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The Mansions (also known as Regal ParkHomes @ ParkCity Heights) is an exclusive super-link houses sited on a hill-slope site within lush natural greenery enclave in the well-designed Desa ParkCity. It is located behind Casaman and Amelia.This project comprises a total of 127 units of the so-called 'Regal ParkHomes' that sprawling over 19.6 acres of gated and guarded enclave. There are 2½-, 3- and 3½-storey units available with built-up size of 4,300 sf for 2½-storey units and over 6,000 sf for the 3- and 3-storey units. It features 31" or 33" of widths and double volume living space. Some units are equipped with individual private lifts. The lift shall be maintained by the owner of the unit himself. The Mansions is developed within a modern resort setting enclave and complemented with urban facilities – swimming pool, themed open space, glass gymnasium, linear parks, outdoor pavilions, suspended bridge and water features. This development was launched in May 2011 and pricing from the developer starts from RM2.5 million to RM3 million for the 2½-storey units and RM3.8 million to RM4.8 million for the 3- and 3-storey units.

Property Details

  • Name: The Mansions (also known as Regal ParkHomes @ ParkCity Heights)
  • Address: Desa ParkCity, Kuala Lumpur
  • Developer: Perdana Parkcity Sdn Bhd
  • Completion Date: May 2014
  • Type: Terrace
  • Tenure: Freehold
  • No. of Storey: 2½, 3 & 3½
  • No. of Units: 127
  • 2½-Storey: 33
  • 3-Storey: 25
  • 3½-Storey: 69
  • Built-up: 4,376 – 7,218 sf
  • 2½-Storey: 4,376 – 4,483 sf
  • 3-Storey: 6,084 – 6,213 sf
  • 3½-Storey: 6,536 – 7,218 sf
  • Launch Price
  • 2½-Storey: RM2,700,000 – RM4,420,200
  • 3-Storey: RM3,600,000 – RM5,849,200
  • 3½-Storey: RM4,000,000 – RM7,544,600
  • Facilities

  • Swimming pool
  • Themed open space
  • Glass gymnasium
  • Linear parks
  • Outdoor pavilions
  • Suspended bridge
  • Water features.
  • Analysis

    This super-link terrace concept is not new in the market – even though it is the first of its kind in Desa ParkCity. It is sometimes being called as "bungalow link-house". Besides The Mansions, other similar developments are the latest launch by Faber Group named Villa Prima and up-market Kenny Heights Estate. Villa Prima was launched in mid-February 2011 from RM3.7 million up to RM5.4 million. Meanwhile, Kenny Heights Estate is currently being priced from RM4.5 million up to RM6.2 million. The design of The Mansions looks very modern and boasts its natural green surrounding. And the contemporary modern facilities featured have also portray that this is indeed a very exclusive residential. However, with a hefty bungalow-price tag, The Mansions does not feel very exclusive due to a hundred over units built over the 19.6 acres. Not only that, the road seems narrow, hence the front views are blocked by the opposite neighbor. It also does not come with private green pocket for gardening – as everything belongs to the neighborhood.
    The Mansions (又称Regal ParkHomes@ParkCity Heights)是豪华的超级排屋,坐落在精心设计的Desa ParkCity那郁郁葱葱的山坡上。它位于Casaman和Amelia的后面。占地19.6英亩的The Mansions共有127套排屋,是一个围篱保安社区,有2层半、3层和3层半的排屋可供选择,实用面积分为4,300平方尺(2层半)和超过6000平方尺(3和3层半高)。一些单位配备了独立的私人升降机,不过由业主本身负责保养。The Mansions位于设有现代化设施的度假区内,辅以城市化先进设施—游泳池、主题开放空间、玻璃健身室、线性公园、户外凉亭、吊桥和水景。楼盘於2011年5月推出,2层半排屋标价介于RM2.5 million至RM3 million;3和3层半排屋则分别是RM3.8 million至RM4.8 million。


  • 名称: The Mansions (又称Regal ParkHomes @ ParkCity Heights)
  • 地址: Desa ParkCity, Kuala Lumpur
  • 发展商: Perdana Parkcity Sdn Bhd
  • 竣工日期: 2014年5月
  • 类型: 排屋
  • 产权: 永久地契
  • 层数: 2层半、3及3层半
  • 单位数目: 127
  • 2层半: 33
  • 3层: 25
  • 3层半: 69
  • 实用面积: 4,376 – 7,218 sf
  • 2层半: 4,376 – 4,483 sf
  • 3层: 6,084 – 6,213 sf
  • 3层半: 6,536 – 7,218 sf
  • 推售价
  • 2层半: RM2,700,000 – RM4,420,200
  • 3层: RM3,600,000 – RM5,849,200
  • 3层半: RM4,000,000 – RM7,544,600
  • 设施

  • 泳池
  • 主题开放空间
  • 玻璃健身室
  • 线性公园
  • 室外凉亭
  • 吊桥
  • 水景
  • 分析

    这种超级排屋概念在市场上并不新鲜,尽管这在Desa ParkCity是首次出现。它有时也被称为“联排洋房”。除了The Mansions,其他类似的发展包括最近由Faber集团推出的Villa Prima和高档的Kenny Heights Estate。Villa Prima于2011年2月中旬推介,价格从RM3.7 million至RM5.4 million。同时,Kenny Heights Estate目前售价从RM4.5 million至RM6.2 million。The Mansions的设计看起来非常现代化,拥有天然的绿色环境。其独具特色的现代化设施,也描绘出这确实是一个非常独特的住宅。然而,其昂贵的房价,加上在19.6英亩范围内建有过百套房子,让The Mansions的稀有及专属感大打折扣。不仅如此,住宅道路似乎太窄,门前景色被对面的邻居阻挡。它也没设置私家花园,因为一切都是共享的。


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