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Marc Service Residence (also known as Marc Residence) is a luxury condominium developed by Beverly Tower Development, which is one of the many unassuming developers who has the ability to deliver their projects with much success. The local developer focuses on the real estate industry, and has managed to put together the condominium Marc Service Residence. The condominium adapts the serviced residence concept which is a norm for many modern apartments these days. This means that the rooms in the condominium will be serviced regularly rather than waiting for about three months or more for a cleaning service. Each unit is crafted to exert the imagery of luxury and sophistication yet maintaining the importance of comfort. Prospective residents can make a selection between a generously sized studio, one-bedroom, two-bedroom, three-bedroom and four-bedroom suites. Each suite is furnished with a plush living room and a well-equipped kitchen. Adding cherry on top is the LCD TV, Bose sound system and all other essentials of contemporary living that are provided by the management who have the residents’ best interest.Looking positively at Marc Service Residence, it has all the normal facilities that are needed for daily usage. The car park would be the one of the most ideal reasons for you to purchase or rent this condominium because of its location. As we know KLCC is known for its busiest streets and its traffic jams, so the road will be limited with parking spaces. However it is important to know that the car park does not come cheap as there will be monthly fees for a slot. Marc Service Residence is just five minutes away by foot to Suria KLCC shopping center which will ease your shopping needs. Public transport by train would also not be a problem with the KLCC LRT station nearby the condominium. There are also a lot of restaurants and food outlets nearby.

Property Details

  • Name: Marc Service Residence (also known as Marc Residence)
  • Address: Jalan Pinang, 50088 Kuala Lumpur
  • Developer: Beverly Tower Development
  • Completion Date: August 2007
  • Type: Serviced Residence
  • Tenure: Freehold
  • No. of Blocks: 2
  • No. of Storey: 35
  • Built-up: 409 - 3,300 sf
  • Maintenance Fee: RM0.40 psf
  • Launch Price: RM700 psf
  • Subsale Price: From RM1,300,000
  • Rental: From RM3,000
  • Layouts

  • Type S
  • Studio (493 sf)
  • Type A
  • 1 bedroom (627 - 636 sf)
  • Type B
  • 2 bedrooms / 2 bedrooms + Study room (797 - 840 sf)
  • Type C
  • 2 bedrooms + Study room (1,006 - 1,074 sf)
  • Type D
  • 3 bedrooms / 3 bedrooms + Utility room (1,297 - 1,529 sf)
  • Type E
  • 4 bedrooms + Utility room (1,626 sf)
  • Type F
  • Premium 4 bedrooms + Study room + Utility room + Private lift (2,908 - 3,302 sf)
  • Facilities

  • Basement car park
  • Barbecue area
  • Gymnasium
  • Infinity swimming pool
  • Multipurpose hall
  • Playground
  • Reading room
  • Tennis court
  • Wading pool
  • 24-hour security surveillance
  • Market Trends

    Latest transaction in Marc Service Residence, KLCC

    SPA Date Address Size Price
    09/01/2018 B-X-X, JALAN PINANG 463 ft2 870000
    28/12/2017 B-X-X, JALAN PINANG 463 ft2 755000
    28/12/2017 B-X-X, JALAN PINANG 463 ft2 700000
    20/12/2017 B-X-X, JALAN PINANG 592 ft2 970000
    26/10/2017 A-X-X, JALAN PINANG 1528 ft2 2100000


    In terms of location, Marc Service Residence is situated at a hot spot of Kuala Lumpur, but that would equals to having difficulties going in and out of the condominium. This is because of the congested traffic in KLCC where hundreds of cars will be roaming the streets daily. So, unless you are working nearby, Marc Service Residence is not the perfect location for one that works far from KLCC.If you are looking for a condominium that is cheap, then Marc Service Residence is definitely not up for your choice. The reason being, the subsale price as of September 2014 starts at RM1,300,000 just for the Studio unit. Thus, bigger units must definitely be undeniably expensive. Renting a unit would cost about RM3,000 or more for a 1-room studio unit, and a whopping RM20,000 for a luxurious 4-room penthouse. This condominium probably targets high-end buyers and investors. Those who bought Marc Service Residence when it was first completed had a better deal at about RM700 psf developer's price, which is an impossible price now. In 2007, this condominium managed to secure fifth place in the top ten most expensive developments in Kuala Lumpur. The neighborhood of Marc Service Residence is quite densely located. So, if you are looking for a wide and spacious environment, Marc Service Residence might not be your choice. Just a few minutes down the road, there is Kuala Lumpur's most famous clubbing street Jalan P Ramlee. Depending on your preference, it might be a great convenience, or a bad idea because of the loud music and also influence on your children. There are not many government schools located in KLCC enclave, so if you are looking for a good school it would mean that you have to spend about half an hour to drop your children at a nearby school. Fortunately, there are shuttle buses that ferry students to various international schools at various pickup points in KLCC.
    Marc Service Residence 作风低调的Beverly Tower Development 发展商,成功完成Marc Service Residence(又称Marc Residence)豪华公寓计划。此产业属于服务式公寓,寓所内的房间定时有专人打理,不必等待三个月或更久才获得清理。单位的设计以舒适和奢华为主轴;并有多个户型供住客选择,包括一房式Studio、一至四房式套房。每个单位的客厅都华丽美观,厨房配套齐全,公寓管理层提供LCD电视、音响系统和其他日常的必须物品。基本上,日常用到的一般设施这裡都齐备。值得一提的是,许多业主和租客会入住Marc Service Residence,是因为它让住户省却找车位的烦恼,Marc Service Residence位于KLCC附近,那是交通繁忙地带,停车场经常一位难求,但这公寓距离Suria KLCC购物中心只需步行5分钟即可抵达,完全可以悠閒的享受购物乐趣,不必为找不到停车位而苦恼;而KLCC轻快铁车站也在寓所不远处,以及林立的餐厅、食肆,外出实在方便。


  • 名称: Marc Service Residence (亦称为 Marc Residence)
  • 地址: Jalan Pinang, 50088 Kuala Lumpur
  • 发展商: Beverly Tower Development
  • 竣工日期: 2007年
  • 类型: 服务式公寓
  • 地契:永久地契
  • 建筑物:2栋
  • 层数: 35层
  • 实用面积: 409 – 3,300 sf
  • 管理费: RM0.40/psf
  • 推售价: RM700/psf
  • 转售价: RM1,300,000起
  • 租金: RM3,000起
  • 公寓户型

  • S型
  • Studio (493 sf)
  • A型
  • 1 卧室 (627 – 636 sf)
  • B型
  • 2 卧室 / 2 卧室 + 书房 (797 – 840 sf)
  • C型
  • 2 卧室 + 书房 (1,006 – 1,074 sf)
  • D型
  • 3 卧室 / 3 卧室 + 杂物房 (1,297 – 1,529 sf)
  • E型
  • 4 卧室 + 杂物房 (1,626 sf)
  • F型
  • 4 优质卧室 + 书房 + 杂物房 + 私人升降机 (2,908 – 3,302 sf)
  • 设施

  • 地下停车场
  • 烧烤区
  • 健身室
  • 无边际泳池
  • 多元礼堂
  • 游乐场
  • 阅读时室
  • 网球场
  • 浅水池
  • 24小时保安
  • Market Trends

    Latest transaction in Marc Service Residence, KLCC

    SPA Date Address Size Price
    09/01/2018 B-X-X, JALAN PINANG 463 ft2 870000
    28/12/2017 B-X-X, JALAN PINANG 463 ft2 755000
    28/12/2017 B-X-X, JALAN PINANG 463 ft2 700000
    20/12/2017 B-X-X, JALAN PINANG 592 ft2 970000
    26/10/2017 A-X-X, JALAN PINANG 1528 ft2 2100000


    论地理位置,Marc Service Residence位处吉隆坡Kuala Lumpur最热闹地带,虽然交通情况有些阻塞,若住客是在附加上班,这裡则是最佳选择。如果你在物色价廉物美的公寓,这裡绝对不是你要找的目标,因为根据2014年9月成交的转手价,是从RM1,300,000 起跳,而且只是Studio单位,面积再大些,价格肯定更为昂贵。Studio单位的租金大约是RM3,000起跳,如果是4房豪华阁楼,租金起码RM20,000。明显的,这裡的目标租户和卖家都较为高档次。当初新推出的一手价是每平方尺大约RM700,现在肯定不是这个价钱。于2007年,Marc Service Residence在吉隆坡十大昂贵公寓榜单中排名第五。这裡周遭环境的密度比较高,如果你物色宽敞的环境,这所公寓不会是你的杯中茶。这裡距离夜蒲热点Jalan P Ramlee只有几分钟车程,对于爱热闹的人来说,这是不错的居住地点。KLCC这一带并没有多少所国际学校,如果要挑选好的国际学校,车程可能要耗上半小时以上,所幸这裡都设有数个穿梭巴士的接送点,学生上下课都很方便。


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