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Plaza Atrium was a corporate office tower designed by renowned architect Kenneth Yeang and completed in 1984. The 24-storey building is located next to buildings like Menara Pan Global, Menara SMI and Wisma Kim Seah along Lorong P Ramlee in Kuala Lumpur. Plaza Atrium can be accessed via Jalan Sultan Ismail and Jalan P Ramlee and turning off into Lorong P Ramlee. It is also surrounded by 4 & 5 star hotels like Shangri-La, Pacific Regency Hotel Suites, Concorde Hotel and shopping malls, The Weld, Life Centre, and of course KLCC Suria Shopping Mall nearby. In 2005, an application was made to redevelop and extend the old building. The redevelopment of Plaza Atrium will include 109 service apartment units stretched over 34 floors in an annexed wing. The proposed extension to the original building however, was put on hold in December 2005 following a directive from the Cabinet to the DBKL with regards to service apartments built on commercial land in Kuala Lumpur. 7 different projects around the city were imposed a temporary freeze on development. Lauded by the then hon-sec-general of the National House Buyers Association (HBA), the temporary freeze was helpful as the move would subsequently include service apartments under the Housing Development Act and enjoy its protection for the benefit of home owners. The current redevelopment of Plaza Atrium is being undertaken by Pinehigh Development, a property investment arm of Orchard Parade Holdings Ltd, based in Singapore.

Property Details

  • Name: Plaza Atrium
  • Address: Lorong P Ramlee, 50450 Kuala Lumpur
  • Developer: Pinehigh Development (redevelopment)
  • Completion Date: 1982 (original building)
  • Tenure: Freehold
  • Type: Mixed development
  • No. of Units: 109 service apartment units
  • No. of Storey: 24 + 34 (extension building)
  • Land Area: 0.52 acres
  • Rental: RM5.00 psf (previous)
  • Analysis

    Not much is known in terms of the final layout and launch of the redevelopment of Plaza Atrium. A build-then-sell project, Pinehigh is set to reap its reward despite the delay as the building is poised at a strategic location with prospective ROIs for both the office tower and service apartments. With neighboring office tower, Menara Pan Global reaping at least RM5.50psf, the redeveloped Plaza Atrium will definitely fetch a higher rental. The location of Plaza Atrium is surrounded by many amenities including 2 LRT stations in opposite directions, Bukit Nanas Monorail & Raja Chulan Monorail, just 2-3 minutes drive or 11-12 minutes walk away. Fast food restaurants or fancy cuisine restaurants litter the area that is also known to tourists. The nearest (other) residential property is UBN Apartment, a 24-storey condominium.
    Plaza Atrium在1984年竣工,是由著名建筑师杨经文(Kenneth Yeang)所设计的商业办公楼,楼高24层,位于吉隆坡的Lorong P Ramlee,毗邻Menara Pan Global、Menara SMI和Wisma Sim Seah。Plaza Atrium可经由Jalan Sultan Ismail和Jalan P Ramlee,然后转入Lorong P Ramlee抵达。它的四周围绕着4和5星级的酒店,如香格里拉酒店(Shangri-La)、Pacific Regency 酒店套房、Concorde酒店和购物商场、The Weld、Life Centre,以及附近的KLCC Suria 购物中心。在2005年,重新发展和扩充原本老旧的建筑物的申请获准。Plaza Atrium提议将在附属的新翼建筑物上,兴建109个服务式公寓单位,共有34层楼。然而,此扩建的提议在2005年12月被搁置,因为受到内阁至吉隆坡市政局(DBKL)的指示,就关于在吉隆坡的商业地段,兴建服务式公寓的事宜。不仅是Plaza Atrium,7个位于市中心的发展项目也被勒令“暂时冻结”。大马购物者协会(HBA)的总秘书曾表示,此举有助下一步修改,将服务式公寓纳入进大马房屋发展法令(Housing Development Act),为屋主和买家提供保障。目前,Plaza Atrium的重新发展计划由Pinehigh Development接手,它是新加坡Orchard Parade Holdings Ltd的房产投资臂膀。


  • 名称:Plaza Atrium
  • 地址:Lorong P Ramlee, 50450 Kuala Lumpur
  • 发展商:Pinehigh Development (重新发展)
  • 竣工日期:1982年 (原有建筑物)
  • 产权:永久地契
  • 类型:混合型发展
  • 单位数目:109 服务式公寓单位
  • 楼层数目:24 + 34 (扩建建筑物)
  • 土地面积:0.52 英亩
  • 租金:RM5.00 psf (以前)
  • 分析

    关于最后的平面设计图和Plaza Atrium 重新发展过后的推介日等事宜,都没有太多详情。这是个先建后售的项目,尽管项目延迟,但由于坐落在策略性的地点,料Pinehigh将提高办公大楼和服务式公寓的投资回酬率(ROI)。毗邻办公楼Menara Pan Global的租金至少每平方尺RM5.50,相信Plaza Atrium浴火重生后,租金回酬将更高。Plaza Atrium地理位置优越,靠近多个公共便利设施,如2个单轨火车站Bukit Nanas和Raja Chulan就在对面,只需步行11至12分钟,或2至3分钟车程即可到达。此区不缺餐厅,无论是快餐店或精致的餐厅都有,这里也是游客景点区之一。最靠近的其他住宅项目有UBN Apartment,它是一栋楼高24层的公寓。


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