Thriving negotiator Nicki Yong finds financial freedom in real estate

Meet one of Unity Realty’s Prime Leaders, Nicki Yong, who earned the title “Thriving Negotiator” at the StarProperty Real Estate Awards in 2018.

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True leaders don’t merely create followers, they create more leaders – and this agent’s style of leadership shines brightest by producing more leaders.

Can you please introduce yourself?
Hi, my name is Nicki Yong. I’m 31 this year, and I’ve been in the property industry for six years now.

What is your current role in Unity Realty?

My current role in Unity Realty is Prime Leader. There are seven prime leaders now, and I was one of their first.

Unity Realty goes beyond merely awarding team leaders who achieve sales targets with a title. Negotiators who are able to meet perpetually increasing targets and bring new recruits into the fold, while demonstrating an exemplary character and level of leadership, are given the title of “Prime Leader” – which entails the responsibilities of a sales manager or head of department.

What was your resolution when you first decided to enter the real estate industry?

Back then, my resolution was to achieve an income of RM20k a month, with that I was able to achieve financial freedom.

This year marks the fourth year since Unity Realty has been established. What is your opinion on Unity Realty’s rapid expansion?

I’m very happy and proud of the growth that Unity Realty has achieved so far and definitely think that our success was due to the company’s vision and culture unifying every member’s direction and ensuring that everybody’s goals are the same. 

What do you think your biggest achievements are so far?

My biggest achievement so far is that most of my pioneer batch agents, who are all close friends of mine, have achieved great success in this industry and many have reached the most important positions in our company. Sharing this journey with my friends and many other people has helped change their lives and the lives of their families. There’s no better way to enjoy my achievements than this.

You must have come across some challenges during the course of your work. How do you overcome them and what keeps you going?

I kept it going by staying focused, determined, positive, and taking every step of the way as part of a learning curve. To me, every setback creates an opportunity for a greater comeback. There’s hope and chance in everything we do, as long we put in our best effort.

Who do you see as your role model and why?

Our CEO & Founder, Dato Cat Chee is my role model for all time. Whenever I need to seek advice and guidance, she will be the one I turn to most. She is a woman of great vision and leadership.

In your opinion, what kind of leader do you have to be in order to lead a team to success?

In my opinion, to be a great leader, one must have patience. Knowing that everyone we are leading comes from different background and has a different story, we have to treat and lead differently based on each individual. Leading by example is a very good way, interaction between the team members, motivating the team at all times with encouragement is very important too. We have worked very hard in building a culture of great team work, and always seek for improvement to better ourselves.

What do you find most rewarding about being a real estate agent?

Of course, the handsome income that we make. I used to be a person with bad financial planning. Having been in this industry for almost six years, I am proud to say that I now know how to control my finances very well.

In Nicki Yong’s experience, remaining as a salaried employee can limit one’s ability to achieve financial freedom. The real estate industry did not simply provide her with the opportunity to earn more – the higher earnings she realised gave her the necessary breathing space to develop a sensitivity for finances, and eventually, to become the primary earner in her own family.

What advice would you give to new agents in the industry?

My advice to new agents in this industry is to trust your company and the system, believe in yourself and your ability. Each and every single person takes their time as everyone searches for opportunities or that shot to success along the way. Do not rush, but always – always – be driven and aggressive.

You must have set some goals for 2019. What would you want to achieve the most this year?

My goals this year would be to see a greater expansion for Unity Realty and my team as well, with more agents achieving greater results, and seeing more people making it in this industry.

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