What’s on StarProperty.my Feb Pullout?


What's on StarProperty.my February Pullout?

What’s on StarProperty.my February Pullout?

StarProperty.my February Pullout is out today in The Star newspaper. Don’t forget to check out our exclusive sections and property stories!


Introducing the new ABC series


The ABC or Away from the Big Capital series will focus on smaller cities or suburbs away from Kuala Lumpur that will provide the balanced lifestyle that many crave for. In the Feb Pullout, we looked into the property market of Ipoh and ventured into the rustic lifestyle in Ipoh.


Launching of “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) segment


Are you allowed to renovate your condo? How to extend real estate ownership to your spouse?

StarProperty.my now provides a platform for the readers to ask away about all things related to property. All you need to do is sent your queries to editor@starproperty.com.my, and we will find some of the answers for you.


Dive into the festive spirit


Chinese New Year is right around the corner! For those who are unsure about the Do’s and Don’ts for Chinese New Year, we have some fascinating traditions that you might want to take note of. There is also a section on discovering the meaning behind CNY decorations that will be very useful during this festive season.

For more of these stories and all things property, grab a copy of the StarProperty.my Feb pullout in The Star today! You can also download our E-mag to catch up on the latest in the property sector.




A house is a pillar of strength that unites the family, and this collective unit forms the backbone that defines the nation. Since the end of WWII and the beginning of our nation’s independence, the concept of housing has evolved over the years. From the emphasis on practicality and functionality, today's developments amalgamate the concept of living, accessibility, space and functionality into a harmonious union.

The StarProperty.my Awards 2019 is here for the fourth time to celebrate the developers and projects that laid the foundations of our nation. If you are interested in participating in the award, register at bit.ly/spawards2019.