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D'9 Bangsar is a 9-storey block of low rise condominium that encompasses total of 9 boutique apartments. It is a luxury condominium that nestled along Jalan Kapas at the highest point of Bukit Bandaraya. It is also the last undeveloped land in the upmarket Bangsar. It is developed on a 15,000 sf of freehold land, and it is a maiden project of Topaz Ace. This project takes around 18 months to complete, which is scheduled to be in the year of 2010. D'9 Bangsar offers different types of units and layouts to meet different needs. It consists of 5 suites, 3 duplexes and 1 penthouse. The 5 suites are with the built-ups ranging from 3,626 sf to 3,628 sf, while the 3 duplexes and penthouse are with the built-ups of 5,272 sf and 10,000 sf respectively. Each duplex unit at D'9 Bangsar will be attached with a private pool while the penthouse will have its 800 sf used as an entertainment area, which one can change it to a spa or Jacuzzi area. The suites are priced from RM2.9 - RM3.3 millions, while the duplexes are priced from RM4 - RM4.6 millions. The most expensive penthouse costs more than RM8 millions and the management fee will be ranging from 35-50 sens psf. Similar to other condominiums, D'9 Bangsar is completed with luxury condominium facilities, such as barbecue area, club house, covered parking, gymnasium, Jacuzzi, playground, sauna, swimming pool, wading pool, 24hr security and cafeteria. Apart from that, some amenities can also be accessible within Bangsar, which including restaurants, temple, church, tuition center, clinic, night market, shops, and schools. It is definitely situated at an exclusive enclave where accessibility is excellent. It can be accessible from Jalan Bangsar and Jalan Maarof and hence linked to KL Sentral, Mid Valley City and Jalan Telawi. Besides, there is a LRT station (Bangsar) within walking distance for one to access to other townships easily.

Property Details

  • Name: D'9 Bangsar
  • Address: Jalan Kapas, Bangsar Hill 59100 Kuala Lumpur
  • Developer: Topaz Ace
  • Completion Date: 2010 (estimate)
  • Type: Condominium
  • Tenure: Freehold
  • No. of Blocks: 1
  • No. of Storey: 9
  • No. of Units: 9
  • Built-up
  • Suites: 3,626 - 3,628 sf
  • Duplexes: 5,272 sf
  • Penthouse: 10,000 sf
  • Maintenance Fee: RM0.35 - RM0.50 psf
  • Launch Price
  • Suites: RM2.9 - RM3.3 mil
  • Duplexes: RM4.0 - RM4.6 mil
  • Penthouse: Over RM8.0 mil
  • Subsale Price:
  • Rental:
  • Facilities

  • Barbecue area
  • Club house
  • Covered parking
  • Gymnasium
  • Jacuzzi
  • Playground
  • Sauna
  • Swimming pool
  • Wading pool
  • 24hr security
  • Cafeteria
  • Analysis

    D'9 Bangsar is named as such because it consists of 9 levels and 9 units. In addition, this number is considered lucky in Chinese community, and it is also the favorite number for the developer. 50% of this property was sold out within 2 months once the sign board was being shown at the site. Most of the purchasers are those currently living in Bangsar, as well as Koreans. D'9 Bangsar has obtained a very good response for its sale due to its location and structure. It is located at a much sought-after Bangsar, where just in the neighborhoods of KLCC, Petaling Jaya and Mont Kiara. Besides, it is situated up on the hill where panoramic city view is visible for each unit, and yet closer to the convenient amenities. That is the reason why many expatriates choose to stay in Bangsar. Apart from the great location, the structure of D'9 Bangsar is another trait. It is built in a square shape so that the spaces can be maximized and all the spaces are beautifully articulated by its stylist interior and flawless finishing. The interior architecture and design are made by world class architect and award winning interior design. Hence, the outcome is definitely satisfying the purchasers' demand.Nothing is perfect, it is found that D'9 Bangsar is built on a vacant land that is not suitable for development. There was a caveat against construction on this land few years ago, as there are 2 huge water tanks located next to this land which are supplying water to the residents of Bukit Bandaraya and more than 15 apartments in that area. It is believed that the construction of D'9 Bangsar will influence the structure of the water tanks but the developer has taken measures to safeguard the water tanks and prevent any leakages.
    精品公寓D'9 Bangsar 是一座9层楼的低层公寓,整栋楼只有9个单位,它位于孟沙(Bangsar)Bukit Bandaraya最高之处,可算是孟沙最后开发的高尚住宅区。此项目属于永久地契产业,占地15,000平方尺,也是发展商Topaz Ace的处女作,於2010年完成。D’9 Bangsar有3种户型给不同需求的买家选择,分别是5个套房单位、3个复式单位以及1个阁楼单位。套房的使用面积介于3626至3628平方尺,而复式单位及阁楼的面积分别是5272和10,000平方尺。每个复式单位连接一个私人泳池,而阁楼有800平方尺是充作玩乐区,也可以改装为水疗或水力按摩浴缸。套房价格介于RM2.9 millions至 RM3.3 millions,而复式单位价格则介于RM4 millions 至RM4.6 millions。整个项目最昂贵的当然是阁楼——叫价超过RM8 millions,管理费每平方尺介于RM0.35至RM0.50。设施方面,跟其他奢华公寓一样,备有俱乐部、烧烤区、有盖停车位、健身室、水力按摩浴缸、桑拿、游乐场、泳池、浅水池、咖啡厅以及24小时保安。孟沙是个发展成熟的市镇,这里的便利设施应有尽有,包括餐馆、寺庙、教堂、补习中心、夜市场、诊所、学校和商店。多条大道连接寓所,并可透过Jalan Bangsar和Jalan Maarof前往KL Sentral、Mid Valley City以及Jalan Telawi。此外,不远处的Bangsar轻快铁站可让住户不必开车也可通往各大城镇。


  • 名称: D’9 Bangsar
  • 地址: Jalan Kapas, Bangsar Hill 59100 Kuala Lumpur
  • 发展商: Topaz Ace
  • 竣工日期: 2010
  • 类型: 公寓
  • 产权: 永久地契
  • 建筑物: 1栋
  • 层数: 9层
  • 单位数目: 9
  • 实用面积:
  • 套房: 3,626 – 3,628 sf
  • 复式单位: 5,272 sf
  • 阁楼: 10,000 sf
  • 管理费: RM0.35 – RM0.50 psf
  • 推介价:
  • 套房: RM2.9 – RM3.3 mil
  • 复式单位: RM4.0 – RM4.6 mil
  • 阁楼: Over RM8.0 mil
  • 转售价: RM3,200,000 - RM4,250,000
  • 租金: RM9,000 - RM18,000
  • 设施

  • 烧烤区
  • 俱乐部
  • 有盖停车位
  • 健身室
  • 水力按摩
  • 游乐场
  • 桑拿浴室
  • 泳池
  • 浅水池
  • 24小时保安
  • 咖啡厅
  • 分析

    D’9 Bangsar的命名是基于它只有9层和9个单位,对华人来说,9绝对是个吉祥号码,看来对发展商来说也是如此,此楼盘的广告牌才竖立在工地2个月,50%的单位即售罄,大部分的买家都来自孟沙,部分是韩国藉买家。D’9的独特设计和地理位置是它最大卖点,它介于KLCC、八打灵再也和Mont Kiara的中间位置,深受产业买家的喜爱,加上地势较高,可观望城市全景以及附近有许多便利设施,因此吸引很多外国人在这里落户。D’9的机构属于方形,这可充分运用空间进行室内设计,而发展商起用的室内设计师,都是赫赫有名的大腕,成品让买家赞叹不已。


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