Bukit Gasing temple will not demolish hall until issued land title


THE Bukit Gasing Sivan Hindu Temple committee is determined not to demolish the double-storey hall on the hill until the temple is issued ownership of the land, despite the Petaling Jaya City Council’s (MBPJ) demolition approval.

Sivan Temple committee chairman T. Maharathan said he owed it to devotees to ensure matters that concerned the temple were carried out in a professional manner, which includes land ownership.

“On May 28, MBPJ Building Control Department had issued a letter to give the nod for the demolition of the hall, which was in danger of collapsing due to structural defects. I discussed this with those concerned but we cannot take action until we obtain the land title.

“The Petaling District Land Office has been dragging its feet in issuing the land title for about two years. We have written to them but there has been no response.

“We hope the Selangor government will help resolve this matter for the temple,” said Maharathan, adding that the hall would be demolished as soon as the land title was obtained.

“We will maintain the sacred temple sanctum that is outside the hall, for devotees to offer prayers until we construct a new and safer building,” he said.

Selangor executive council member V. Ganabatirau said he was willing to mediate between the temple committee and Petaling District Land Office to resolve the issue.

“Bukit Gasing assemblyman Rajiv Rishyakaran has discussed this matter with Maharathan.

“Now the temple committee must come forward and the state secretariat will do our best to resolve the matter,” said Ganabatirau.

Maharathan said he would meet Ganabatirau along with Rajiv next week.


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