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Lumina Kiara is a development that encompasses 2 towers of condominium blocks and semi-detached houses on a 2.35 acres freehold land. It is a gated and guarded hilltop residence that located along Jalan Duta Kiara at Mont Kiara. The developer of Lumina Kiara is ECH Development & Management. The development is scheduled to complete in year 2010.The 2 towers of condominium blocks at Lumina Kiara are each 23-storey and 29-storey respectively. Both towers only house 104 units, and there will be only 6 units on each floor. The 2 low density blocks are divided into 4 different types; which are 52 units of Avantgarde, 31 units of Maisonette, 14 units of Premiere and 7 units of Penthouse. The Avantgarde is a single storey with built-up area of 1,448 sf, 2+1 rooms / 3+1 rooms, 3 bathrooms and a large living and dining room. On the other hand, the Maisonette and Premiere are duplex with built-up area of 2,552 sf and 3,152 sf respectively. Each of them has 4+1 rooms, 5 bathrooms, a large living and dining room. The exclusive penthouse is a tailor made single deluxe storey with a built-up area of 3,152 sf, 4+1 rooms, 5 bathrooms, dry/wet kitchen, a large living and dining room. Apart from that, there are 12 exclusive units of 3-storey semi-detached houses in Lumina Kiara. Each unit of semi-detached house will have a spacious built-up area of 4,100 sf and an average plot size of 2,900 sf. It includes a large living room and dining room, dry and wet kitchen, 5+1 rooms and 6 bathrooms. Each unit of semi-detached house at Lumina Kiara will have a private lift, while there will be 3 lifts (inclusive of 1 service/fire lift) served to each floor of the condominium. There are total of 282 car park bays available in the entire condominium. Each unit of Avantgarde and Maisonette comes with 2 car park bays while each unit of Premiere and Penthouse comes with 3 car park bays. An additional car park is available on the first come first served at the price of RM50,000 per lot. Also, there are 13 lots ready for the motorcycle parking.Lumina Kiara is situated at one of the most sought after area in Mont Kiara, as the area not just surrounded by plenty of amenities but magnificent valleys and hills. It is located between Mont Kiara Meridin and La Grande Kiara. There are shopping centers at the vicinity area to serve the residents such as Solaris Mont Kiara and Plaza Mont Kiara. Also, international schools namely Mont Kiara International School, Garden International School and French International School and several of government schools are found within the residential area. Apart from that, there are also golf clubs like Selangor Club and Bukit Kiara Equestrian Club, national science center and a reserved garden within few minutes drive away from Lumina Kiara as a recreation for the residents during their weekends.Lumina Kiara can be easily accessible through several prime roads and highways such as Jalan Bukit Kiara, Mont Kiara, Jalan Duta Kiara which there is a bridge linking to Solaris Mont Kiara, SPRINT Highway, NKVE Highway, Penchala Link and the new DUKE Highway. Besides, it takes only 15 minutes of driving to get to Kuala Lumpur City.

Property Details

  • Name: Lumina Kiara
  • Address: Jalan Duta Kiara, Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur
  • Developer: ECH Development & Management
  • Completion Date: 2010
  • Type: Condominium & Semi-D
  • Tenure: Freehold
  • No. of Blocks: 2
  • No. of Storey
  • Condominium: 23 & 29
  • Semi-D: 3
  • No. of Units
  • Condominium: 104
  • Avantgarde: 52
  • Maisonette: 31
  • Premiere: 14
  • Penthouse: 7
  • Semi-D: 12
  • Built-up
  • Condominium
  • Avantgarde: 1,448 sf
  • Maisonette: 2,552 sf
  • Premiere: 3,152 sf
  • Penthouse: 3,152 sf
  • Semi-D: 4,100 sf
  • Maintenance Fee
  • Condominium: RM0.25 psf (sinking fund - 10% of maintenance)
  • Semi-D: RM500 (optional RM300 for facilities outside condominium)
  • Launch Price
  • Condominium: From RM425 - RM520 psf
  • Semi-D: From RM2.6 million
  • Subsale Price:
  • Rental:
  • Facilities

  • Condominium
  • Gymnasium
  • Large, heated infinity swimming pool
  • Children's wading pool
  • Children's playground
  • Crèche room
  • Ladies' & men's changing rooms
  • Sauna
  • Function/multi-purpose hall
  • Landscaped garden
  • BBQ garden
  • Guardhouse
  • Management office
  • Lifts
  • Car parking bays
  • Semi-D
  • Guardhouse
  • Landscaped area
  • Refuse collection
  • Facilities outside the condominium
  • Market Trends

    Latest transaction in Lumina Kiara, Mont Kiara

    SPA Date Address Size Price
    14/10/2017 X-X, JALAN DUTA KIARA 2820 ft2 1620000
    10/08/2017 X-X, JALAN DUTA KIARA 3208 ft2 1630000
    07/06/2017 X-X, JALAN DUTA KIARA 1421 ft2 1050000
    14/04/2017 X-X, JALAN DUTA KIARA 3143 ft2 1850000
    13/04/2017 X-XA, JALAN DUTA KIARA 2820 ft2 1600000


    The developer of Lumina Kiara, ECH Development & Management, is a new developer. Somehow, this company is the owner of The Beach Club, Nuovo, Poppy & Passion, so it shouldn't be a problem for it to take over this development.Since the total 104 units from different types of layouts, their allocation are different as well. From level 1 to level 8, there will be 6 units of Avantgarde on every floor; from level 9 to level 22 there will be 4 units of Maisonette on every 2 floors and 1 unit of Premiere on every floor; for level 23 there will be 1 unit of Penthouse and 4 units of Avantgarde; from level 24 to level 29 there will be 1 unit of Penthouse on every floor and 1 unit of Maisonette on every 2 floors.The residents of Lumina Kiara can stay at this luxurious sanctuary with peace of mind as it is completed with specific security and safety features. For semi-detached house, each unit will have a guardhouse with CCTV and intercom. The boom gate only can be operated by an access control card which only possessed by the house owners. On the other hand, each unit in the condominium will be completed with CCTV and intercom as well as provided an access control card to operate the front boom gate, a special coding system with finger print system to enter the side entrance, CCTV at selected locations which can be viewed from individual TV screen and an access control card to enter the lift lobbies. There are 2 entry/exit points in the condominium. One of them is from the front at ground level, and another one is from the side directly to Basement 2. The front entrance is accessible by the access control card and under 24-hour guarded, while the side entrance is only accessible by the special coding system with the finger print system. There is also another entry point from the side directly to Basement 1 but this is only strictly for the maintenance trucks. In the early 1900s, Mont Kiara is just a rubber plantation. Now, it becomes one of the top ten precincts in the Klang Valley area, as it is full of high-rise condominiums, luxurious houses, restaurants, schools and offices. Its strategic location not just attracting Malaysians but also expatriates from oversea. Just the location of the Lumina Kiara, we can see that there are a lot of other residences at the surrounding, such as Mont Kiara Bayu, Mont Kiara Aman, Mont Kiara Astana, Mont Kiara Sophia, Mont Kiara Damai, Mont Kiara Pelangi, Mont Kiara Palma, Mont Kiara Pines, and so on. Hence, it is not surprise that on the way back home to Lumina Kiara, there will be a problem of crowded and heavy traffic jam at the peak hours.All units in the Lumina Kiara are having aesthetic interior designed with the quality of floor finishes and wall finishes. All the quality materials used including marble, timber, ceramic tiles, plaster and all-weather resistant paint, plaster and emulsion paint and so forth. The windows and balcony door are coated aluminium frame glazing. In conclusion, Lumina Kiara is offering a comfortable and luxurious home to the residents, and also a good return on investments to the investors due to Mont Kiara's high demand and popularity.
    占地2.35英亩的 Lumina Kiara是有良好围篱保安的公寓和半独立式房子项目。楼盘坐落在Mont Kiara沿着Jalan Duta Kiara的山坡上,共有2栋公寓大楼与半独立房子。Lumina Kiara的2栋公寓分别是23层和29层,每一层只有6个单位,2栋楼加起来共有104个单位,属低密度住宅项目,单位分为4种格局,即52单位的Avantgarde、31个Maisonette单位、14个Premiere单位,和7单位Penthouse。Avantgarde是单层户型,面积1,448平方尺,有2+1卧室/3+1卧室、3浴室、一个大大的客厅与饭厅。Maisonette及Premiere为复式单位,面积分别有2,552及3,152平方尺,同样是4+1卧室、5浴室、备有干湿厨房、客厅和饭厅。至于Penthouse则是精心打造的单层豪华单位,面积3,152平方尺,有4+1卧室、5浴室、干湿厨房、客厅和饭厅。Lumina Kiara另有12套3层楼的半独立房子,每套房子都有宽敞空间,占地面积为4,100平方尺,平均地段面积2,900平方尺,当中有5+1卧室、6浴室、干湿厨房、宽大的客厅和饭厅。这里的半独立式房子都有私家升降机;而公寓大楼则有3部升降机提供服务,包括载货和消防升降机。公寓共有282停车位,Avantgarde与Maisonette的单位配有2个停车位,而Premiere及Penthouse单位则有3个。额外的停车位是以先到先得的方式供业主申购,每个停车位RM50,000。值得注意的是,Lumina Kiara里还设有13个摩托车停放格。Lumina Kiara坐落在满家乐(Mont Kiara)最佳的位置,地处Mont Kiara Meridin与La Grande Kiara之间,周边除了备有完善便利设施还有优美的山谷景色,这公寓兼半独立房子还邻近数间购物中心,比如Solaris Mont Kiara及Plaza Mont Kiara。 此外,知名的国际学校包括Mont Kiara 国际学校、Garden国际学校和French国际学校等皆在Lumina Kiara附近,还有几间国立学校也在此。除了学校,这附近也有几个高尔夫球俱乐部,比如Selangor Club及Bukit Kiara Equestrian Club等,国家科学馆(National Science Center)和一个花园保留区,可供住户周末到这里休闲。Lumina Kiara大道衔接良好,与几条主要公路相连,包括Jalan Bukit Kiara、满家乐、Jalan Duta Kiara(经高架公路可通往Solaris Mont Kiara)、隆西部疏散大道(SPRINT Highway)、新巴生谷大道(NKVE)、本查拉连贯大道(Penchala Link)及大使路—淡江大道(DUKE)。此外,从Lumina Kiara驱车到吉隆坡市区只需15分钟的车程。


  • 名称:Lumina Kiara
  • 地址:Jalan Duta Kiara, Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur
  • 发展商:ECH Development & Management
  • 竣工日期:2010年
  • 类型: 公寓 & 半独立式房子
  • 产权:永久地契
  • 建筑物:2栋
  • 公寓层数:23 & 29层
  • 半独立房子层数:3层
  • 公寓单位数目:104
  • Avantgarde:52
  • Maisonette:31
  • Premiere:14
  • Penthouse:7
  • 半独立房子数目:12
  • 实用面积
  • Avantgarde :1,448 sf
  • Maisonette:2,552 sf
  • Premiere:3,152 sf
  • Penthouse:3,152 sf
  • 半独立房子:4,100 sf
  • 管理费
  • 公寓:RM0.25/psf (储备金—管理费的10%)
  • 半独立房子:RM500
  • 推售价
  • 公寓:从RM425-RM520/psf起
  • 半独立房子:从RM2.6 million起
  • 转售价:RM780,000至RM2,700,000
  • 租金:RM2,900至RM11,000
  • 设施

  • 公寓设施
  • 健身室
  • 大型游泳池
  • 儿童浅水池
  • 儿童游乐场
  • 托儿所
  • 男女更衣室
  • 桑拿
  • 多功能礼堂
  • 花园景观
  • 烧烤花园
  • 保安亭
  • 管理办公司
  • 升降机
  • 停车场
  • 半独立房子设施
  • 保安亭
  • 园景地带
  • 垃圾房
  • 公寓外的设施
  • Market Trends

    Latest transaction in Lumina Kiara, Mont Kiara

    SPA Date Address Size Price
    14/10/2017 X-X, JALAN DUTA KIARA 2820 ft2 1620000
    10/08/2017 X-X, JALAN DUTA KIARA 3208 ft2 1630000
    07/06/2017 X-X, JALAN DUTA KIARA 1421 ft2 1050000
    14/04/2017 X-X, JALAN DUTA KIARA 3143 ft2 1850000
    13/04/2017 X-XA, JALAN DUTA KIARA 2820 ft2 1600000


    Lumina Kiara的发展商ECH Development & Management虽是个新晋发展商,不过这公司却是The Beach Club、Nuovo、Poppy & Passion的拥有人,相信发展这个Lumina Kiara应该不会有问题。既然Lumina Kiara的104个单位各有各的格局,每个单位的配置也不一样,从1楼到8楼,每一层有6单位Avantgarde;9楼到22楼每层配有1单位Premiere,及每两层楼4单位Maisonette。23楼则有1单位Penthouse与4单位Avantgarde;24楼到29楼每层配有1单位Penthouse,每两层有1单位Maisonette。妥善的保安与安全措施,让这里的住户住得安心,每一户半独立式单位都设有一个配有闭路电视与内部通话系统的保安亭,只有使用智能通行卡才可打开住家外的栅栏门,而智能通行卡只有屋主持有。至于Lumina Kiara的公寓单位,除了配有闭路电视、内部通话系统与开启栅栏门的智能通行卡外,还设有特别的密码与指纹系统才可进到侧门,另外还在特定地点架设闭路电视,可透过个别独立电视荧幕监控,进入电梯也需以通行卡控制。这公寓有2个出入口,其中一个设在前门底层,另一个则在侧门,可直通地下层B2,但须先通过特别密码与指纹系统 。除了这两个出入口,还有一个可从侧门直抵地下层B1,但这个出入口只是供维修人员停放罗厘。Mont Kiara在1990年代只是橡胶园,但现在却已是巴生谷10大区之一,各式高耸公寓、豪华美屋、餐馆、学校与办公楼林立,良好的地理位置不只吸引本地人,同时也紧紧抓住外籍人士的目光。单单只是Lumina Kiara,不难发现周边已有很多住宅区环绕,例如Mont Kiara Bayu、Mont Kiara Aman、Mont Kiara Aman、Mont Kiara Astana、Mont Kiara Sophia、Mont Kiara Damai、Mont Kiara Pelangi、Mont Kiara Palma、Mont Kiara Pines等等,所以当你回着Lumina Kiara的路上遇上交通阻塞一点也不奇怪,一般而言高峰时间,都会有严重堵塞的情况发生。Lumina Kiara的所有单位都以高品质室内建材打造,营造美好室内设计,这些高品质建材包括大理石、瓷砖、木材、熟石膏板与抗氧化油漆、熟石膏板与乳化塑胶漆等,窗口与阳台门则以铝制框覆盖包围。总而言之,Lumina Kiara可为住户提供舒适与豪华的住房享受,同时基于Mont Kiara的受欢迎程度与需求,绝对可为投资者带来良好收益及回报。


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