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Sunway VeloCity in Cheras aims to bring a whole new meaning to the KL landscape with its integration of commercial, residential and retail components alongside serviced apartments, shopping malls, a themed park, and a separation of pedestrian and vehicle space. It is almost like a whole city in itself.Located at a mere 10 to 15 minutes drive away from KLCC, Sunway VeloCity in Cheras is able to tout the fact that it is the only last piece of freehold land available in the district of Kuala Lumpur.With every day necessities in the form of Jusco and the nearby Pudu Market, every family at Sunway VeloCity have access to the basic needs for groceries. Also located nearby Sunway VeloCity are three local schools and a large park, making family's life a little more easier. Public transportation can be attained with no worries as just south of Sunway VeloCity is a Rapid KL bus station, and just a bit further north is the Pudu LRT Station.The concept of combining all the necessities of an urban lifestyle into its very structure is an important aspect that the developers of Sunway VeloCity have thought about. It is a place where shopping malls are combined with serviced apartments, and pedestrian-friendly environmental decks are available to allow green space that is needed in a concrete jungle such as Kuala Lumpur.

Property Details

  • Name: Sunway VeloCity
  • Address: Jalan Cheras, Taman Maluri, Cheras, 55100 Kuala Lumpur
  • Developer: Sunway City Bhd (SunCity)
  • Completion Date: 2013
  • Type: Residential, Commercial & Retail
  • Tenure: Freehold
  • No. of Units
  • Office Suite
  • Standard: 104
  • Duplex: 8
  • Retail Shop
  • Ground & Mezzanine: 6
  • Environmental Deck: 6
  • Land Area: 21.76 acres
  • Facilities

  • A full functioning mall
  • An environmental deck
  • 2 acres of central park
  • Market Trends

    Latest transaction in Sunway VeloCity, Cheras

    SPA Date Address Size Price
    06/12/2015 Off Jalan Cheras 1884 ft2 1614900
    07/10/2015 Off Jalan Cheras 1184 ft2 1300000
    31/07/2015 Off Jalan Cheras 1916 ft2 1632000


    Sunway VeloCity in Cheras is rather unique, in the sense that it is a mix match of everything that a person living in an urban environment may need, neatly packed into one place, or in this case, one development. With convenience in mind, you will find offices, retail shops, a mall, a park, and a serviced apartment all inside one development.With the concept of allowing more space for the pedestrian, there are segregated paths for pedestrians that separate them from the usual moving traffic that plagues Kuala Lumpur. There are also many residential buildings surrounding Sunway VeloCity so there is an option of finding a place to stay there instead, if Sunway VeloCity is a bit too out of your budget.However, as mentioned above, it is the only new freehold land development up for any prospective buyer to grab onto before it is too late, or unless an existing development gets demolished somehow. As a result, it is expected that the competition for buying property at Sunway VeloCity in Cheras will be pretty tight.With public transport available nearby, as well as basic amenities such as schools and marketplaces just a stone's throw away from Sunway VeloCity, this is certainly a place that caters to all.
    蕉赖CherasSunway VeloCity 综合商业、住宅、零售以及公园于一身,这为业界带来新气象,因为此项目的行人道和马路是隔开而建,强调行人的权利和更大的空间。Sunway VeloCity可说是首都硕果仅存的永久产权项目,距离KLCC只有大约10至15分钟车程,临近有Aeon和半山芭菜市集,可满足一般住户的日常需要。临近有3所本地学校和一个面积颇大的公园,适合家庭住户居住。公共交通颇为方便,Sunway VeloCity南方就是一个巴士站;向北推进就是Pudu 轻快铁站。项目强调把都会生活所需集合于一身,购物商场与服务式公寓连于一体, 良好的行人道空间让吉隆坡其他产业项目望尘莫及。


  • 名称: Sunway VeloCity
  • 地址: Jalan Cheras, Taman Maluri, Cheras, 55100 Kuala Lumpur
  • 发展商: Sunway City Bhd(SunCity)
  • 竣工日期: 2013年
  • 类型: 住宅、商业 & 零售
  • 产权: 永久地契
  • 单位数目:
  • 办公单位
  • 标准型: 104
  • 复式单位: 8
  • 零售单位
  • 地面层 & 夹心层: 6
  • 环保楼层: 6
  • 土地面积: 21.76 acres
  • 设施

  • 全面营业商场
  • 环保层
  • 面积2 英亩中央公园
  • Market Trends

    Latest transaction in Sunway VeloCity, Cheras

    SPA Date Address Size Price
    06/12/2015 Off Jalan Cheras 1884 ft2 1614900
    07/10/2015 Off Jalan Cheras 1184 ft2 1300000
    31/07/2015 Off Jalan Cheras 1916 ft2 1632000


    蕉赖的Sunway VeloCity是个独特项目,融合都市生活所需於一身,这里有商业办公室、零售商店、购物商场、公园以及服务式公寓。整个综合计划强调让行人拥有更宽敞空间,因此设有个别的行人道,跟吉隆坡市区严重缺乏行人道很不一样。 若您嫌Sunway VeloCity价格偏高,其周边也有不少住宅大楼,难得是这个计划是硕果仅存的永久产权项目,预料会吸引大批潜在买家进场。这里除了公共交通方便,其他的社区设施例如学校或菜市集都在不远处,Sunway VeloCity绝对是不错的自住或投资物业。


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