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Taman Residensi is a prosperous and developed area in Jalan Ipoh that is home to the wealthy with prices that range in the millions. The neighbourhood was fully completed around 2008 and sits on over 73 acres of leasehold land which expires in 2106. Taman Residensi houses KiPark Sri Utara and was developed by KIP Land. The houses in Taman Residensi all come with rather large built ups with the norm being triple storey terrace houses that comes with an auction price of RM840,000 and the lowest selling price of RM1,200,000. Built-ups of the homes come at the smallest of approximately 3,098 sf and ranges up to 4,300 sf with 5 bedrooms and 6 toilets. Rental prices on the other hand are affordable with the starting price of RM1,500 per month. Every house in Taman Residensi comes with a balcony on the second floor which doubles as a parking roof for cars parked in the porch. This provides covered parking for at least 2 cars, and more if the owner has done renovations to extend the balcony. Many of the houses are partially furnished as they have been lived in before, and many of them have also been renovated on before. Kitchens are extended as far as 10 feet out, a feat made possible by the ample land around. Being a neighbourhood that serves the upper market, Taman Residensi provides its residents with 24-hours security to ensure their safety, as well as means of exercise with the jogging park. Understanding the parent’s needs for a child care centre, the neighbourhood also provides a nursery for their use. A playground and park are also available for evening outings. Residents are fortunate that it not only provides them posh and exclusive homes, but is also a central location that places them close to Tesco Extra, Brem Mall and various other necessities such as petrol stations, schools and business parks. Taman Residensi is highly accessible via many highly travelled main roads such as the MRR2, NKVE, Sprint Highway, Jalan Kuching and Jalan Ipoh. The Sentul Commuter and RapidKL Sentul serves the area so residents can take the public transport as an alternative to driving out.

Property Details

  • Name: Taman Residensi
  • Address: Jalan Ipoh, 52100 Kuala Lumpur
  • Developer: KIP Land
  • Completion Date: 2008
  • Type: 3-Storey Terrace House
  • Tenure: Leasehold
  • No. of Storey: 3
  • No. of Units: 170
  • No. of Bedrooms: From 4
  • No. of Bathrooms: From 4
  • Land Area: 73 acres
  • Built-up: From 2,846 sf
  • Subsale Price:
  • Rental:
  • Facilities

  • Jogging track
  • Nursery
  • Playground
  • Park
  • Analysis

    The mastermind behind Taman Residensi is KIP Land which was founded in 1993. They develop land in Klang Valley and Johor, and are planning to penetrate the office and hotel market in 2013. Besides KiPark Sri Utara the developer has also developed a few other housing projects. Residents of Taman Residensi will have to face heavy traffic during peak hours outside their homes as the area is well known for being congested during then; however the neighbourhood might just be exclusive enough for residents to put up with the traffic. Buyers might want to take into account the history of the place when making a purchase as in 2008-2009 the residents were wrongfully charged commercial quit rent due to negligence of the developer. The residents had to go through a mighty lot of hassle before the issue was rectified and their money refunded which may be part of the reason why there are so many units of the houses in Taman Residensi are on sale now.Investors might want to take note of the above issue if they plan to buy a house in Taman Residensi and do their homework to check if the issue has been fully rectified and whether it will repeat itself in future. Buyers looking for a permanent home will also want to look at the above issues as inasmuch as the houses here are spacious, beautifully decorated and well located, they wouldn’t want to go through the same problems when the time comes for them to pay their quit rent. Other than that, Taman Residensi is a lovely place to live in.
    Taman Residensi是位于Jalan Ipoh繁华且发展成熟的地区,是城中富商的住所,房价在数百万价位。它在2008年建竣,坐落在一片73英亩的租赁产权地段上,在2106年届满。Taman Residensi内设有KiPark Sri Utara,由KIP Land发展。Taman Residensi房屋的实用面积相对更大,因为是3层排屋,单位的拍卖底价为RM840,000,而最低的发售价则是RM1,200,000。房屋的实用面积从最小的约3,098平方尺,至最大的4,300平方尺,配有5间卧室和6间洗手间。租金则相对实惠,每个月从RM1,500起。每个单位的二楼都配有一个露台,巧妙地设计让它同时也可成为楼下车房的屋顶,这让房子有至少2个有棚停车位,如果屋主装修扩建露台,还可增加有棚停车位。由于多数房屋都曾被居住过,所以许多房子已装修,并配置部分家具,由于土地面积宽敞,还容许厨房扩建10尺长。身为一个服务高档市场的住宅区,Taman Residensi提供住户24小时保安服务以确保住户安全,以及一个慢跑公园。另外,此区也设有家长需要的托儿所,还有游乐场和公园,可让住户在傍晚时分休闲散步。此项目不仅提供住户一个即奢华又高档的家园,住户还可享有极大的便利,因此区地点策略,就坐落在中心位置,非常靠近Tesco Extra、Brem Mall,被多种设施包围,如油站、学校和商业区。Taman Residensi衔接多条大道,如第二中环大道(MRR2)、新巴生谷大道(NKVE)、西部疏散大道(SPRINT)、Jalan Kuching和Jalan Ipoh。住户也可选择搭乘公共交通,Sentul电动火车站和Sentul轻快铁站就在不远处。


  • 名称:Taman Residensi
  • 地址:Jalan Ipoh, 52100 Kuala Lumpur
  • 发展商:KIP Land
  • 竣工日期:2008年
  • 类型:3层排屋
  • 产权:租赁地契
  • 层数:3层
  • 单位数目:170
  • 卧室数目:从 4间起
  • 浴室数目:从 4间起
  • 土地面积:73 英亩
  • 实用面积:从2,846 sf起
  • 转售价:RM1,180,000-RM2,700,000
  • 租金:RM1,500-RM2,800
  • 设备

  • 慢跑道
  • 托儿所
  • 游乐场
  • 公园
  • 分析

    Taman Residensi的幕后推手是1993年成立的KIP Land。公司专注发展巴生谷和柔佛的地段,并在2013年计划进军办公室和酒店市场。除了KiPark Sri Utara,此发展商也发展了不少住宅项目。Taman Residensi的住户每日都需面对堵车困扰,尤其是在交通繁忙时段,此区是有名的塞车黑区,惟此高档住宅区却有足够的说服力,让住户甘心容忍塞车的痛苦。买家或需留意,在2008年至2009年,因发展商的疏忽,导致住户被征收商业门牌税,而不是该缴付的住宅产业门牌税。在事情未解决改正过来,和钱仍未回退时,住户被逼承受一定的困扰和压力,这也说明为何Taman Residensi的许多单位在那个时段都欲出售。若有意在Taman Residensi购买单位的话,投资者需留意以上事项,并做好功课,查看门牌税一事是否已解决,未来会否再重复发生。若要买来自住,也必须搞清楚此事项,虽然这里的房子宽敞、奢华、高档且地理位置佳,惟住户不会想要在缴交门牌税时,再度遇到同样的问题,并一直被困扰着。除此之外,Taman Residensi是个理想家居。