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2018 will be the year for eclecticism, where nostalgia is reinvigorated in the world of interior design and we will see classic pieces rejoin the space with a modern touch.

By NG PAU LING pauline@thestar.com.my


Malaysian Institute of Interior Designers vice-president Ooi Boon Seong shares four interior keywords that can liven up your home and keep you updated with the latest designs for 2018.


Nowness Magic

“The concept of Nowness will be influential in the interior design field this year. It is reflected in the choice of colours, materials and design elements,” said Ooi.

The central idea of Nowness is to join the past wisdom with present flavours, shaping the magic of the present moment. It is initially mixing and incorporating older designs with a modern twist.

“Nowness is fun and happy. It is a playful collaboration between the past and present. The key focus of Nowness is the appearance of fashionable colours such as Millennial Pink with the bold combination of classic pieces, textures or giant artwork,” added Ooi.

Millennial Pink

The washed-out version of pink is becoming increasingly popular in today’s designs. Millennial Pink includes a range of muted pink hues from blush beige to soft peach and gained its name due to its popularity among the millennial generation in the social media platform.

It is soft and sweet to blend with different colours to lift the mood and brighten up the environment.

“When pairing with pastels, it creates a dreamy ambience; while flanked by bold or dark tones, it brings out strong contrast for a vibrant vibe,” explained Ooi.

You can also use Millennial Pink on furniture, drapes or throws as the accent colour to make your home more Instagram-worthy!



Nostalgia is defined as feeling sentimental for the past, typically a period or place with happy personal associations.

This year, we will see the return of classic and iconic furniture in modern and sophisticated living spaces.

“Mid-century and Scandinavian designs will never be out of date.These classic pieces work well in every design theme, therefore it is present almost anywhere.

“Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola is the expert in designing classic furniture with a modern twist,” added Ooi.


Moreover, wicker material and rattan furniture, which may invoke the nostalgic memories of the village living, will also be back this year.


Tone-on-tone means the use of different saturation of a single or few colour tones throughout the space to make it visually consistent.

The result is a room that can be dramatically transformed just by using lighter or darker tones of the same colour which creates a layering effect.

The easiest way to apply the tone-on-tone style in a home is by painting the walls in different shades within the same colour family while keeping all the furniture in similar colours as the background.



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