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Fortune Park is a residential development that comprises 258 units of terrace houses and 42 units of semi-detached houses. It is the only lake view residential community located in the heart of Kepong, yet surrounded by the lush greenery landscape. This stylish project is one of the residential developments from Asian Pac Holdings.Fortune Park is situated on a 100-acre leasehold land and offers a spacious built-up area for both types of houses. Each unit of the 2-storey terrace house has a dimension of 22x70 and built-up of 2,100 sf, with 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. On the other hand, the 2.5-storey semi detached house has a dimension of 35x75 and built-up of 3,000 sf, with 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. Fortune Park is under 24-hour safety gated and guarded community. Plenty of amenities can be reached within walking distance especially Fortune Square, Fortune Court Shops, KL Metropolitan Park, Jaya Jusco, Carrefour, KFC, Food Junction and so on. Its beautiful location brings residents of Fortune Park a convenient and ideal lifestyle.Fortune Park is well-linked with major main roads and highways. It can be easily accessible from Petaling Jaya, Kuala Lumpur, Shah Alam and Klang via Lebuhraya Damansara-Puchong (LDP), Penchala Link, New Klang Valley Expressway (NKVE), Middle Ring Road 2 (MRR 2) and the newly upgraded Jalan Sungai Buloh. It takes approximate 10 minutes to other areas such as Desa Jaya, Taman Ehsan, Bukit Maluri, Wangsa Permai Kepong, and Kepong Center; 15 minutes to One Utama, The Curve, and Ikea shopping complex.

Property Details

  • Name: Fortune Park
  • Address: Jalan Metro Perdana, Kepong, 52100, Kuala Lumpur
  • Developer: Asian Pac Holdings
  • Type: 2-Storey Terrace & 2.5-Storey Semi-D
  • Tenure: Leasehold
  • No. of Units
  • 2-Storey Terrace: 258
  • 2.5-Storey Semi-D: 42
  • Dimension
  • 2-Storey Terrace: 22x70
  • 2.5-Storey Semi-D: 35x75
  • Built-up
  • 2-Storey Terrace: 2,100 sf
  • 2.5-Storey Semi-D: 3,000 sf
  • Maintenance Fee: RM80
  • Subsale Price:
  • Rental:
  • Facilities

  • 24-hour security
  • Playground
  • Covered parking
  • Analysis

    The developer of Fortune Park, Asian Pac Holdings, is a company listed on the Main Board of Bursa Malaysia which concentrates in investment holdings, property investment and development. Other than Fortune Park, it has completed other projects successfully namely Signature Offices and LeVenue. Some other current projects are Prima Sri Gombak, Karamunsing Capital and Sutera Bukit Tunku.Kepong has become a vibrant township in Kuala Lumpur, as there are a lot of shops, shopping centers, restaurants, cafes, and schools. Some crowded eating places in Kepong are Food Court Taman Kepong, Seafood Restaurant at Jinjang Utama, Night Seafood Center and Morning Dim Sum at Jalan Jambu, Sri Damansara Food Court, and Ipoh Road Yong Tau Foo. There are also schools at the vicinity of Fortune Park, such as SMK Kepong, SJK Kepong Baru, SJK Taman Kepong Baru, SMK Kepong Baru, SJK (t) Segambut, Asrama Putera SMK RA, SMK Raja Abdullah, SRK Seri Delima and so on for the convenience of families in Fortune Park.Fortune Park has an ideal location where it can enjoy city lifestyle, while living in the nature environment. Also, it can be accessible easily from different direction since having a good network of highways. These are sufficient to provide the purchasers with an excellent appreciation potential and rental return. Besides, it is a good choice for staying since it is conveniently located in the heart of Kepong, where public transport can be accessible also.
    Fortune Park是一项住宅发展计划,涵盖258个排屋单位,以及42个半独立式房子。这也是甲洞(Kepong)中心地带唯一的湖景住宅项目,周边被郁郁葱葱的绿色景观所包围。这个充满时尚感的项目,是发展商Asian Pac Holdings其中一个发展项目。Fortune Park占地100英亩,为排屋和半独立房子提供宽敞空间,双层排屋的土地面积是22’× 70’,实用面积是2,100平方尺,有4卧室和4浴室。另外,2层半的半独立房子土地面积是35’× 75’,实用面积3,000平方尺,有5卧室5浴室。Fortune Park是24小时围篱及保安社区,走路之距就可以抵达不少便利设施,例如Fortune Square、吉隆坡大都会公园、Aeon Metro Prima、Aeon Big、肯德鸡、Food Junction等等。优越的地理位置,让居民享受舒适理想的家居生活。 此区有良好道路网络,可通达八打灵再也、吉隆坡、莎阿南和巴生等地区,这包括可连接白蒲大道 (LDP)、本查拉连贯大道(Penchala Link)、新巴生谷大道(NKVE)、第二中环公路(MRR 2) 及最新提升的Jalan Sungai Buloh。至于要到Desa Jaya、Taman Ehsan、Bukit Maluri、Wangsa Permai Kepong及 Kepong Center只需10分钟;到One Utama、The Curve及宜家购物广场(Ikea shopping complex)则需15分钟。


  • 名称: Fortune Park
  • 地址: Jalan Metro Perdana, Kepong, 52100, Kuala Lumpur
  • 发展商: Asian Pac Holdings
  • 类型: 双层排屋 & 2.5层半独立房子
  • 地契: 租赁地契
  • 单位数量
  • 双层排屋: 258
  • 2.5层半独立式: 42
  • 土地面积
  • 双层排屋22’× 70’
  • 2.5层半独立式: 35’× 75’
  • 实用面积
  • 双层排屋: 2,100 sf
  • 2.5层半独立式: 3,000 sf
  • 管理费: RM80
  • 转售价 RM900,000 - RM2,500,000
  • 租金 RM950 - RM3,500
  • 设备

  • 24小时保安
  • 儿童游乐场
  • 有盖停车场
  • 分析

    Fortune Park的发展商 Asian Pac Holdings是大马股票交易所的主板上市企业,业务涵盖投资控股、产业开发及产业投资。除了Fortune Park,完成的项目包括Signature Offices及LeVenue。其他项目包括Prima Sri Gombak、 Karamunsing Capital及Sutera Bukit Tunku。 甲洞区有很多商店、商场、餐馆、咖啡馆和学校,成为吉隆坡一个充满活力的市镇。人潮拥挤的饮食地点包括甲洞美食中心、增江乌达玛的海鲜餐馆、Jalan Jambu的夜市海鲜中心及早市点心、斯里白沙罗美食中心以及怡保路酿豆腐。Fortune Park附近也有学校,如甲洞国中、Kepong Baru国中国小、Taman Kepong Baru国小、Segambut淡小、Putera SMK RA寄宿国中、Raja Abdullah国中、Seri Delima国小等等,该区学生可就近上学。Fortune Park 地理位置理想,让居民能在大自然的环境里享受城市生活模式。此外,有良好大道网络,方便从各方向衔接至该区,有助于提供产业的升值潜力和租金回酬。此外,位于甲洞市中心,公共交通服良好,是很好的居住环境 。


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