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Temokin Promenade

Pasir Gudang

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Shop (Shop lot)



4 Bathroom - 6 Bathroom


3080 sq ft - 9573 sq ft

Sales Gallery Location

No. 50, Jalan Jambu 6, Taman Kota Masai, 81700, Johor Bahru, Johor
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Number of units

125 Units

Estimated Completion Date

May 2026

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More about Temokin Promenade

Introducing Temokin Promenade: Crafting a Timeless Legacy in Commerce

Nestled on a sprawling 14.08-acre expanse of freehold land, Temokin Promenade is poised to redefine the landscape of commercial excellence in Nusa Damai. This extraordinary development boasts a myriad of distinctive features, creating an iconic destination that promises to captivate both entrepreneurs and visitors.

A Haven of Freehold Ownership

Spanning a vast 14.08 acres of freehold land, Temokin Promenade assures investors and entrepreneurs of enduring stability. The promise of freehold ownership sets the stage for businesses to flourish in an environment that encourages long-term success.

Versatile Shop Units: 2 & 3 Storeys of Opportunity

With a total of 125 meticulously designed shop units, Temokin Promenade offers a versatile range of 2 and 3 storey (22 ft x 70 ft) spaces to cater to your unique business requirements. Whether you're launching a new venture or expanding an existing one, these units provide the perfect canvas for your entrepreneurial vision.

Strategic Location Amidst Educational Excellence

Located in Nusa Damai, an established residential area, Temokin Promenade is surrounded by a thriving community. Its proximity to two major educational institutions, University Kuala Lumpur MITEC and MARA University of Technology in Pasir Gudang, ensures a steady flow of potential customers and business opportunities.

Gateway to Prosperity: Bandar Seri Alam & Eco Tropics

Strategically positioned between Bandar Seri Alam and Eco Tropics, Temokin Promenade sits adjacent to Persiaran Damai, the bustling epicenter of business and the renowned township of Pasir Gudang. With approximately 20,000 daily vehicle passersby, this location guarantees high visibility and accessibility.

Contemporary Victorian Architectural Facade

A distinctive facade design blending contemporary and Victorian architectural elements sets Temokin Promenade apart from the rest. This unique aesthetic not only differentiates it from other commercial developments but also beckons visitors to explore its timeless charm.

Enchanting Recreational Park & Food Truck Zones

Temokin Promenade takes community engagement to the next level with a captivating recreational park. Featuring well-planned walkways, playgrounds, and a picturesque retention pond reminiscent of a small lake, this park encourages visitors to linger and explore, enhancing foot traffic for businesses. The inclusion of two well-designated food truck areas adds a delightful culinary dimension to the development.

Ample Parking & EV Charging Stations

With over 600 parking bays, including 6 electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, Temokin Promenade ensures the convenience of visitors and business owners alike. Parking woes become a thing of the past, allowing patrons to shop, dine, and enjoy their time without worry.

Enhanced Security and Benchmark Setting

To elevate safety standards, Temokin Promenade collaborates with local authorities to provide two CCTV points, enhancing security control in the public area. This commitment to safety sets a benchmark for future commercial developments in Nusa Damai and Pasir Gudang.

"Crafting Timeless Legacy" - A Concept Beyond Time

Temokin Promenade's slogan, "Crafting Timeless Legacy," reflects its commitment to enduring excellence. The fusion of contemporary and Victorian architectural designs creates an ambiance that feels like a journey through time. It is a testament to the development's dedication to creating a legacy that stands the test of time.

A Hub that Never Sleeps

Temokin Promenade aspires to be a thriving commercial hub that operates beyond the traditional 8 am to 10 pm hours. Elements such as the community park, playground, walkways, designated food truck zones, ample parking, proposed CCTV, and more, all contribute to making this area a vibrant and inviting destination that never sleeps.

In summary, Temokin Promenade represents a visionary opportunity for forward-thinking entrepreneurs and investors seeking a place where commerce thrives, innovation prevails, and communities flourish. Join us in crafting a timeless legacy and be part of a dynamic and prosperous future at Temokin Promenade. Your journey to business excellence begins here.

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