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Taman Cheras Indah is a residential area located in Cheras, approximately a 15 minutes drive from the city centre of KL. Located very near to the Pandan Indah area, you can easily find the residential by heading towards Persiaran Pandan 1 and then Jalan Indah. Taman Cheras Indah is surrounded by other residential areas such as Taman Shamelin Perkasa and Taman Maju Jaya. This residential area is also very near to the Middle Ring Road 2 (MRR2) highway which connects neighborhoods near the boundary of Kuala Lumpur and Selangor.For those who prefer to use public transport, the Pandan Jaya STAR LRT station is located at a walking distance.Taman Cheras Indah consists of double storey terrace houses with leasehold tenure type. Each unit built-up area is 1,300 sf with average rental price of RM1,600 and average latest selling price at RM315,000. The rental price and selling price is higher for fully furnished or newly renovated or extended houses. Each unit in Taman Cheras Indah has 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. In terms of public amenities, there is no need to worry much since Taman Cheras Indah is near to shops, hypermarket, wet market and schools. TESCO Ampang is located 1.9 km away meanwhile Pudu Wet Market is located 3.0 km away. Besides that, there are several suraus nearby which includes Surau Darul Najah and Surau Ar Raihan. Some of the schools that serve the community here are SK Cheras Indah, SK Seri Bintang Utara and SK Pandan Indah. Apart from schools, there are several private colleges and universities located here- UniKL, Wawasan Open University and Kolej PolyTech Mara.

Property Details

  • Name: Taman Cheras Indah
  • Address: Cheras, 55100, Kuala Lumpur
  • Type: 2-Storey Terrace
  • Tenure: Leasehold
  • No. of Bedrooms: 4
  • No. of Bathrooms: 2
  • Built-up: 1,300 sf
  • Subsale Price: RM290,000 – RM340,000
  • Rental: RM1,400 – RM1,900
  • Facilities

  • Covered parking
  • Near playground and playing field
  • Analysis

    Taman Cheras Indah's location is very strategic for those who are working in Cheras, Ampang and KL area. It is very near to the city centre of KL and thus, there is no need to start off journey to office very early in the morning. Besides that, Taman Cheras Indah is also a very nice residential area since there are many public amenities available around this residential area. There is no need for you to drive long distance to get daily necessities. Public transport is also available within walking distance Therefore, this residential is very good for own stay or for investment purpose. There is a possibility of high demand here since the location is very strategic, which is near to KL. Furthermore, students from the nearby private college and universities might be looking for a house to rent. Thus, it is worth it to spend your money to buy a unit here for investment purpose. Price analysis shows that in 2009, the selling price of Taman Cheras Indah is around RM210,000 but this figure has rose in recent years. This figure might keep on rising in several years to come; following the current property price trend.
    蕉赖Taman Cheras Indah 占据地理优势,只要开车15分钟即可抵达首都市中心,同时非常靠近Pandan Indah和第二中环公路(MRR2),并可透过第二中环公路连接至雪隆各地。与Taman Cheras Indah相互为邻的社区包括Taman Shamelin Perkasa以及 Taman Maju Jaya。不远处有Pandan Jaya轻快铁站。Taman Cheras Indah主要是双层排屋住宅单位,实用面积为1,300平方尺,带有4房3浴室。平均租金RM1,600,平均售价为RM315,000。这里不缺便利设施,Taman Cheras Indah尤其靠近商铺、霸级市场、菜市场以及学校。TESCO Ampang距离社区1.9公里,而半山芭菜市场则是3公里之遥。学校方面包括Cheras Indah国小、Seri Bintang Utara国小以及Pandan Indah国小。其他学府包括UniKL、Wawasan Open University以及Kolej PolyTech Mara。


  • 名称: Taman Cheras Indah
  • 地址: Cheras, 55100, Kuala Lumpur
  • 类型: 双层排屋
  • 产权: 租赁地契
  • 卧室数目: 4
  • 浴室数目: 2
  • 实用面积: 1,300 sf
  • 转售价: RM290,000 – RM340,000
  • 租金: RM1,400 – RM1,900
  • 设施

  • 有盖停车场
  • 靠近游乐场和草场
  • 分析

    对于在蕉赖、安邦或首都上班的住户来说,Taman Cheras Indah可说是占据策略位置,因为此区十分靠近吉隆坡市中心,不必大清晨就堵车去上班。此外,Taman Cheras Indah拥有大量社区设施,住户不必老远开车到别处去补足一些日常需要品或服务。在步行可至的范围内就有公共交通站,这对自住或置业投资的人士来说都非常重要。由于地理位置不俗,临近又有不少大专院校,可吸引大量学生来租房,造就Taman Cheras Indah的房子相当吃香,成为置业投资的好选择。根据2009年的数据,Taman Cheras Indah的房价大约是RM210,000,之后便节节上升,势头至今不减。


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