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Solaris Dutamas (also known as Solaris @ Dutamas) is the successor to Solaris Mont Kiara by Sunrise. It is located in the vicinity of the MATRADE, Wilayah Mosque and the Government office complex at Jalan Duta. It was launched in April 2005 and the entire development was completed around the end of 2009. Sitting on a 17-acre freehold site, it comprises 2.14 million square feet of built-up space that houses over 400 retail outlets, 1,000 office suites and 800 designer suites. The main selling point of Solaris Dutamas is its well-integrated living-and-business development with a promotion of the arts to further enhance the wellbeing and vitality of all those who live, work and visit. There is a modern, well-stocked supermarket called Ben's Independent Grocer, various well-known restaurants such as the Wondermilk Cafe, Nathalie's Gourmet Studio and even the food court is a collection of famous hawker foods around the Klang Valley that the management convinced to relocate there.Office suites built-up sizes range between 511 sf to 12,000 sf. There are two open piazzas that are linked by a sheltered and air-conditioned corridor and flanked by tree-lined retail boulevards, lauded as public spaces to promote the arts and culture. In the vicinity of Solaris Dutamas are affluent neighbourhoods such as Damansara Heights, Mont Kiara, Sri Hartamas and Kenny Hills. Solaris Dutamas is well located and easily accessible via three major highways SPRINT Highway, North Klang Valley Elevated Highway (NKVE) and Damansara-Ulu Klang Elevated Highway (DUKE). It is reachable via Jalan Duta, and in the centre between two major centres of activity always-bustling Kuala Lumpur and very-fast-growing Petaling Jaya.

Property Details

  • Name: Solaris Dutamas (also known as Solaris @ Dutamas)
  • Address: Off Jalan Duta, Dutamas, Kuala Lumpur
  • Developer: Sunrise
  • Completion Date: End 2009
  • Tenure: Freehold
  • Type: Serviced Residence, Office & Retail
  • No. of Units
  • Serviced Residence: 800
  • Office: 1,000
  • Retail: 400
  • Land Area: 17-acre
  • Built-up
  • Serviced Residence: 672 sf - 1,238
  • Office: 511 - 12,000 sf
  • Maintenance Fee
  • Serviced Residence: RM0.35 psf
  • Launch Price
  • Serviced Residence: RM400 - RM500 psf
  • Subsale Price:
  • Rental:
  • Market Trends

    Latest transaction in Solaris Dutamas, Dutamas

    SPA Date Address Size Price
    30/12/2017 CX-X-X, JALAN DUTAMAS X 1249 ft2 1050000
    26/12/2017 CX-X-X, JALAN DUTAMAS X 1259 ft2 1030000
    24/11/2017 BX-UX-X, JALAN DUTAMAS X 753 ft2 700000
    04/11/2017 CX-X-X, JALAN DUTAMAS X 678 ft2 720000
    25/10/2017 CX-X-X, JALAN DUTAMAS X 678 ft2 685000


    Sunrise is a well-known, highly-reputable and award-winning property development company. It is ranked among the Top Ten in The Edge Malaysia's Top Ten Property Developers Award for seven consecutive years, from 2003 to 2009. The company was behind most successful developments in Mont Kiara enclave such as 10 Mont Kiara, Mont Kiara Banyan, Kiara Designer Suites and Plaza Mont Kiara, resulting in great property investor loyalty over the years. 800 designer suites or serviced apartments at Solaris Dutamas are allocated in three tower blocks Park Tower, Boulevard Tower and Urbane Tower. The apartments range with different built-ups from 672 sf to 1,238 sf. Park Tower has 288 units, priced from RM249,000 to RM496,000. Boulevard Tower has 240 units of designer suites, and each unit is priced from RM269,900 to RM543,600. Each serviced apartment at Solaris Dutamas comes fully very-well-equipped : built-in wardrobes in master bedroom and second room (depends on unit), central air-conditioning, water heaters, kitchen cabinets and appliances including cooker hood, hob, oven, washing machine, dryer and refrigerator and a parking bay. In term of facilities, it features a multi-purpose hall cum badminton court, gymnasium, lap pool, children wading pool, BBQ pit, changing rooms, games room, access control and CCTV system. Solaris Dutamas also houses office suites on the Ground to Fifth levels. The office suites in Park Tower and Boulevard Tower have built-up sizes ranging from 629 to 2,362 sf and they are tagged from RM232,000 to RM865,000 with maintenance fee at RM0.35 psf. The strata-titled shop offices at Solaris Dutamas are located in one of the two outer rows in Block A1 to Block A4. There are dual frontage 6-storey blocks with 2-storey retail lots facing one front and a 2-storey retail cum 2-storey office facing the other. Other 8-storey blocks named F1 to F4 are corporate suites with built-up sizes from 3,000 sf and also strata titled. Six upper floors from the 8-storey building are reserved for offices while the bottom two floors are retail floors. Blocks B1 and B2 comprise of 160 office suites of the 8-storey buildings. There is another 21-storey office tower that will be sold at RM150 million in the area. The developer of claimed that the commercial development of Solaris Dutamas was 50% sold even before its official launch. Most units were sold within months after the launch. It portrays this project is very well received by investors and also shows is has great potential to succeed. Prospective buyers need to check the number of parking lots allocated per unit as normally only one is given. Extra parking lots are given only if there is free space available, but it is believed that management is not selling any due to them collecting parking fees now. Some rare units have tandem parking for two cars. It has been a trend nowadays for a development to comprise of residential, office and shopping centre. This concept is received well by the public. Among similar developments are Mid Valley City and Plaza Damas. Both are successful projects to deliver good returns to investors.
    Solaris Dutamas(亦称为Solaris @ Dutamas) 是发展商Sunrise 成功开发Solaris Mont Kiara之后,另一个受市场瞩目的产业项目。其位置坐落在大马对外贸易发展局大厦(MATRADE)一带,靠近吉隆坡大回教堂以及Jalan Duta的政府行政大楼。此产业于2005年4月推出市场,整个发展计划于2009年底竣工,佔地17英亩,属永久地契,总实用面积是214万平方尺,包含了400个零售商店单位、1000个办公室单位和800个designer suites公寓单位。此项目最大的卖点是生活与商业元素得到一个平衡发展,让住户深深感受到这裡的幸福与活力,除了拥有一家现代化且货源充足的超级市场,多家着名餐厅也可以在这裡找到,不止如此,产业管理公司还把巴生谷一带闻名食肆的小贩档迁移来这裡开业,让这裡的住客可以大饱口福。办公室单位的实用面积介于511至12,000平方尺,建筑物之间拥有2个有盖兼装备冷气的广场,沿着浓浓绿意的林荫街道是一排排商业单位,值得称许的是一些空间获得保留作为艺文空间。其邻近社区包括Damansara Heights、Mont Kiara、Sri Hartamas以及Kenny Hills。Solaris Dutamas的地理位置优越,衔接3条主要高速公路:吉隆坡西部疏散大道(SPRINT Highway)、新巴生谷大道(NKVE)和大使路-淡江大道(DUKE);更重要是它落户在吉隆坡和八打灵再也两个重要城市之间。


  • 名称: Solaris Dutamas (亦称为Solaris @ Dutamas)
  • 地址: Off Jalan Duta, Dutamas, Kuala Lumpur
  • 发展商: Sunrise
  • 竣工日期: 2009年底
  • 地契:永久地契
  • 类型: 服务式公寓、零售商店和办公楼
  • 单位数目:
  • 服务式公寓: 800
  • 办公室: 1,000
  • 零售商店: 400
  • 土地面积: 17英亩
  • 实用面积
  • 服务式公寓: 672 sf – 1,238
  • 办公室: 511 – 12,000 sf
  • 管理费
  • 服务式公寓: RM0.35 psf
  • 推介价
  • 服务式公寓: RM400 – RM500 psf
  • 转售价: RM469,000 - RM1,850,000
  • 租金: RM1,695 - RM6,700
  • Market Trends

    Latest transaction in Solaris Dutamas, Dutamas

    SPA Date Address Size Price
    30/12/2017 CX-X-X, JALAN DUTAMAS X 1249 ft2 1050000
    26/12/2017 CX-X-X, JALAN DUTAMAS X 1259 ft2 1030000
    24/11/2017 BX-UX-X, JALAN DUTAMAS X 753 ft2 700000
    04/11/2017 CX-X-X, JALAN DUTAMAS X 678 ft2 720000
    25/10/2017 CX-X-X, JALAN DUTAMAS X 678 ft2 685000


    Sunrise是一家获奖无数,信誉卓越的产业发展商,它在大马产业十大排行榜中,连续7年进榜。Mont Kiara被公认为高度成功开发的社区,幕后最大功臣就是Sunrise。其他得意之作包括10 Mont Kiara、Mont Kiara Banyan、Kiara Designer Suites以及Plaza Mont Kiara,也因此累计了一批死忠的房地产投资者对它的不变忠诚。800个服务式公寓单位分佈在3座大楼内,分别是Park Tower、Boulevard Tower以及Urbane Tower。公寓实用面积介于672至1,238平方尺;Park Tower共有288单位,价格介于RM249,000 至RM496,000;Boulevard Tower共有240个单位,价格介于RM269,900至RM543,600。所有Solaris Dutamas公寓单位都配套齐备,包括主人房和第二间房(胥视单位而定)都装备牆内衣柜、中央空调、热水器、厨柜、抽油烟机、火炉、烤炉、洗衣机、乾衣机、冰箱以及附送车位。设施方面,计有多元礼堂、羽球场、健身室、泳池、儿童浅水池、烧烤区、更衣室、游戏室以及保安室。Solaris Dutamas的办公楼是设置在1楼至5楼,位于Park Tower和Boulevard Tower的办公室实用面积介于629至2362平方尺,价格介于RM232,000至RM865,000,管理费是每平方尺RM0.35。潜在买家必须向发展商了解每个单位可分配多少个车位,通常一个单位只分配一个车位,只有更多空缺时才会发放额外车位给住户。这类集住宅、办公楼、购物商场和商业单位于一身的产业越来越普遍,类似的项目就有Mid Valley City和Plaza Damas。这些都是非常成功和为投资者带来优厚回酬的产业投资。


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