
    11/08/2017 X-X, LORONG KUDA 3897 ft2 4008600


    在本地的物业市场,KLCC地区是外籍人士和富裕群体最喜欢的另一个地点。这备受追捧的地点声称能够为物业投资者带来租金回报率和高资本增值。由于The Oval坐落在这个高端市场,这也是豪华公寓投资者的其中一个优势。KLCC区内的道路网,包括Jalan Ampang和Jalan Tun Razak是众所周知交通流量很高的地点,由于日常交通拥堵,这也不会是令人愉快居住的地方。然而,The Oval位置有利于公共交通,因为Ampang Park轻快铁站就在步行距离内。The Oval是一座低密度公寓,每栋楼仅有70个单位,第2至32层的Sky Villa,每一层楼只有两个单位,而Mansionary Villa则是在第33至40层,每一层楼仅有一个单位。这座崭新的豪华公寓是一个低密度的发展计划,但必须注意的是,KLCC地区是许多高档产业争相进驻的地方,无论是商业或是住宅用途。这些豪华住宅公寓尽管是低密度项目,但总体而言,周边的公寓和企业大厦的总数最终还是促使该区成为人口密集的地方。当居民要经过Jalan Binjai时,值得留意的是 The Oval由8根细长的柱体所组成,它拥有独特的“椭圆形”建筑结构。为了增加公寓的独特性,发展商还提供所有单位进口的优质大理石门厅、客厅、饭厅、厨房和家庭居室。至于卧室也配备柚木或橡木地板。在隐私方面,居民不必担心任何不必要的干扰或隐私受侵犯,因为每个单位都配有一个私人升降机。价格方面,相比于同区的豪华公寓价格,The Oval的转售价更高。该区大多数高档住宅项目的尺价大约是RM1,300,但The Oval近期的每尺转售价介于RM1500至RM2000之间。这是因为有许多的外国大使馆和跨国公司都在该区。The Oval在2009年竣工后因延期获得入伙纸(CF),其价格曾一度下降。延期颁发入伙纸的原因是户型设计有缺陷,即单位的其中2个房间并没有任何窗户。到底建筑师是如何在规划的过程中犯下这么明显错误?然而,当局在2010年底还是发出了永久入伙纸。


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