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Taman Desa Jaya is a leasehold housing development located within the borders of Kepong, bordering Selayang. It is well located within the city at only 20 minutes away from the Kuala Lumpur city centre. It is only 20 minutes to Mont Kiara and Bangsar from here, while Petaling Jaya is 25 minutes away and the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) at an hour away.Taman Desa Jaya has a combination of both single storey as well as double storey terrace houses. Built-ups of these homes range between 1,300 sf and 2,275 bedrooms, housing between 3 and 5 bedrooms. Prices of these homes are fairly reasonable at between RM410,000 and RM728,000.Taman Desa Jaya is a very old development in Kepong, where the houses show their ages clearly thru their exteriors and designs. As such, buyers can usually opt to get partially furnished units off the market with built-in kitchen cabinets, fan and light fixings as well as fully furnished bathrooms. Major renovations upon these houses are also fairly common.Being one of the oldest developments in the area, Taman Desa Jaya does not offer any facilities to its residents. However, as typical to a Chinese neighbourhood, there is a local morning wet market within the area that opens on a daily basis. There is also a police station that serves the area, while within close distance is the local mosque Masjid Al-Faizin. Located deep inside is also a RapidKL bus hub.For family entertainment, Taman Desa Jaya residents will be able to patron Metro Prima Jusco which is only 10 minutes away. Not only does it offer a very well stocked supermarket, it also has many franchise restaurants and boutiques. There are also many local banks in the area, with Eon Bank and Maybank within walking distance, while the ParkCity Medical Centre is only 10 minutes away.Taman Desa Jaya is located just off the Selayang - Kepong Highway, which provides direct routes to major trunk roads such as Jalan Kuching, Jalan Ipoh and Jalan Duta. As such, access to major highways such as the Middle Ring Road 2 (MRR2) and the Duta - Ulu Kelang Expressway (DUKE) are less than 15 minutes away on a clear route. Public transportation can be found on the Selayang - Kepong Highway with a high number of cabs and busses passing through.

Property Details

  • Name: Taman Desa Jaya
  • Address: Off Selayang - Kepong Highway, 52100 Kuala Lumpur
  • Type: Terrace
  • Tenure: Leasehold
  • No. of Storey: 1 & 2
  • No. of Bedrooms: From 3
  • No. of Bathrooms: From 2
  • Built-up: From 1,300 sf
  • Subsale Price: From RM410,000
  • Rental: From RM1,200
  • Facilities

  • Mosque
  • Wet market
  • Analysis

    Taman Desa Jaya is located by a very busy and hectic road, the Selayang - Kepong Highway, which has a high number of vehicles at all times of day and night and is badly congested during peak hours. Residents have only one access road in and out of their housing development, which causes major problems during peak hours as they can only go home from one way.The neighbourhood closer to the main road will have a very dusty environment with much sound pollution from the traffic, especially from irate motorists during peak hours, while those who have the privilege of having the houses in the inner areas will have much peace and quiet; especially around the two Chinese cemetery areas. Residents can usually also expect to not be able to leave their houses during the Chinese All Souls Day (Cheng Beng), when the roads will be filled with throngs of visitors to the grave sites.Taman Desa Jaya would not be considered to be a very good investment at all, not just because of its leasehold title but also because of the inconveniences trying to get into the neighbourhood itself. Buyers who wish to live in this area would be advised to get a unit in the inner areas closer to the top of the hill as to have better views and "feng shui"; and hopefully not get any midnight visitors.
    位于甲洞和士拉央边界的Taman Desa Jaya带有单层和双层排屋,实用面积介于1,300至2,275平方尺,卧室数目介于3 至5间。市价介于RM410, 000至RM728, 000。这里算是老屋区,从外观和设计也能看出来。很多房子都曾经翻新过。附近也没什么社区设施,惟一最方便是早晨有个菜市场,以及不少银行分行在此落户。地理位置是其最大优势,距离首都市中心只有20分钟车程,同等时间还可以去到满家乐(Mont Kiara)和孟沙(Bangsar)。八打灵再也25分钟,吉隆坡国际机场须时一句钟。这里最直接的休闲和娱乐活动是开车10分钟前往Metro Prima Jusco逛商场,里面有货品齐全的超市,还有很多特许连锁店和时装店。ParkCity医疗中心距离住所也是10分钟车程。Taman Desa Jaya坐落在士拉央—甲洞大道(Selayang - Kepong Highway)后方,可连接的市区路包括Jalan Kuching、Jalan Ipoh以及Jalan Duta。在非繁忙时间,只需15分钟即进入第二中环公路(MRR2)以及大使路淡江大道(DUKE) 。这里有许多巴士和德士穿梭士拉央—甲洞大道。


  • 名称: Taman Desa Jaya
  • 地址: Off Selayang - Kepong Highway, 52100 Kuala Lumpur
  • 类型: 排屋
  • 产权: 租赁地契
  • 层数: 1 & 2层
  • 卧室数目: 3间起
  • 浴室数目: 2间起
  • 实用面积: 1,300 sf起
  • 转售价: RM410,000起
  • 租金: RM1,200起
  • 设施

  • 回教堂
  • 菜市场
  • 分析

    Taman Desa Jaya是沿着高度繁忙的士拉央—甲洞大道而建,是个车流量极高的地区,而住这里的居民只有一条马路进出,下班时间的堵塞情况让人无奈。加上靠近大道,灰尘和噪音污染相当严重,除非是面向住宅区内部的单位则相对安宁,尤其靠近2个华人坟场的单位更为宁静。 但是,每逢清明时节,排山倒海的扫墓者把这里淹没,以致居民无法开车出门。Taman Desa Jaya的房子不算是产业投资的好对象,除了是租赁产权物业,这里的道路连接性欠佳,通往邻区时分不方便。若有兴趣在此置业,可选择比较内部并面向高坡的单位,起码会有更好的景观。


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