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Setia Indah

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Setia Indah is a major self-sustaining township amidst serene greenery nestled in the southern growth corridor of Johor Bahru. Sited within a gated and guarded community, the township neighbors Taman Daya and Taman Mount Austin. There are 3 types of residences offered, namely double-storey cluster house, double-storey terrace house and bungalow. For the double-storey cluster house, there are 3 types available, known as Cuarzo 1, 2 and 2A. Cuarzo 1 comprises a total of 32 units and the house is built with built-up area of 2,194 sf and land area of 32' x 70'. Cuarzo 2 has 40 units, and the house is built on 36' x 70' of land size and built-up size of 2,375 sf. Cuarzo 2A only consists of 4 units and each unit has built-up size of 2,279 sf and land size of 36' x 65'. At the moment, there is only The Z Bungalow series launched. There are 2 types to choose from, Type A and B, each consists of 11 units. Type A is a 2-storey bungalow is built on 50' x 85' and has built-up size of 3,795 sf. Meanwhile, Type B is a 2.5-storey bungalow with land area of 50' x 85' and built-up size of 4,212 sf. The terrace houses development is the major component of the township. There are several types of terraces available. The first phase is 360 (d) IV that consists of 22 units. The house has land area of 20' x 75' and built-up size of 1,873 sf. 180 (d) I series consists of 111 units, and each unit has land area of 22' x 70' and built-up size of 1,940 sf. 360 (d) I series has land area of 20' x 70' and built-ups of 1,740 sf. There are a total of 97 units. Axis I series has land size of 20' x 80' and built-up size of 2,174 sf. Axis I comprises 69 units. Axis II comprises 39 units, and each house is built on 22' x 80' with built-up area of 2,353 sf. 360 (d) II series has the same design as 360° I series, but 360 (d) II series has larger land area of 20' x 70' and built-up size of 1,740 sf. 360 (d) II series comes in 19 units. 270 (d) II series has 74 units, and each unit has land size of 20' x 70' and built-up size of 1,716 sf. 270 (d) I comprises 72 units, and the house is built on land size of 20' x 70' and built-up area of 1,693 sf. The residential component of Setia Indah is supported by the shop-office development, and one of the commercial components here is Indahmas 3. Indahmas 3 comprises 1-storey terrace shop office with built-up area of 22' x 70' (1,540 sf). The shop-office was launched from RM285,800.Being a self-sustained community, Taman Setia Indah is equipped with comprehensive amenities, facilities and infrastructure. For security, the township is geared with Innovative Centrex Service (supported by Telekom Malaysia) whereby residences are connected to the guardhouse via broadband and intercom services. The system also allows phone calls between residences within the township - for FREE. Adding to that, the security feature is enhanced with the normal 24-hour security patrol. Plus, for recreational activities, the township will be furnished with basketball court, football field, jogging track, aerobic corner and tai chi corner within the 18-acre town park. Other amenities include schools, petrol stations, police station and wet market.

Property Details

  • Name: Setia Indah
  • Address: Jalan Setia, 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor
  • Developer: SP Setia
  • Completion Date
  • Cluster: Aug 2012
  • Bungalow: Apr 2013
  • Terrace: May 2012
  • Type: Terrace, Cluster & Bungalow
  • Tenure: Freehold
  • No. of Storey: 2 & 2.5
  • Built-up
  • Cluster: 2,194 - 2,375 sf
  • Bungalow: 3,795 - 4,212 sf
  • Terrace: 1,693 - 2,353 sf
  • Shop-Office
  • Indahmas 3: 1,540 sf
  • Launch Price
  • Cluster
  • Cuarzo 1: From RM695,900
  • Cuarzo 2: From RM734,300
  • Cuarzo 2A: From RM694,900
  • Bungalow
  • The Z (Type A): From RM1,301,700
  • The Z (Type B): From RM1,422,900
  • Terrace
  • 360° IV: From RM460,800
  • 180° I: From RM464,300
  • 360° I: From RM401,700
  • Axis I: From RM500,300
  • 360° II: From RM412,400
  • 270° II: From RM434,600
  • Shop-Office
  • Indahmas 3: From RM285,800
  • Facilities

  • 24-hour security
  • Lush landscape
  • 18-acre town park
  • Schools
  • Petrol stations
  • Police station
  • Wet market
  • Analysis

    Setia Indah maintains quite a number of old trees and is furnished with abundance of trees and beds of flowers to make living amidst a garden. This is one of the main highlights of the development and a promise by SP Setia. There are variety of festive campaigns and charitable activities held by the community and the developer here. The activities are part of SP Setia social responsibilities. Just like Setia Tropika, most buyers are satisfied with the quality and residential concept introduced by SP Setia. Many buyers chip into the development because of SP Setia reputable brand name.


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