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Plaza Sentral is the personification of the ultimate strategic location for business, which offers office on the periphery of the central business district. It has superior telecommunications facilities and excellent access routes. It attracts a large number of IT-based companies, service-related companies, legal firms and insurance companies. Furthermore, Plaza Sentral is famous as a business hub with various multinationals as tenants. It consists of two phases which are Phase 1 (3 blocks) and Phase 2 (4 blocks) of premier office suites. While Phase 2 is also home to Kuala Lumpur Sentral's technology businesses under its MSC Malaysia Cybercentre Status.As for surrounding area, Plaza Sentral is located within the heart development of KL Sentral. Besides office building which also are part of the development are One Sentral Tower and CIMB HQ. Furthermore, there is a well known transportation hub which is Stesen Sentral. This new commercial building is adjacent to various types of public transportation such as KLIA Express Rail Link, KLIA Transit, Rapid KL LRT, KTM Komuter, KTM Intercity and KL Monorail services to provide intercity links and direct links to the KL Internatinonal Airport, only 1.5km from Kuala Lumpur central business district.

Property Details

  • Name: Plaza Sentral
  • Address: Jalan Stesen Sentral 5, KL Sentral, Kuala Lumpur
  • Completion Date
  • Phase 1: 2001
  • Phase 2: 2006
  • Type: Office
  • Tenure: Freehold
  • No. of Blocks
  • Phase 1: 3
  • Phase 2: 4
  • Built-up
  • Phase 1: 787,735 sf
  • Phase 2: 849,790 sf
  • Rental:
  • Facilities

  • Food and beverages outlets
  • Covered parking
  • 24hr Security
  • Analysis

    KL Sentral is a world-class development specially designed with "City-within-a-City" concept. It has a total gross development value at an enormous RM11.7 billion. The location of Plaza Sentral does not need any further information, as it is one of the most significant areas in KL Sentral. In fact, it is a bustling commercial tie with office towers, retail centres, next to 5-star hotels such as Le Meridien and Hilton. The concept of Plaza Sentral is futurist-holistic, and its design reflects with cutting-edge technology blends seamlessly with a well-planned layout of spacious plazas, indoor courtyards, sidewalk cafes, shops, restaurants and numerous pedestrian walkways. Throughout, artistically landscaped greenery and buffer zones add to a sense of harmony. There is a central electrical distribution system at Plaza Sentral. The objective of having this is mainly for self-sufficient power generation. In terms of civic functions such as collection of waste and water supply are handle by the latest and most competent systems.
    Plaza Sentral坐拥绝佳的策略性地理位置,为中央商务区(CBD)的周边提供办公室。它具备顶尖的电讯设施和卓越的线路,进而吸引许多IT公司、服务领域的业者、律师行和保险公司进驻。另外,Plaza Sentral能成为瞩目焦点,主要是成功招揽多家跨国企业成为项目的租户,这些企业更将旗下的商业中心设在此处。它共分为两个阶段发展,第一阶段由3栋建筑组成,第2阶段则有4栋顶级办公套房。同时,第2阶段也是吉隆坡中环(KL Sentral)科技企业的聚集之地,它获得政府认证为大马多媒体超级走廊网络中心(MSC Malaysia Cybercentre Status)Plaza Sentral坐落在KL Sentral发展的心脏地带。办公大厦也是项目中的一部分,包括有One Sentral Tower和CIMB总部。另外,我们熟悉的交通综合站Stesen Sentral,就在于此。此新建的商业建筑与多个公共交通设施完美衔接,如机场快铁(KLIA Express Rail Link)、机场支线(KLIA transit)、轻快铁(LRT)、电动火车(KTM Komuter)、吉隆坡国家铁路(KTM Intercity)和吉隆坡单轨火车,方便前往城市其他地方,和直接通往吉隆坡国际机场。它只距离吉隆坡中央商务区1.5公里而已。


  • 名称:Plaza Sentral
  • 地址:Jalan Stesen Sentral 5, KL Sentral, Kuala Lumpur
  • 竣工日期
  • 第1阶段:2001年
  • 第2阶段:2006年
  • 类型:办公室
  • 产权:永久地契
  • 建筑物
  • 第1阶段:3
  • 第2阶段:4
  • 实用面积
  • 第1阶段:787,735 sf
  • 第2阶段:849,790 sf
  • 租金:RM6,900-RM26,500
  • 设备

  • 餐饮店
  • 有棚停车场
  • 24小时保安监控
  • 分析

    KL Sentral是世界级发展项目,设计概念为“城市里的城市(City-within-a-City),总发展值(GDV)高达RM11.7 billion。Plaza Sentral的地理位置不需多加说明,因它就坐落在著名的KL Sentral区。此区为一个繁华的商业圈,由办公楼和零售中心围绕着,毗邻5星级酒店,如Le Meridien和吉隆坡Hilton。Plaza Sentral的设计概念,是以整体未来主义(futurist-holistic)为主轴,现代化设计与尖端的技术完美融合,包括宽敞的广场、室内庭院、走道、咖啡厅、餐厅和多条行人道,加上散发艺术气息的园景设计,和缓冲区(buffer zones)则为建筑物添加和谐的气氛。Plaza Sentral设有中央配电系统,装置此系统的主因是要自给发电(self-sufficient power generation)。至于其他设备,如收集废水和水供方面,则有最先进的系统负责操作。


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