Top ten interesting finds of Buyers’ Sentiment Survey Report 2018

By THARMINI KENAS Buyers’ Sentiment Survey Report 2018 finds first-time buyers, upgraders and investors having different views on 2018


  1. 71.53% would not live in a place where it takes one to two hours of commuting time.
  2. 54.85% would not buy a property where the previous occupant had died there; 21.19% would still go for it!
  3. 57.12% are NOT aware that all real estate negotiators must now wear authorised tags issued by the Board of Valuers, Appraisers and Estate Agents when conducting business.
  4. 47.16% are not in favour of multi-generational loans while 25.39% are NOT aware of it.
  5. 69.21% claim that the implementation of GST affects their decision in buying a property.
  6. 40.59% look for trustable property brands.
  7. A majority of 73.24% thinks the Government is NOT doing enough to make housing affordable in the country.
  8. 52.66% think the interest rates of housing loans in Malaysia are high while 35.58% find the rates affordable.
  9. 57.45% prefer a non-furnished home with developer cash rebates while 28.71% prefer partially furnished home and only 13.84% prefer fully furnished home.
  10. 64.88% think there is an oversupply in the local property market while 22.99% think there is no oversupply; 12.13% do not know about the oversupply situation in Malaysia.

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