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Changkat View is located in Changkat Kiara residential ground, and in between Kenny Hills, Mont Kiara and Damansara Heights. It is surrounded with the green tranquility and luxurious lifestyle, as this development is in within a short drive away from Sri Hartamas.Changkat View has 796 units, which is quite a lot for a small site. There are 4 identical blocks of 26 floors and each floor has only 8 units, arranged in such a way that you have only one neighbor sharing a wall with you - yes, like a semi-D. Now, that's a sensible design. There are basically 4 layout designs at Changkat View. The units come with two typical designs with both 1,100 sf and penthouse units are two typical designs combined. Type C of Changkat View has an awkward angled layout as the rooms are at 45 degrees compare with the rest of the unit. There is a long corridor as you come in from the entrance - quite a waste of space really. However, some loved this 3 room unit, perhaps fascinated with the unique shape. The rest of the units at Changkat View have pointy shape and equally puzzling as the living room and the balcony are smacked in the center of the unit, with rooms on both sides. Changkat View also came with studio units. However unique the designs are, there are lack of practicality and a lot of space wastage. While younger groups may appreciate such design, families might find it inappropriate for their children. The location of Changkat View is considerably comprehensive, with the infrastructure of roads, electricity, water supply and telecommunications network that have already been established in the area quite some time ago. Accessibility wise, Changkat View can be reached from major road such as Jalan Duta and Jalan Kuching, and highways such as The North South Expressway, Sprint Highway, and the newly opened Penchala Link. These network of highways means it is easier and more convenient getting to Kuala Lumpur City Centre, which is just a mere 15 minutes away and even closer for Petaling Jaya and Bandar Utama. Besides that, it seems that Changkat View is also a few kilometers away from major shopping complexes such as Suria KLCC, Mid Valley Megamall, Berjaya Times Square, One Utama and The Mall Shopping Centre. For families with children, Mont Kiara International School and Garden International School are also located nearby the development. For convenience sake, amenities such as KL Sentral (KLIA Express), Kuala Lumpur Golf & Country Club, Bukit Kiara Equestrian Club, Damansara Specialist Centre, Pantai Hospital and University Hospital are just close by the development.

Property Details

  • Name: Changkat View
  • Address: Dutamas, Segambut, Kuala Lumpur
  • Developer: Changkat Kiara (a member of the Plenitude Group)
  • Completion Date: 2009
  • Type: Condominium
  • Tenure: Freehold
  • No. of Blocks: 4
  • No. of Storey: 26
  • No. of Units: 796
  • Maintenance Fee: RM0.20 psf
  • Launch Price: From RM180,000
  • Subsale Price:
  • Rental:
  • Layouts

  • Standard (1,100 sf)
  • Penthouse (2,150 sf)
  • Facilities

  • Security
  • Barbecue area
  • Tennis court
  • Gymnasium
  • Mini market
  • Sauna
  • Swimming pool
  • Laundry
  • Malay Store
  • Market Trends

    Latest transaction in Changkat View, Dutamas

    SPA Date Address Size Price
    12/02/2018 A-X-X, CHANGKAT VIEW CONDO 1098 ft2 700000
    14/12/2017 B-X-X, CHANGKAT VIEW CONDO 1098 ft2 559000
    13/12/2017 D-X-X, CHANGKAT VIEW CONDO 1098 ft2 540000
    25/11/2017 C-X-X, CHANGKAT VIEW CONDO, JALAN DUTAMAS RAYA 1098 ft2 575000
    15/11/2017 C-X-X, CHANGKAT VIEW CONDO 1098 ft2 480000


    Many find Changkat View affordable at RM160 psf onwards, and the place is located pretty near to Sri Hartamas and Mont Kiara. The market rate around the area is generally around RM300 to RM400 psf, so this is really a lower-priced option but unfortunately, it is also quite high in density. However, Changkat View is also near to Segambut area, which is not exactly great. An area with stretch of squatter houses with winding and twisting roads. It does take one to reconsider about any developments near Segambut. The squatter houses are built extremely close to the roads, making it difficult to plan a more efficient road system out of Segambut area.These factors could very well be contributing to the weaker demand and lower prices for developments in the area. Even the name of Segambut is not mentioned in any of the properties built around the area, just to paint a positive picture for the properties. No doubt there are improvement seen in these developments, however, the value of these properties are quite limited for now. Perseverance is the key to survive in the area until it is further developed. It is said that Segambut area are going to have a mix of completed and ongoing developments of high-end condominiums, luxury apartments, villas and terraced houses popping up sooner or later, so that is good news. Then again, the good news are now overshadowed by another bad news, the bad quality finishes on Changkat View itself. Comments on cracked walls, plumbing issues, and rusted nails jutting out of the ceiling aren't really helping, especially for a uniquely designed condominium. No one really dares to call Changkat View luxury right now. The price went way below RM200,000 during the launch. Now, that did bring people flocking to the development, with hope to find their "dream home" for a dirt cheap price.The basic facilities at Changkat View are located in a totally separate building surrounded by 4 blocks, with one large portion used as a multi-storey parking structure, but it is quite far from the unit. It seems that you need to warm up before getting into the pool or do other activities. The basic facilities at Changkat View are sufficient for the price you pay, but bear in mind that you are sharing with other residents from the rest of 700 plus units. One can expect only one car park for each unit. So if you want another parking bay, you will need to rent it from other resident for about RM120 per month, or buy an extra one for RM15,000. According the newly formed JMB, the developer is going to hand over about 200 car parks which will be used as the visitor car park. This will definitely be a good move to overcome common parking issue.
    Changkat View 坐落在Mont Kiara和Damansara Heights之间,周遭是谧静的树林和高尚住宅区,同时非常靠近Sri Hartamas。公寓单位分布在4栋建筑物内,每栋楼高26楼,每层有8个公寓单位。它的设计有点半独立式的味道,每个单位的墙壁只跟一边的邻居相连,共有4个公寓户型,当中包括2款不同设计的阁楼单位。C型的设计比较别扭,卧室出现45度的尖形设计;进入大门口即是一条长形走廊,有人认为此设计简直浪费空间,但有人却喜欢它的独特性。除了一般的公寓户型,Changkat View也有studio单位,惟设计缺乏实用性,并且浪费空间,年轻人可能会喜欢,但对有小孩的家庭来说可能不够实用。此区交通网络发达,可连接的大道包括Jalan Duta、Jalan Kuching、新巴生谷大道(NKVE)大使路―淡江大道(DUKE), 本查拉大道(Penchala Link)、南北大道(PLUS)、隆西部疏散大道(SPRINT), 要前往八打灵再也和万达镇(Bandar Utama)只需15分钟车程。此外,距离各大商场例如Suria KLCC、谷中城、成功时代广场、One Utama以及The Mall购物中心只有数公里之遥。其他社区设施包括国际学校、高球俱乐部、马术俱乐部、医院、综合交通站等等。


  • 名称: Changkat View
  • 地址: Dutamas, Segambut, Kuala Lumpur
  • 发展商: Changkat Kiara (Plenitude Group旗下公司)
  • 竣工日期: 2009年
  • 类型: 公寓
  • 产权: 永久地契
  • 建筑物: 4栋
  • 层数: 26层
  • 单位数目: 796
  • 管理费: RM0.20 psf
  • 推介价: RM180,000起
  • 转售价: RM310,000 - RM1,100,000
  • 租金: RM1,200 - RM4,450
  • 公寓户型

  • 标准型 (1,100 sf)
  • 阁楼 (2,150 sf)
  • 设施

  • 保安
  • 烧烤区
  • 网球场
  • 健身室
  • 迷你市场
  • 桑拿浴室
  • 游泳池
  • 洗衣店
  • 马来杂货店
  • Market Trends

    Latest transaction in Changkat View, Dutamas

    SPA Date Address Size Price
    12/02/2018 A-X-X, CHANGKAT VIEW CONDO 1098 ft2 700000
    14/12/2017 B-X-X, CHANGKAT VIEW CONDO 1098 ft2 559000
    13/12/2017 D-X-X, CHANGKAT VIEW CONDO 1098 ft2 540000
    25/11/2017 C-X-X, CHANGKAT VIEW CONDO, JALAN DUTAMAS RAYA 1098 ft2 575000
    15/11/2017 C-X-X, CHANGKAT VIEW CONDO 1098 ft2 480000


    Changkat View刚推出的发售价是每平方尺RM160以上,很多投资者认为物有所值,尤其是产业的位置靠近Sri Hartamas和Mont Kiara,时下的市场价已涨至每平方尺RM300至RM400,而美中不足是居住密度太高。其公寓设施不在公寓建筑物内,而是独立设置在另一栋建筑物,所以距离住宅单位有点远,每户只附送一车位,若要额外车位,必须每月付费RM120来租用,或花费RM15,000来多买一个车位。有个好消息是发展商提供200个访客车位,可解决车位不足问题。


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