Residents against hillslope development

A GROUP of residents have voiced out their protest against a hillslope project in Ampang, which they said went against existing development and planning guidelines.

De Puncak Ukay residents in Taman Ukay Perdana are objecting to an approved housing project on a steep hillslope in their neighbourhood.

It is learned that Ampang Jaya Municipal Council (MPAJ) approved the housing project consisting of 100 superlink houses on a Class IV slope.

Class 1 is the least severe in terms of terrain grading whereby slope angles are less than 15 degrees.

De Puncak Ukay Residents Association (DePura) chairman Zaini Ramlee said they planned to bring this matter up to the Prime Minister’s Office if they do not receive satisfactory answers from the local authorities within the next three weeks.

“The developers were given approval in 2008 but the work was stopped.

“We have found out that approval for the project was based on the 2008 application.

“How can this be when any development order issued has a two-year time limit?” he said during a peaceful protest.

Currently, he said contractors were doing slope stabilisation work in preparation for the project.

Zaini said safety and maintenance were their primary concerns should the project continue.

“With this kind of topography, building houses will be challenging.

“How can the developers guarantee there will be no landslides or soil erosion that could affect us?” he asked.

Engineer and resident Sabudin Mohd Salleh said under the Selangor Guidelines for Hillside and Highland Areas Development Planning 2010, any further project approvals should be subjected to the latest conditions set under the guidelines.

“MPAJ is subjected to the approval of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) by the Department of Environment for any development on hillslopes.

“They should ensure that contractors comply with and execute all the conditions, including the geotechnical reports,” Sabudin said.

MPAJ councillor Suzana Saharudin said she would arrange for a discussion between MPAJ, the developer and residents over the matter.

“I suggested that residents form a task force consisting of those who are knowledgeable about the issue.

“This way, it will be easier for both sides to communicate as it concerns technical aspects of planning,” she said.



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