MASPEX 2018 has begun at the Starling Mall

Prospective home buyers will be pleased to know that the largest-ever edition of the Malaysia Secondary and Primary Property Exhibition (MASPEX ‘18) has begun.

Organised by the Malaysian Institute of Estate Agents (MIEA), MASPEX ’18 has begun and will be held on the ground floor concourse of Damansara Utama’s Starling Mall’s this weekend (from 28th to 30th September, 2018).

This fourth iteration of the MASPEX exhibition is themed “Bringing the Best of Both Worlds: Secondary & Primary Properties”, and is aimed at showcasing over 1,000 properties from 25 exhibitors in a wide range of property types and price brackets. Prominent exhibitors occupied booths along the Starling Mall’s ground floor to provide prospective home buyers with personal consultation.

Officially launching the exhibition, the Minister of Housing and Local Government, YB Zuraida, spoke on her ministry’s support for the event: “The ministry’s long-term goal is to build a mature, resilient property market. And for that, we need the backing of all stakeholders, including real estate agents.”

Minister of Housing and Local Government, YB Zuraida Kamaruddin, addressing organisers, visitors, and members of the media at the launch of MASPEX '18.

Minister of Housing and Local Government, YB Zuraida, addressing visitors and members of the media during the launch of MASPEX ’18 at The Starling Mall.

The minister continued with an infectious optimism: “If all stakeholders – the ministry, property developers, estate agents, and local and state governments work together, I am certain that our goals can be fulfilled. I hope that there is balance – that industry players can meet consumer demand while still providing an essential service – which is to provide homes for Malaysians.”

YB Zuraida Kamaruddin, speaking of her ministry's objectives.

YB Zuraida, speaking of her ministry’s objectives and support for MIEA and the MASPEX event.

MIEA President Eric Lim said: “Our aim in hosting this exhibition is to address the challenges in the Malaysian property market by sharing MIEA’s extensive property knowledge and best practices to help all Malaysians find their dream home or next investment.”

On the objectives of his organisation, Lim said: “MIEA is keen to engage with all stakeholders, including the ministry, in order to help all Malaysians find the home of their dreams. As the voice of Malaysian real estate agents, we are uniquely positioned to voice the people’s concerns to the ministry, as well as articulate the ministry’s initiatives to the people.”

Left to right: K. Soma Sundram (CEO of the MIEA), Eric Lim (MIEA President), YB Zuraida (Minister of Housing and Local Government), and Ahmad Zamzuri (MASPEX ’18 Chairman).

Left to right: K. Soma Sundram (CEO of the MIEA), Eric Lim (MIEA President), YB Zuraida (Minister of Housing and Local Government), and Ahmad Zamzuri (MASPEX ’18 Chairman).

The weekend of 29th and 30th September will feature informative talks from noon to 5pm, each presentation will provide home buyers with deep insight and meaningful perspectives from property industry insiders including Siva Shanker (Head of Investment at Axis REIT Managers Berhad), K. Soma Sundram (CEO of the MIEA), Soo Seng Fei (Head of Business Stretegy at the Reapfield Academy), Govindasamy Balaguru (the principal of GDS Properties), Sr. Chan Wai Seen (Executive Director of CCO & Associates, KL), Abe Nazz (CEO of Daimyo United), Ivan Chan (of the law firm Messrs Amir Toh Francis & Partners), Christopher Lim (CEO of Triterra Metropolis), Selvi Kanagasabai (of Adha Selvi & Associates), and Ahyat Ishak (CEO of the Greater Synergy Group)

Upon the conclusion of this weekend’s MASPEX at the Starling Mall, the MIEA will be hosting another iteration of the exhibition at the Queensbay Mall in Penang, from 25th to 28th October.


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