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Taman Kepong is an established residential township situated in Kepong, Kuala Lumpur. It was developed by Kepong Garden Development and comprises of 2 phases. Phase 1 consists of 534 units and Phase 2 comprises a total of 600 units. Taman Kepong has a mixed development of bungalows, terrace houses and shop lots. Bungalow lots typically have built-up areas of approximately 7,085 sf while the terrace houses have built-up areas of about 1,420. Shop lots here mainly have built-up areas of about 800 sf. There are playgrounds within the area as well.Residents of Taman Kepong are just 11 minutes walking distance to Jusco Metro Prima that also hosts TGV Cinema. Besides that, there are many amenities provided at Metro Prima commercial hub such as supermarkets, banks, restaurants and eateries, cafes and much more. Alternatively, residents can also head over to Kepong Entrepreneurs Park which is only about a 5 minutes drive away that hosts many shop lots, salons, clinics, cafes, restaurants and many more. There are a few schools nearby namely SK Kepong Baru, SMK Taman Bukit Maluri, SMK Kepong Baru and a few more, all situated within a 2km radius. Taman Kepong is easily accessible via Jalan Kepong or the Selayang-Kepong Highway. For residents who prefer to take the public transportation, Kepong Sentral KTM Komuter Station is only a 9-minute drive away.

Property Details

  • Name: Taman Kepong
  • Address: Kepong, 52100, Kuala Lumpur
  • Developer: Kepong Garden Development
  • Completion Date: 1970s
  • Type: Bungalow, Terrace House & Shop Lot
  • Tenure: Freehold
  • No. of Storey
  • Bungalow: 2
  • Terrace: 2
  • Shop Lot: 2.5
  • No. of Units
  • Phase I: 534
  • Phase II: 600
  • No. of Bedrooms
  • Bungalow: 6
  • Terrace: 4
  • No. of Bathrooms
  • Bungalow: 3
  • Terrace: 3
  • Land Area
  • Bungalow: 8,998 sf
  • Built-up
  • Bungalow: 7,085 sf
  • Terrace: 1,430 sf
  • Shop Lot: 800 sf
  • Subsale Price:
  • Rental:
  • Facilities

  • Playground
  • Analysis

    Taman Kepong made headlines in January 25, 2011 when the residents were confused over the dual title status of their homes when the grant states the status as temporary as well as freehold. This issue has been brought to light when some of the residents went and settle their bank loans and collect their grants. Their 11AK Forms stated temporary ownership as well as freehold tenure at the bottom of the page which caused much confusion to the property owners. There were some owners who came to realize about this problem when they wanted to sell their properties.This issue occurred as the developer was in a rush to complete the project and did not do a complete surveying work and thus the titles were still under temporary land titles. The final title will be issued after a licensed land surveyor has carried out a survey which will then be submitted to the Survey and Mapping Department for validation
    Taman Kepong位于吉隆坡甲洞Kepong,是个有名的住宅市区。它由Kepong Garden Development发展,并分2个发展阶段,首个阶段共有534个单位,第2阶段则有600个单位。区内物业种类不一,包括了独立洋房、排屋和店铺。独立洋房的实用面积约7,085 平方尺,排屋约有1, 420平方尺,而店铺面积一般上是800平方尺。此区设有一个游乐场。Taman Kepong住户只需步行约11分钟,即可到达AEON Metro Prima,商场内设有戏院、超市、银行、餐厅、餐馆和咖啡厅等。住户也可选择到5分钟车程以外的Kepong Entrepreneurs Park,此处设有商店、美发院、诊所、咖啡厅和餐厅等。在方圆2公里范围内有多所学校,包括Kepong Baru国中国小、Taman Bukit Maluri国中等。Taman Kepong方便衔接Jalan Kepong 和士拉央—甲洞大道(Selayang-Kepong Highway)。若要搭乘公共交通设施,则可到9分钟车程外的Kepong Sentral 电动火车站。


  • 名称:Taman Kepong
  • 地址:Kepong, 52100, Kuala Lumpur
  • 发展商:Kepong Garden Development
  • 竣工日期:1970年代
  • 类型:独立洋房、排屋和店铺
  • 产权:永久地契
  • 层数
  • 独立洋房:2层
  • 排屋:2层
  • 商店铺:2.5层
  • 单位数目
  • 第1阶段:534
  • 第2阶段:600
  • 卧室数目
  • 独立洋房:6
  • 排屋:4
  • 浴室数目
  • 独立洋房:3
  • 排屋:3
  • 土地面积
  • 独立洋房:8,998 sf
  • 实用面积
  • 独立洋房:7,085 sf
  • 排屋:1,430 sf
  • 店铺:800 sf
  • 转售价:RM360,000-RM1,300,000
  • 租金:RM500-RM1,750
  • 设备

  • 游乐场
  • 分析

    在2011年的1月25日,Taman Kepong成了各报头条新闻,因为居民发现本身物业持有的竟然是临时地契,而不是永久地契。一些居民在清还银行贷款取回地契时,才发现永久地契原来是临时地契,此课题才浮上台面。根据他们手上的11AK表格显示,此区的物业属于临时产权物业,但在表格下方却列明是永久地契,导致业主对产权感到非常混淆。有些业主在出售物业时才发现这个问题。问题其实源自于发展商当时急于完工,并没有透过持牌测量师进行全面测量工作,因此导致此区的物业只获颁发临时地契。根据现有法令规定,只有在持牌土地测量师完成测量工作,并得到測量和测绘局确认后,才会颁发永久地契。


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