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M City is the latest integrated development project by Oasis Garden Development, a wholly owned subsidiary of Mah Sing. The Mah Sing brand is boasted by numerous international and domestic awards, establishing itself in the medium to high-end property development segment. This particular ultra-modern integrated development includes residential suites, designer SOHO, 3-storey boutique retails and supermarket. M-City is definitely the epitome of modern sophisticated urban living. The most unique feature of M City is definitely the first of its kind multi-level thematic hanging gardens, transforming city living which generally characterized by concrete jungle, pollutions and noise into an oasis. The green theme is evident in Lagoon Park at Level 7, Bamboo Grove at Level 11, Spring Park at Level 17, Altitude Sky Club at Level 23 to 26, Tropical Sanctuary at Level 29 and Sky Garden at Level 35. M-City is an integrated development that offers four unique designs integrated to form a modern urban living space. The service apartments have five designs ranging from 506 sf to 1,903 sf, catering to everyone from singles to families who appreciate stress free living.
Water has been scientifically proven to be a source of comfort to humans from times long gone, providing negative ions that calms the mind and soothes away stress. What better way to obtain this benefit in the heart of the city by getting a unit at the Lagoon Suites of M City. With water flowing down the middle and lush greenery cropping up from ledges, buyers will be mesmerised from their first look. The Lagoon Suites are now open for registration with highly limited units available. M City aspires to intricately seam together urban and nature living with this concept. The suite owners are offered magnificent lagoon view made of lush green canopies being reflected from the pool from their balconies.The designer SOHO (Small Office / Home Office) has four designs ranging from 781 sf to 1,330 sf, suitable for entrepreneurs want amenities at their door steps. The Sky Residences is your sweet home in the sky which offering privacy and exclusivity for the most discerning. Lastly, the 200 meter retail strip of 3-storey shop lot with extra wide facet at 28' will surely give retail business a boast. It is the first of its kind that offers boutique shopping experience on Embassy Row.Designed to be Green Building Index (GBI) compliant, M City is a green building with environmental friendly designs which include energy efficiency, automated disposal system, conservation of natural resources and water quality protection. It is a development project designed to achieve long term sustainability through reducing carbon footprints. Furthermore, M City is among the pioneering development projects which incorporate environmental friendly designs like energy efficiency, automated disposal system, natural resources conservation and water quality protection in Kuala Lumpur.
M City primarily focuses on developing trendy, high quality properties in prime and strategic locations. This project is located on the famous Embassy Row at the end of Jalan Ampang, neighboring to RISDA HQ and Plaza Ampang City. It remains a quiet location among the hustle and bustle of downtown Kuala Lumpur. M City is highly accessible via Jalan Ampang which leads to KLCC; Middle Ring Road 2 (MRR2) which leads to Ulu Klang on the north or Subang Jaya on the south; and Ampang-Kuala Lumpur Elevated Highway (AKLEH). Public transports are readily available such as RapidKL buses and LRT stations at Jelatek, Dato Keramat and Ampang Jaya. It is close to many amenities like international schools like Sayfol International School and the International School of Kuala Lumpur for top quality education. Reputable healthcare providers are just a stone's throw away like Gleneagles Medical Centre, Prince Court Medical Centre and Ampang Puteri Specialist Hospital.

Property Details

  • Name: M City
  • Address: Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur
  • Developer: Oasis Garden Development (a subsidiary of Mah Sing)
  • Type: Service Apartment, Designer SOHO, Sky Residences & Retail Shop
  • Tenure: Freehold
  • Land Area: 4.96 acres
  • Launch Price
  • Service Apartment
  • Studio: From RM712,800
  • 1-Bedroom: From RM939,800
  • 1-Bedroom Duplex: From RM1,106,800
  • 2-Bedroom: From RM1,233,800
  • 2-Bedroom Duplex: From RM1,212,800
  • 3+1 Bedroom: From RM1,861,800
  • 3+1 Bedroom Duplex: From RM1,972,800
  • Designer SOHO: Fully Sold
  • Sky Residences: Open for Registration
  • Retail Shop: Fully Sold
  • Layouts

  • Service Apartment
  • Studio: 506 – 608 sf
  • 1-Bedroom: 678 - 929 sf
  • 1-Bedroom Duplex: 981 sf
  • 2-Bedroom: 887 – 1,228 sf
  • 2-Bedroom Duplex: 1,041 - 1,406 sf
  • 3+1 Bedroom: 1,653 - 2,149 sf
  • 3+1 Bedroom Duplex: 1,920 - 2,523 sf
  • Sky Residences: To be advised
  • Retail Shop: 28 x 78 ft
  • Facilities

  • Altitude Sky Club at level 23-26 – chic 4-tier private residents’ clubhouse
  • Indoor squash court
  • Sky bridge gardens
  • Private pool with excellent city and lake view
  • Pool deck
  • Sky gym
  • Multi-purpose room
  • Yoga & Meditation room
  • Cantilever Viewing Deck
  • Multi level hanging gardens
  • Business centre
  • Meeting room
  • Amenities

  • First of its kind multi level thematic hanging gardens
  • Total landscaping spans over 4 acres
  • Located along Jalan Ampang – the Embassy Row
  • Village Grocer confirmed as anchor retailer
  • Surrounded by international communities (Fairview International school, Sayfol International school and International School of Kuala Lumpur)
  • Easily accessible via comprehensive network of roads and highways (MRR2, AKLEH)
  • North-South orientation
  • Green building features
  • Modern boutique retail convenience at your door step
  • Analysis

    Mah Sing is one of Malaysia's premier lifestyle property developers with 18 years of experience behind them. Listed on the Main Board of Bursa Malaysia, Mah Sing is a fully integrated developer of residential, commercial and industrial projects in the hotspots of Kuala Lumpur, Klang Valley, Penang and Johor Bahru. It is hardly unexpected of them to come up with this visionary development design. As of October 2013, all the Soho units and retail shops have been fully sold.M City will definitely set the bar for future developments in Kuala Lumpur. Other developers will have to present a concept that can surpass the ingenuity of Thematic Hanging Garden at various levels spanning over 4 acres. Additionally, these units are semi-furnished and clad with fancy furnishings and electrical appliances courtesy of Mah Sing. Among the bonuses include bedroom wardrobe and vanity cabinet with mirror, kitchen cabinets, air conditioners, refrigerator, washer cum dryer, microwave oven, built in hood and hob as well as water heaters. Mah Sing shall also absorb the legal fees for sales and purchase agreement. It is not surprising to know that the price of M City units have escalated since launch, according to various reports.
    Located strategically on Embassy Row and easy accessibility from all directions, rental returns are assured for those who are looking to invest for the long term. M-City embodies the essences of sophisticated urban modern living, yet remains comfortably remote from the hustle and bustle of downtown Kuala Lumpur, it is definitely the new city landmark. Many urbanites are reluctant to deal with heavy traffic on Jalan Ampang and Jalan Tun Razak to get to the city centre for their needs. It would be wise if Mah Sing could lure in high-end retailers for their commercial units. It was reported that they recently grant the 39,000 square feet supermarket floor to gourmet supermarket chain, Village Grocer.
    M City是Mah Sing独资子公司Oasis Garden Development最新力作,马星则是获国内外数项之名大奖的房地产品牌,主打中高档房产项目,反观M City则是集公寓套房、小型家居办公室(SOHO)、3层楼高的精品零售商铺与超级市场于一身的综合型发展计划。M City绝对是现代化精明城市生活的典型,这个混合项目最引人注意的特色,就是首创的悬吊式多层空中花园,把象征城市生活的钢骨森林、污染及吵杂化为绿洲。绿色的主题元素清楚凸显在7楼的Lagoon Park、11楼的Bamboo Grove、17楼Spring Park、23楼与26楼空中俱乐部、29楼Tropical Sanctuary,及35楼的空中花园。M City集合4种独特设计格局组成一个摩登城市生活空间,服务公寓则有5种户型,介于506至1, 903平方尺,可满足有意追寻无压力生活的人。
    水已获得科学验证,是能安抚人心的资源,当中的负离子有助镇静人的思绪及缓和压力,还有什么比在位于中心的M City拥有1单位的Lagoon Suites,更能获得这个资源,在一片绿意中,可见绿水流过,买家肯定会在看到的第一眼深深被迷住。灵活设计的SOHO则有4种格局,面积从781到1,330平方尺,适合追求便利设施的创业家。Sky Residences则是主打空中美丽家园,让住户可享有绝对隐私;还有200米长的3层楼零售商铺,凭着宽敞的空间定能带旺整个零售商铺;这同时也是大使路一带首个提供精品购物体验的零售商铺。为符合绿色建筑指数(GBI),M City建筑元素包括节省能源、自动排污系统、保障天然资源与水源品质,以透过减少碳排量达至永续发展,综合以上种种,M City绝对是绿色建筑的先驱,将节约能源、保障吉隆坡天然资源与水源品质等贯彻在建设中,达至爱护环境。
    M City主打时尚与高品质,这个项目坐落在Jalan Ampang闻名的大使路一带,与RISDA总部和Plaza Ampang City比邻,仍可在吉隆坡市区喧嚣环境中保有宁静生活。M City大道衔接方便,取道Jalan Ampang可抵达KLCC;从第二中环公路(MRR 2)北上可通向淡江(Ulu Kelang),南下可抵达梳邦再也(Subang Jaya)。另外还可通向安邦—吉隆坡高架公路(AKLEH)。这附近公共交通便利,除了有RapidKL巴士穿梭,还邻近几个轻快铁站,比如Jelatek、Dato Keramat和Ampang Jaya。M City周边便利设施繁多,诸如Sayfol 国际学校和吉隆坡国际学校(International School of Kuala Lumpur)等顶尖学府的国际学校。另外还有知名保健中心,包括鹰阁医院(Gleneagles)、Prince Court 医疗中心与Ampang Puteri专科医院皆在咫尺之遥的距离。


  • 名称:M City
  • 地址:Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur
  • 发展商:Oasis Garden Development (Mah Sing子公司)
  • 类型: 服务公寓、SOHO、空中住宅与零售商铺
  • 产权:永久地契
  • 占地面积:4.96英亩
  • 推售价
  • 服务公寓:RM712,800
  • 1房式:从RM939,800起跳
  • 1房复式:从RM1,106,800起跳
  • 2房式:从RM1,233,800起跳
  • 2房复式:从RM1,212,800起跳
  • 3+1卧室:从RM1,861,800起跳
  • 3+1复式卧室:从RM1,972,800起跳
  • 房产户型

  • 服务公寓
  • Studio:506至608 sf
  • 1房式:678至929 sf
  • 1房复式:981 sf
  • 2房式:887至1,228 sf
  • 2房复式:1,041至1,406 sf
  • 3+1卧室:1,653至2,149 sf
  • 3+1复式卧室:1,920至2,523 sf
  • 零售商铺:28 X 78 ft
  • 设施

  • 23至26楼空中俱乐部
  • 室内壁球场
  • 空中花园桥
  • 私人游泳池
  • 泳池甲板
  • 空中健身室
  • 多用途房间
  • 瑜伽与静坐室
  • 悬空瞭望露台
  • 空中花园
  • 商业中心
  • 会议室
  • 便利设施

  • 首创悬吊式空中花园
  • 景观横跨4英亩
  • 坐落在大使馆区(Jalan Ampang)
  • 主要零售商确定是Village Grocer
  • 国际社区环绕(Fairview 国际学校、Sayfol 国际学校及吉隆坡国际学校)
  • 完善公路与高速公路衔接比如第二中环公路与安邦—吉隆坡高架公路
  • 坐北向南
  • 绿色建筑元素
  • 摩登精品服装零售商铺
  • 分析

    马星集团在房产业已有18年的经验,是本地主打优质生活房产发展商。在马股上市的马星积极在吉隆坡热门地区、巴生谷、新山与槟城发展住宅、商业与工业项目,故对于这公司推出这般有远见的发展设计,一点也不难预料。截至2013年10月,M City所有的居家办公室及零售商铺已全数售罄。M City势必将为吉隆坡未来发展项目设下一个标准,其他发展商必须提出可超越多层式悬吊空中花园的新颖概念。此外,这里的单位虽都是半装修,但出自马星好意下都配有完整电器设备,还加送卧室衣橱、附镜子的橱柜、厨房橱柜、冷气机、冰箱、洗衣机兼干衣机、微波炉、热水器等。另一方面,马星也将吸纳买卖合约中的律师费,根据报导,M City推出以来价格节节攀升,这事早在意料之内。
    坐落在大使路一带,交通四通八达,对于有意长期投资的投资者而言,M City绝对可带来回报。M City体现精明城市生活,但仍能在城市喧嚣中保留僻静安宁,绝对是这城市新兴地标。基于Jalan Ampang与Jalan Tun Razak交通堵塞的情况,许多都市人都不愿为了日常所需前往市区, 若马星可吸引高档零售商到此设立商业据点,无疑是明智之举。据报导,马星近来已将M City面积达39,000平方尺的超级市场楼层,准许知名超商Village Grocer在此营业。