Safety & Security: What about the feng shui?

Contributed by Prof Joe Choo (Feng Shui Consultant, Public Speaker, Trainer & Author)

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In the world of everyday affairs, not all goes as planned. Some worry about the safety of their houses, health and environment, yet some worry about their finance. Therefore security is the process to protect and preventing against them.

Safety and security are two different meanings, but discussions of safety often include mention of related terms and security is such a term. With time the definitions between these two have often become interchanges, equated and frequently appear juxtaposed in the same sentence.

Due to the market demand, numerous studies and researches are being done to satisfy the demand. There are so many distinctive products and advise out there, so which one to choose and follow?

Now the role of consultant comes in to provide you with the information to make the right choice. From Feng Shui point of view, you may choose a property to avoid natural disasters such as flood, collapsed, fire or even secure the value of the property.

In Feng Shui, it is advisable to have a property at the concave of the river or the road, not the convex.

As the water flow in the river, the erosion of always at the convex. Over a period of time, part of the land at the convex shall be gone and the property there will be in the water. If it is the convex of the road, very high chances of accidents shall happen.

Properties at the concave are where the river is making a bend outwardly, this is where the energy is being collected. This energy will benefit those live at the concave such as advancement in career, gaining wealth and happy family.

They are 5 types of land are a taboo to build property, one of it is land or mountain with a lot of rock like the Chinese saying气因土而行,而石山不葬也。The meaning of this saying is earth energy transfers through the soil, but it stops at the rocky mountain.

When the earth energy is unable to go through, then it doesn’t benefit those who are living in that area, the worst scenario can be having a broken family.

Scientifically it is very dangerous to have property on rocky land or mountain, it is impossible for the pilings to go through the rock. Without solid pilings, properties in that area are not safe to stay because it might collapse at any time.

In a nutshell, this is a very basic thing in our life when we are choosing a property yet we always overlooked to create unnecessary risks.

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Professor Joe Choo

Professor Joe Choo

Prof Joe Choo is a Feng Shui Consultant, Public Speaker, Trainer & Author. She is currently the president of Malaysian Institute of Geomancy Science (MINGS).


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