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Laman Residen (also known as Laman Residence) is an establishment of 2 and 3 storey semi-detached houses and courtyard villas located along Jalan Ipoh. It neighbours Villa Mas 2, Taman Batu View, Taman Golden and The Saffron, to name a few. Each unit here has a land area of 45 x 68 ft and a built-up size 4,198 sf. Each unit comes with 4 + 1 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. Among facilities provided are covered parking, a playground and 24-hour security. There are plenty of amenities available nearby the area, such as Hospital Taj which located just 400 meters away. A Hindu temple is also located within 500 meters away while a surau is located 800 meters from the site. Apart from that, there are several schools located within 1 km away from the sites namely SA Hidayatul, SJKC Khew, SK Seri Murni and SKJC Jinjang Utara. There is also plenty of food service outlets scattered within 1 km radius from the site. TESCO Extra is within a short driving distance from the neighbourhood, and the same distance also applies to the nearby shops, restaurants and amenities that are in the same area.

Property Details

  • Name: Laman Residen (also known as Laman Residence)
  • Address: Jalan Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur
  • Developer: KIP Group
  • Type: Semi-D
  • Tenure: Leasehold
  • No. of Storey: 2 & 3
  • No. of Units: 200
  • No. of Bedrooms: 4 - 5
  • No. of Bathrooms: 3 - 5
  • Land Area: 3,060 sf
  • Dimension: 30 x 68 ft
  • Built-up: 4,198 sf
  • Maintenance Fee: RM170
  • Subsale Price
  • 3-Storey Semi-D: From RM1,300,000
  • Rental
  • 3-Storey Semi-D: From RM5,500
  • Facilities

  • Covered parking
  • Playground
  • 24-hour security
  • Business center
  • Jogging track
  • Analysis

    The developer of Laman Residen is KIP Group, which was also responsible in the development of Residency Park, Villa Mas 1 and 2, Kepong Industrial Park and KIP Damansara, to name a few. The company was established in 1993 and had projects within Klang Valley and Johor since.The location of this housing estate is among the main selling point of the establishment. Public transportation is nearby for the residents, with KTM Sentul just 700 meters away and Rapid KL and Hentian Duta just 1.3 km away. Residents will not only find it convenient to travel around, the short driving distance to the heart of Kuala Lumpur will definitely be an advantage for the city folks who choose to live at Laman Residen. A notable disgrace linked to Laman Residen is its very close proximity to Taman Beringin Landfill. The residents have to tolerate the unpleasant odor it emits. Rumors are swirling that the landfill will also welcome in an incinerator sometime soon. Another downside of the property is its location next to MRR2. On top of the odor, the residents also have to endure the noise and traffic fume from the highway. Take not that, even though the neighbourhood is right next to the highway, there is no direct access between it and the development.
    位于Jalan Ipoh的Laman Residen (又称 Laman Residence),是个涵盖2和3层半独立式洋房和庭院别墅(courtyard villas)住宅项目。附近的项目有Villa Mas 2、Taman Baru View、Taman Golden和The Saffron等。Laman Residen单位的土地面积为45’ × 68’,实用面积为4,198平方尺,配有4+1卧室和5间浴室。设施包括有棚停车场、一个游乐场和24小时保安监控。周边设施齐全,如距离Taj 医院只有400米、1间印度庙设在500米外,另1间回教堂则在800米处,在1公里内的学校包括Hidayatul宗教学校、侨民华小、Seri Murni国小和增江北区华小;还有不少食物中心。短时间车程内可抵达TESCO Extra,附近的商店、餐厅和其他设施等。


  • 名称:Laman Residen(又称 Laman Residence)
  • 地址:Jalan Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur
  • 发展商:KIP Group
  • 类型:半独立房子
  • 产权:租赁地契
  • 层数:2 & 3层
  • 单位数目:200
  • 卧室数目:4 – 5
  • 浴室数目:3 – 5
  • 土地面积:3,060 sf
  • 实用面积:4,198 sf
  • 管理费:RM170
  • 转售价
  • 3层半独立:从RM1,300,000起
  • 租金
  • 3层半独立:从RM5,500起
  • 设备

  • 有棚停车场
  • 游乐场
  • 24小时保安
  • 商业中心
  • 慢跑道
  • 分析

    Laman Residen的发展商是有名的KIP集团,旗下发展项目包括Residency Park、Villa Mas 1 和2、甲洞工业公园(Kepong Industrial Park)和 KIP Damansara等。它成立于1993年,发展项目集中在巴生谷和柔佛。优越的地理位置是此楼盘的卖点,公共交通设施就近在咫尺,距离Sentul电动火车站就在700米;Rapid KL和Duta巴士站在1.3公里处。居民出入方便,若要抵达吉隆坡市中心,也仅需短时间车程而已。这都是Laman Residen享有的交通便利。其中一个缺点是,它靠近Taman Beringin垃圾填埋场,居民需忍受不时传来的垃圾臭味,也有传言指,此垃圾场将在不久将来引进一个垃圾焚化炉。另外,它也位于第二中环大道(MRR2)旁,所以除了臭味,居民还得忍受大道传来的车辆噪音滋扰。需留意的是,尽管位于大道旁,却没有道路直接通往大道。


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