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Pavilion Residences is a leasehold luxury condominium situated at the top of the seven-storeyed Pavilion Mall, Bukit Bintang. Pavilion is part of an international, mixed-use, 5-hectare development located within the bustling Bukit Bintang shopping and business precinct. 
The intermediate zone units at Pavillion Residences have three units per floor, ranging from 3,394 to 4,227 sq ft with four bedrooms. Well suited for families, these units are spacious, resembling bungalows a few hundred storeys up in the sky. All the 12 units of this range have been sold out.
As for the lower units, there are six units per floor with sizes ranging from 1,057 to 2,645 sq ft. The smallest ones come with a rectangular design with two bedrooms, while the others have a minimum of three bedrooms that are suitable for single expatriates or couples. The 50 floors of Pavilion Residences also provides residents with an unparalleled view of the beautiful KLCC cityscape and golf courses.
One of the most prominent features of Pavilion is the Sky Garden, located at the roof level of the shopping mall. It holds the usual amenities such as a  swimming pool, playground, mini-parks and gymnasium. A prime location in the heart of Kuala Lumpur’s Golden Triangle, Pavilion residents have easy access to other shopping centres with the Bintang Walk readily paved along KL’s luxurious shopping streets. Other notable shopping havens around the area include Starhill, KL Plaza and Lot 10.

Property Details

  • Name: Pavilion Residences
  • Address: Jalan Bukit Bintang, Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur
  • Developer: Urusharta Cemerlang
  • Completion Date: 2009
  • Type: Condominium
  • Tenure: Leasehold
  • No. of Blocks: 2
  • No. of Storey
  • Tower 1: 43
  • Tower 2: 50
  • No. of Units
  • Tower 1: 163
  • Tower 2: 205
  • No. of Bedrooms: 2 to 4
  • Built-up:
  • Type A1: 1,307 sq ft
  • Type A2: 1,509 sq ft
  • Type A3: 1,234 sq ft
  • Type A3a: 1,057 sq ft
  • Type B1: 2,013 sq ft
  • Type B2: 2,645 sq ft
  • Type B3: 2,405 sq ft
  • Type C1: 3,394 sq ft
  • Type C2: 4,157 sq ft
  • Type C3: 4,227 sq ft
  • Type D1: 5,743 sq ft (Duplex)
  • Type D2: 7,174 sq ft (Duplex)
  • Type D3: 6,369 sq ft (Duplex)
  • Type D3a: 6,689 sq ft (Duplex)
  • Penthouse: more than 17,000 sq ft
  • Maintenance Fee: RM0.55 per sq ft
  • Launch Price: From RM900 per sq ft
  • Subsale Price: From RM2,390,000 to RM8,800,000
  • Rental: From RM7,000 to RM18,000
  • Facilities

  • 5-storey car park
  • Barbecue area
  • Gymnasium
  • Infinity swimming pool
  • Multipurpose hall
  • Playground
  • Reading room
  • Tennis court
  • 24-hour security surveillance
  • Business center
  • Sun deck
  • Yoga / fitness area
  • Wading pool
  • Garden
  • Spa
  • Market Trends

    Latest transaction in Pavilion Residences, Bukit Bintang

    SPA Date Address Size Price
    20/12/2017 B-X-X, JALAN BUKIT BINTANG 1307 ft2 2391810
    15/12/2017 B-X-X, JALAN BUKIT BINTANG 3394 ft2 4000000
    08/12/2017 B-X-X, JALAN BUKIT BINTANG 680 ft2 1700000
    26/11/2017 A-X-X, JALAN BUKIT BINTANG 1509 ft2 2565300
    20/11/2017 A-X-X, JALAN BUKIT BINTANG 2013 ft2 3425000


    Proudly part of Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, Pavilion Residences is a prestigious convenience with all the private access to Bond Street style retail and dining experiences.

    Analogous to its location, this darling residence is no doubt the shining star in Bukit Bintang, with a gross development value (GDV) of about RM860mil. The majority of buyers and investors were foreigners, with claims made that over 40% of them were from the Middle East, Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Britain.

    When the Pavilion Residences was still under construction, it was said that its concept is somewhat similar to K Residence. Even so, it is a part of Pavilion KL which is across the part of town where most of the activities are happening. K Residence, on the other hand, resides above the relatively quiet Avenue K.

    The residential parking entrance and zone at Pavilion Residences are exclusive and separated from the parking for the hotel and shopping mall. Each unit is expected to have two to three parking spaces according to unit sizes. The luxury condominium, however, seemed to be lacking some exquisite features that most six-star condos should have, such as a private lift.

    Even so, bypassing the massive traffic around the area is quite convenient with the presence of public transportations such as the Monorail or LRT. Residents who are travelling by car wouldn’t have much issue either, as long as they are mindful not to leave the house during peak hours.

    Considering the area of Bukit Bintang, the launch price ranging from RM800 to RM1,000 per sq ft is quite a steal. Among the few penthouse duplexes, there is one particularly huge mansion penthouse with more than 17,000 sq ft in size. The unit cost a whooping RM15mil plus after discount, and yes, it had been taken up.











    Pavilion Residences 高档公寓坐落在城中知名的Pavilion购物中心(Pavilion Mall)上方,占尽地理位置优势。它巍峨耸立在吉隆坡购物(Kuala Lumpur)天堂之中,周边围绕的商场有Starhill、KL Plaza和Lot 10。Pavilion Residences的其中一个最令人津津乐道的卖点,是设在商场顶楼的空中花园(Sky Garden),并提供完善设施如泳池、游乐场、迷你市场和健身室。另外,高端严密的保安系统,定能让住户在繁华的市中心住得安心。Pavilion Residences中间的单位介于3,394 至4,227平方尺,每层楼只有3个单位,共有12个单位,每个单位有4间卧室,适合家庭居住。单位的空间宽敞,有如建在半空中的别墅般,宽敞的卧室和舒适的套房设计,甚至可媲美任何一间酒店套房。此外,它们都有大而美的露台。较低层的单位则每层楼有6个单位,每个单位介于1,057 至2,645平方尺。最小的单位是个简单的长方形设计,有2间卧室;其余则有3间卧室,对单身或有伴侣的外籍人士而言,这已非常足够。 楼高50层的Pavilion Residences宏伟雄奇,居民可俯瞰KLCC、旖旎的城市轮廓和高尔夫球场。有些人会认为居住在此区非常拥挤、但有些人则觉得能在吉隆坡最繁华的心脏地带找到一处舒适的安身之地,是幸福之事。试想像,Mont Blanc与你家公寓的大堂咫尺为邻,或某日在Jalan Bukit Bintang闲逛时,在转角处发现熟悉的建筑物背影,也察觉建筑物的设计和不同角度的美感,这些都是何等的美妙。6星级的住宅公寓项目Pavilion Residences,让住户扎实地体验繁华的城市生活,完美符合他们个别所需的生活模式。位于吉隆坡心脏地带超凡的地理位置,在步行的范围内,住户即可享受城中应有尽有的设施,奢侈品汇集的购物街道,就近在咫尺。


  • 名称:Pavilion Residences
  • 地址:Jalan Bukit Bintang, Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur
  • 发展商:Urusharta Cemerlang
  • 竣工日期:2009年年初
  • 类型:公寓
  • 产权:租赁地契
  • 建筑物:2栋
  • 层数:43层 (Tower 1)、50层 (Tower 2)
  • 单位数目:163 (Tower 1), 205 (Tower 2)
  • 实用面积:1,057 – 7,174 sf
  • 管理费:RM0.55/psf
  • 推售价:从RM900/psf起
  • 转售价:从RM2,534,500起
  • 租金:从 RM7,000起
  • 公寓户型

  • A1型
  • 2 卧室 (1,307 sf)
  • A2型
  • 2卧室(1,509 sf)
  • A3型
  • 2卧室(1,234 sf)
  • A3a型
  • 2卧室(1,057 sf)
  • B1型
  • 3卧室(2,013 sf)
  • B2型
  • 3卧室(2,645 sf)
  • B3型
  • 3卧室(2,405 sf)
  • C1型
  • 4卧室(3,394 sf)
  • C2型
  • 4卧室(4,157 sf)
  • C3型
  • 4卧室(4,227 sf)
  • D1型(复式单位)
  • 4卧室(5,743 sf)
  • D2 型(复式单位)
  • 4卧室(7,174 sf)
  • D3 型(复式单位)
  • 4卧室(6,369 sf)
  • D3a型 (复式单位)
  • 4卧室(6,689 sf)
  • 阁楼 (超过 17,000 sf)
  • 设备

  • 5层停车场
  • 烧烤区
  • 健身室
  • 无边际泳池
  • 多功能礼堂
  • 游乐场
  • 阅读室
  • 网球场
  • 24小时保安
  • 商务中心
  • Market Trends

    Latest transaction in Pavilion Residences, Bukit Bintang

    SPA Date Address Size Price
    20/12/2017 B-X-X, JALAN BUKIT BINTANG 1307 ft2 2391810
    15/12/2017 B-X-X, JALAN BUKIT BINTANG 3394 ft2 4000000
    08/12/2017 B-X-X, JALAN BUKIT BINTANG 680 ft2 1700000
    26/11/2017 A-X-X, JALAN BUKIT BINTANG 1509 ft2 2565300
    20/11/2017 A-X-X, JALAN BUKIT BINTANG 2013 ft2 3425000


    熟悉Bukit Bintang区的本地人应该知道,Pavilion Mall和 Pavilion Residences所坐落的12.6英亩地段,前身是拥有逾百年历史的教会中学 – Bukit Bintang Girl’s School,女校围绕着商场,正对面是Starhill Gallery。身为吉隆坡Pavilion综合项目之一的Pavilion Residences,占尽地理位置和便利优势,住户可经由私人通道出入Pavilion Mall,随时享用精致的餐饮服务,或享受有如置身英国伦敦著名购物街庞德街(Bond Street) 风格的购物乐趣。然而,Bukit Bintang始终都是Bukit Bintang,一栋栋密密麻麻的钢骨森林似乎已成为吉隆坡的地标,毋庸置疑地,此高档公寓在Bukit Bintang区必能成为一颗耀眼的星星。Pavilion Residences的发展总值约RM860 million,Tower 2的205个单位中,售出了逾40%,多数买家和投资者是外国人,公司曾指出,相较一般的10%至15%外国买家,此公寓料可吸引超过40%来自中东、新加坡、香港、印尼和英国的投资者。在建筑期间,有指Pavilion Residences的概念与K Residence大同小异,然而不同的是,前者身为Pavilion项目的一份子,料待项目竣工投入营运时,定能成为城中最旺的地方之一,而K Residence则建在人潮不多的Avenue K上面。公寓的停车场和停车场入口,与Pavilion项目的酒店和商场停车场分开,依据单位面积大小,每个单位享有2至3个停车位。惟此奢华公寓少了一些6星级公寓该有的豪华设施,如私人升降机等。若要在此区旅游且欲避开繁忙交通的话,可选择乘搭轻快铁、单轨火车和德士。如果你还是想要开车,也是没问题的,前提是不要再交通繁忙时段出门。Pavilion Residences已被证实是个很好的投资,尤其是那些直接向发展商购买单位的买家。推介价仅从每平方尺RM800至RM1,000,非常实惠合理。Tower 2开放给公众,其他的或不开放出售,因有买家考虑购买整栋,惟这消息仍未被证实。此项目的户型和设计让人惊叹,其中数个双层阁楼单位更是犹如豪宅般奢华,实用面积竟然超过17,000平方尺,折扣后也要价RM15 million,却成热销对象,成功售罄。提早预订的买家可享有10%折扣优惠,每平方尺仅约RM900。


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