Property agents to receive recognition Real Estate Awards 2017 to take flight


For the very first time, will be hosting an awards event that would reward and highlight the endeavors of real estate agents that go the extra mile for their clients.

The awards is named The Real Estate Awards 2017, created by a dedicated team of and members that believe property markets can have a huge bearing on economies worldwide.

The categories include Top Property Agency, Top Project Marketing Agency, Rising Property Agency, Top Property Negotiator, Rising Property Negotiator, Deal of the year, Most Transacted and Top Key Personalities.

The awards will consider a broad spectrum of criteria, individually assessing agencies and agents on a set of criteria, most of which are overlooked by the clients and certainly are overlooked before they decide to get in contact with an agent.

Besides focusing on the performance of agents, the awards will also honouring those that achieve sales success by providing accurate information and are able to generate impressive annual sales or average sales per negotiator. The awards will judge agents who are able to meet the highest standards over a number of months to ensure continuity and stability.

To be a good real estate negotiator (REN), one has to show good qualities as a leader in self-management, as well as demonstrating leadership qualities by reflecting positive agency practices that meet the industry standards. They must exhibit substantial achievements in listings, sales, marketing and after sales services.

For agencies, it is important to train and develop staff to achieve their true potential, while providing fair incentives for those who have consistently achieve outstanding performance.

This pioneer awards aspires to stay fair and transparent, offering an unrivalled showcase of the region’s real estate industry, boosting awareness and highlighting top quality agencies, agents and services.

In addition, this awards will shine a spotlight on the high caliber work within Malaysia’s real estate industry, encompassing performance, development and achievement. By serving as a platform to honour the best practices within the industry, the awards hope to inspire RENs and agencies to keep pursuing excellence in their profession and delivering the professional services at a higher level.

It celebrates the ability of the agencies and agents whose responsibility is to shape and steer these markets by outstanding businesses with the following key objectives which include motivating and encouraging agencies and agents to continue developing their businesses.

This awards also hopes to promote excellence and stimulate positive competition in agencies and agents, to highlight and to reward excellence within Malaysia’s residential property sector, to provide a useful award for consumers on a local level highlighting excellence and to establish an award that can be trusted and used and part of consumer’s decision making process. will open the nomination process from May 1 to June 30. Log on to to register. There will also be an awards night on August 8.

For more information, contact 03-79671388 (ext 1861).

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