StarPropertyTV (Video): LBS Bina Group – The people’s developer

StarPropertyTV interviews LBS’s leader Tan Sri Lim Hock San

With a huge population to cater to, the supply of affordable housing has always been a point of contention for large cities.

In 1997, Malaysia was not spared from the Asian financial crisis. It was then that LBS Bina Group managing director Tan Sri Lim Hock San saw the struggle of the common people, especially for those living at the vicinity of Kuala Lumpur – many dreamt of owning a home, but they simply did not possess the means to realise this dream.

As such, Lim made it LBS’s mission to build affordable homes for the people.

Through his vision and leadership, LBS continues to build homes for the rakyat, earning the award-winning developer a reputation as the champion of affordable housing.  

To pick the brain of this renowned developer and entrepreneur, StarPropertyTV invited Lim onto our Inspiring Individuals program.

Catch the full interview to gain insights from the 60-year-old business mogul.

Breakdown of the interview:

  Childhood dream to reality

  Lim’s philosophy of development

  Introduction of affordable housing during the Asian financial crisis

  Lim’s focus on China market and progress

  Lim’s tips on time and stress management

  On his father, Dato’ Seri Lim Bock Seng

  How to build own wealth and promote careers

  Legacy Lim wish to leave behind

  An advice for his younger self

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Who is Tan Sri Lim Hock San?


Upon graduation in 1982 with First Class Honours in Civil Engineering from the University of Wales, UK, Lim returned to Malaysia upon his father’s request to assist in the family business of lorry transportation and construction works. Two decades later, the businesses have expanded into property development, insurance and tourism. On 6 December 2001, Lim was appointed the Managing Director of LBS Bina Group Berhad (“LBGB”). 

With excellent entrepreneurship, acquired management skills and experienced technical expertise, Tan Sri Lim became the Key Leader and spearheaded LBGB and its subsidiaries (“Group”) to become one of the leading players in the property development industry. 

These outstanding accolades were awarded personally to Lim:

  • Second prize in the British Steel Corporation Competition for Design in Hollow Steel Section, 1982
  • Recipient of the inaugural Platinum Entrepreneur Award by SMI Association of Malaysia, 2011
  • Prestigious Entrepreneur of the Year by Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards (APEA), 2012
  • Malaysia Best Company for Leadership of Property Development of the Year by International Alternative Investment Review (IAIR) Awards, 2014
  • Conferment of World Chinese Economic Summit (WCES) Lifetime Achievement Award for continued efforts in enhancing bilateral relations between Malaysia and China (Guangdong Province), 2015
  • Bestowed with The BrandLaureate Hall of Fame – Lifetime Achievement Brand Icon Leadership Awards by Asia Pacific Brands Foundations, 2015
  • Global Best Company for Leadership of Property Development of the Year by International Alternative Investment Review (IAIR) Awards, 2016

Being a philanthropist and an active advocate of social and community works, Lim sits on the board of 26 charitable organisations.

In addition, Lim holds directorship of several subsidiary companies in the Group. He is also the chairman of Risk Management Committee in LBGB and managing director of ML Global Bhd.

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