Do these 5 things after buying a house


Check that everything is in its place before moving in


YOU have just become the proud owner of a house, and it’s the first time your name is on the title of a property. Like any other new home owner, you want to shop for furniture and start with the renovation.

But owning a home is a heavy responsibility. Before moving into your new home, make sure that everything is in its place.

Here is a list of things you should do:


Handle that leakage problem

Read the house inspection report and tackle any leakage problem immediately. If you ignore the early signs, the situation could worsen and become complicated.

A leaking toilet bowl may seem trivial, but the water will eventually damage the internal structure.

Make sure you check your roof because it is difficult to detect any leakage from the surface. If your ceiling is leaking, chances are the problem has been there for some time.


Close up the small holes

Before you move in and fill your home with furniture and decorations, it is prudent to check and mend all the little holes. Studies have shown that every house has some holes that could gradually lead to water leakage.


Plan your escape route

Malaysia prides itself as a country with few natural disasters. Unfortunately, this also means most Malaysians do not have a sense of urgency and often neglect proper planning when it comes to taking safety precautions.

Before bringing in the new furniture, walk around every room and figure out how to escape in case of an emergency such as a fire.

Beware of having too many pieces of furniture or putting belongings into a room that could block your escape route. You could make some adjustments early such as taking off the steel bars or opening up some windows.

Home is your shelter, don’t turn it into a death-trap.


Clean the drainage system
Do not skip this step just because it is a dull task. You do not want a clogged drain when the rainy season comes.

Besides, the organic material stuck in the drain will give out an awful stench.


Change your mailing address

You could do it after moving, though most people put it off even long after they have moved in.

Considering it takes time for mail to be delivered to your home, it pays to update your residential address as soon as possible to avoid missing important documents.

If you do not have a friendly neighbour from your old place, chances are mail sent to the old address will never reach you.


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