First two blocks of YTL’s Fennel in Sentul East sell out within two days

Punters booked places in queue from night before with shoes and pieces of paper; at sales board, they were given exactly one minute on a timer to decide which unit to purchase.

Buyers queued from 6:30am to get the first pick of The Fennel units.

The first two blocks of YTL Land & Development Bhd’s The Fennel condominium tower units were sold out on day-two of its preview, announced the developer, after its preview last weekend.

Friday’s preview which promised a “first release” was open to VIPs and staff while the following days were open to previous buyers and registrants, which numbered 5,000.

The Fennel consists of four blocks of 38-storey condos situated at Sentul East with a total of 916 units ranging from 1,000 sq ft to 1,500 sq ft. Early indications of pricing were quoted at minimum RM650 per sq ft while YTL’s report said that the units were priced at RM700 per sq ft. The booking fee was RM30,000, which is refunded (minus 10% administrative charges) if the loan is not approved.

Project manager Y. T. Chee, who took one day of leave from work to accompany his friend to Friday’s preview, describes a hectic atmosphere.

“People queued up from 7am and each person was given one sheet of paper to buy one property, and to bring one guest with them,” he said. “The doors opened at 10.30am, and two lines were formed: one for staff, and one for VIPs.”

Some punters had begun staking out their places from the night before.

“Both lines were allowed to go in in groups of five, at which buyers were given briefings. At the sales board, each buyer was given exactly one minute to decide which unit they wanted to purchase,” said Chee, adding that buyers were even timed with a timer!

“‘Time starts now,’ they said. If you didn’t decide within one minute, you were asked to give way to the next person in the queue,” he says.

Speaking of the public preview which started from last Saturday, YTL Land & Development Berhad executive director Dato’ Yeoh Seok Kian said: “People were queuing from 6.30am at the YTL Land’s sales office in Starhill Gallery. We expected a huge turnout based on how fast The Capers was snapped up at its launch, but the response for The Fennel is even greater!”

The queue which started from the entrance of YTL Land’s Sales office snaked round the entire Relish floor at Starhill Gallery.

In fact, some punters had begun staking out their places from the night before on plastic stools that had been set up for the preview, according to Mr Y of, who attended Friday’s preview. “Many of them had to be shooed off and they left shoes and A4 papers to mark their territory!”

Chee, who had attended Friday’s preview, also returned on early Saturday morning at about 2.30am to buy another unit for his friend who lives overseas. “I saw people with sleeping bags and pillows there. They had devised their own system, where they put up number on sheets of paper to put on the stools,” he said.

Chee was rewarded for his diligence by getting a three-room 1,186 sq ft apartment within the first block for about RM820,000. A similar unit would have cost about RM50,000 more in the second block, he says.

The Fennel is YTL Land’s fourth residential project in Sentul after The Capers, The Tamarind and The Saffron, all situated in Sentul East.

According to the developer, The Fennel along with The Capers is set to alter Sentul’s skyline with its angled and wave-like iconic design. Its sharp angled iconic towers are interrupted by spacious sky terraces. Nestled in pairs, each tower is connected by a suspended 50m pool flowing from block to block.


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